Renee's Legacy

Shared by Rosalind Agee on April 19, 2019

Soror Renee served the community-at-large with integrity, and excellence. She was a devoted leader within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Delta Omicron Chapter and Xi Nu Omega Chapter. At the core of Soror Renee, was a heart of Gold. She was a loving daughter, trusted confidant, advisor and friend who made a positive impact on every life she touched.  Soror Renee will forever be missed by family and friends, all of whom remember and celebrate her life and legacy.

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Delta Omicron Legacy of Love

Shared by Karen Haggerty on April 21, 2019

Renee, when we first met in 1983 on the campus of NIU, I saw your strength combined with a big heart.  And, I am so proud to have you as my beautiful pledge daughter initiated into Delta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Through the years, you became a great leader, role model, and someone other Sorors looked to for guidance.   There is also that incredible sense of class and style that you made your own signature! I admire all that you achieved, and I am honored to have you as part of my Delta Omicron lineage.  Our love for the sorority, service and sisterhood plus fashion continues throughout our DO tree.  You’ll always have a special place in my heart!  Love Your PMom 

Always in my a sister

Shared by Apryl Riley on April 20, 2019

Renee always supported me in every position I held in Xi Nu Omega chapter. She was the shining example of sisterhood, Grace, and kindness. She served as an amazing support system and mentor towards her undergraduate chapter, Delta Omicron, and was always willing to assist the young ladies with how to conduct the business of the chapter and keep their chapter going strong. I will always remember Renee for sticking by my side and supporting me in any way possible. Her warm smile, her great advice and loving spirit will trulybe missed.

Shared by Xi Nu Omega Basileus on April 20, 2019

Soror Renee

I cannot imagine coming to chapter meeting or an Alpha Kappa Alpha event without seeing you.  When we spoke a little over a week ago, it was your missing in action call!  We talked about your comeback and how you were notably missed.  We talked about how we have been in the XI Nu trenches for a zillion years and it was the sister spirit engrained in both of us that I called to see how my sister was doing!  I am forever grateful to God that I had an opportunity to have a beautiful conversation of LOVE!!   While I will truly miss you, I know that God missed you more!!  He had other plans for you in heaven as your work on earth was done.  Well Soror Renee- Job well done on earth- Rest In Peace  that only God can give!

Sisters Forever- Soror Patricia Smith

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