Posted by Cassandra Abner on September 22, 2022
Rev Cooks you are truly missed at Ebenezer Baptist Church. I miss hearing your sermons, I miss coming to bible study hearing you discuss the Bible. R.I.P Rev Cooks
Posted by Paula Brown on September 21, 2022
To the family of Mr. Cooks, he was a wonderful man. My day's at WF Burns as a student were more memorable being in Band class with Mr. Cooks as our band leader. He was really good and I'm sure still missed very much.
Posted by Lesia Lee on September 21, 2020
4 years now. You are at rest in heaven. You are still in our hearts. you are missed. But long as we keep praying. You our guarding angel will always be in our hearts. Continue to rest in gods arms. long as you are watching over us. everything will continue to be all right. Rest in Peace Rev. Cooks
Posted by Tony Rice on August 11, 2019
Mr. Cook, I am sorry to hear that you are not with us any longer, our loss is surely heavens gain. I have been away from the Valley most of my life now, but I have never forgotten you. In addition to being a great band director, and a great guy, your compassion rocked my world and I have never forgotten about it. One day, after one of my many of my surgeries for a bone condition, I was slowly crossing the band room in some pain. For a number of reasons, I felt quite invisible at that point in my life, but I glanced over at you, and you were watching me intently with a tear running down your cheek. It brings me to tears to this day when I stop and think about it. I just looked up your obituary because I am currently writing a book, and you are acknowledged within my book dedication. We will all catch up with you soon enough, and when I get there, you got a big ol hug coming your way. Love to you and to your Family, Tony
Posted by Shanta Winston on December 8, 2018
As the Christmas season is upon us, I can't help but to reminisce about the musicals that the youths did upon the request of Pastor Cooks. It was hard work but also enjoyable!.
Posted by Cassandra Abner on September 21, 2018
R.I.H Rev Cooks u are truly missed
Posted by Felicia Frazier on September 29, 2017
Our sincere condolences to the family of Rev. Eugene Cooks during your time of sorry. May the sweet memories forever lift your spirit and hearts. =The Frazier's (James & Felicia)
Posted by mac rudd on September 28, 2017
To Shon and Your family You have my deepest sympathy.
Mr. Cook was a great influence in my life. l will never forget him and the words of encouragement he gave me when I was a teenager. Only God knows how much he helped me. He gave me the nickname Scrap Iron.   "REST IN HEAVEN GREAT MAN OF GOD"
Posted by Daffie Dillard on September 28, 2017
Rev. William (Daffie) Dillard were sad to hear that Rev. Dr. Eugene Cooks had passed. Prayers are with his family, members, and the Northeast District.
Posted by Jamesetta Adams on September 28, 2017
To the family of Rev. Eugene Cook: You have labored long and hard in doing God's work along with Rev. Cook. Rev. Cook was very faithfully in his duties.  He served other well and guided everyone through the troubles of the world. We enjoyed all of his services that we attended with our Auntie Albertine. Rev. Cook is now in the presence of the Lord. Rest well thy good and faithfully servant.

Thornton T. Lawrence, Jamesetta Adams, James H. Adams, Jr., Willie & Charlene Thomas and Clarence & Debra Adams (Nieces and Nephews of Mrs. Emma Albertine Walker) Montgomery, AL
Posted by Robin Butts on September 28, 2017
Prayers to you Shon and Angela and the rest of the family. We love you!
Posted by Audrey Steward on September 26, 2017

                     THE HOYETT FAMILY
                      GADSDEN, ALABAMA
Posted by The Gooden Family on September 25, 2017
To the Cook's Family and Friends as well as Ebenezer Baptist Church - The trumpet has sounded; He's laid down his burdens; Reverend Eugene got his wings; he has on his robe in Glory and is wearing his crown - A Good and Faithful Servant "Well Done" - He will truly be missed by many, he was the officiant of our beautiful wedding and told us to always "Hang in There" - Seek God; He will see your through and to Love unconditional - Awesome Word from a Power Man - He will truly be missed! We send our Condolences and our prayers!!
Posted by Shelia Marshall on September 25, 2017
Our prayers are with you and your family. We are sorry for your loss.
Posted by Jacqueline Holloway on September 25, 2017
My condolences from the Holloway Family to your family!
Posted by jennye stiggers on September 25, 2017
Rev. Cook will be sorely missed. He was a giant of a man in his field. Our Condolences to the family.
Posted by Mary Jones on September 25, 2017
Our Sincere Condolences to the Family of President Eugene Cooks. Prayers also to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, and all others who Loved and was associated with Rev. Cooks from so many different walks of life. You will be missed as President of the Northeast District.

President Mary Jones
Southwestern Union District of East Central Alabama and West Central Georgia.
Posted by Kendell Burton on September 24, 2017
To the Cook's family we are deeply saddened by the news of Reverend Eugene Cooks passing. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Posted by Idella Johnson on September 24, 2017
Sometimes you run into a person who is just good for you and good to you. Rev. Cooks and his family was and still is, keeping me above troubled water. Though we wanted him to stay with us, he already knew he was heading through the golden gate. The family can rejoice because Jesus, Our God and the Holy Spirit sent him a message saying, "well done, good and faithful servant." Rev. Cooks put up a good fight, left us with encouraging words from the lips of Paul in his letters from Corinthians, lived by the golden rule of doing unto others what he which others would do unto him. He has already preached his own sermon and there are no words that can be said other than, he did what was right. The family knows how much he loved his family and friends. So, I want to say to them, don't grieve too long. Cry if you must but smile knowing that he is already with his father in Heaven and my, my, he is having breakfast, lunch and dinner with Mrs. Essie Pearl Cooks and Rose C. Jackson. You are loved by me, James, Shirley, Evelyn, Ronnie, Jerome, Stanley and names attached to the above. Love, Idella, Thomisha, Norchez, Herron, Norquela and Navae.
Posted by Cassandra Abner on September 23, 2017
The cooks family has my deepest condolences. I will truly miss Rev Cooks, he has taught us to much in his teaching, his sermons on school morning, and bible study on Wednesday night. Rev Cooks was a great man and teacher. He will truly b missed. Praying for the Cooks family
Posted by Wanda Burton on September 23, 2017
My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family❤
Posted by Gwen Huguley on September 22, 2017
To the Cook's family it is with deeply reset to here about the lost of your loved one it is never easy. Scriptures that has help me are John 5 : 28, 29 when Jesus they they will here his voice and come out i look forward to a time when we will be able see our loved ones again. And the scripture at Revelation 21:4 When deathwill be nò more i will keep you in my prayers
Posted by Paula Brown on September 22, 2017
Lots of wonderful memories playing saxophone under the watchful eyes of Mr. Cooks while at Valley Jr. High. Although God gave me the musical talents I have, Mr. Cooks had a great influence in my life to adhere to my regular practicing, he was a great leader in music and in life. Condolences to his family and many friends. May God bless you.
Posted by Paige McKay Kubik on September 22, 2017
I was blessed to have Reverend Cooks (then Mr. Cooks!) as my band director for three years at Valley Junior High School, from 1975-1978. He was tough and had high expectations, but we all loved him. We knew how much he cared about all of us, and appreciated all the time he put into teaching us and building our love of music. How many junior high bands march at half time every week, in parades, and at contests? Mr. Cook's encouragement helped me to build my confidence and to challenge myself. I am a better person because of his influence. Prayers for the peace that passes understanding for his family, and for comfort in good memories and the legacy of a life well lived.
Posted by Lesia Lee on September 22, 2017
Loving Memories : I am not gone, I just changed my address. ( Heaven ). In Heaven where I've crossed the great divide sea. I know there's no sorrow or crying here. Because I've reached the other side.. I'm so happy to be here. For the Lord himself I see. Yes, I've changed my address to Heaven. So. I bid this world goodbye. I now live forever with Jesus in my new home in the sky. I have no burdens or heartaches, and from tears I am now free. I'm safe forevermore . For the Lord built a mansion and my name is now on the door. And you can find us walking together , me and the Lord. For where he is, now I'll always be. I've changed my address to Heaven and that's the place you"ll find me. So. don"t write me at my old address. For I won't be there. I've got a brand new address. Past the pearly Gates, the mansion in the sky . Oh, yes. It's name is HEAVEN, my forwarding address. You will always be in our hearts Rev. Cook. Prayers for our Cook family. Roanoke Alabama. Deacon and Sister Jesse and Lesia lee and family. Hopewell Baptist Church, Rev. Douglas Jones Sr. pastor .

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