My Life of the daughter

Shared by Paula Bowling on August 23, 2013

Well, The day I was born was the time my dad was called to preach. Me and my mom wasnt doing so good in the hospital, and they had give him no hope with us. he had 3 other children at home, he said the lord had been dealing with him to preach, but he just didnt do it. when the dr came out an told him there was no hope for me or mom, he left the hospital, went home and got on his knees and cried out to god...He told me he wept for hours, and prayed an ask god if he would spare us and spare mom to help him raise the kids he would preach the rest of his life for him...well, long story short,,,he went back to hospital and we had pulled out of it and was doing great, so on Nov, 2 1961 my dad started preaching, and preached until his death in 1988...I am so blessed to be called a preachers kid, an knowing that my dads prayers are why im here today. I dont no what god has in store for me or any of us as Kids and grandkids, but I sure know daddys prayers is what has brought us through....

The Story of Time

Shared by Errol Arnett on June 2, 2013

In my fondest memories I can remember my grandfather, a man of great respect and love. I often wonder just how many times he prayed for us grandchildren, not only as we grew but also for the future of our lives. And just what did he pray? Was it for peace, to follow Jesus and preach, to prosper, to love one another...? His prayers were between him and God. It seems that all his grandchildren have battled the devil and the tricks that he plays in our lives. We have run from God, only to find at the end of our run, when we are exhausted and out of road, Him standing there with open arms. Some of us were called into His ministries, but yet, no matter how much we try, the devil has kept us from our calling. Oh yes, I tell myself daily there is no excuse, but each day at the end I still haven't got my foot solid in the ground.
My grandfather was a great teacher, a loving papaw and I will soon see him. It’s important to understand just how soon one can be gone from this cruel world. If I had to write one thing I remember about my grandfather, it was his steadiness and solid faith through all his trials and troubles. No matter how much the pain, he never was shaken in the spirit.  

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