This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rev Olawole Ogunmola, 57 years old, born on September 20, 1961, and passed away on April 30, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lois Juma on September 22, 2021
Thinking of you on your 60th birthday our dear Reverend Ogunmola. What a legacy! The Lord will continue to comfort your beautiful family and the Church. Rest on God’s General
Posted by Bernice Ameh on September 20, 2021
Happy 60th! Daddy Rev! This celebration here would have been lit! Not as grand as the one you are having now though:) Miss you xx
Posted by Ogunmola Bimpe on September 20, 2021
You would have been 60 today and we were to celebrate your bday. However, we celebrate you knowing you are with the Lord God Almighty. Miss you so much my dear Uncle.
Posted by Chim Okecha on September 20, 2021
You are very much missed. Your legacy will always be remembered. You were a huge blessing as you shared God's undiluted truth and showed divine love. You were a true servant of the Kingdom. Keep singing in Heaven.
Posted by Rereloluwa Ogunmola on September 20, 2021
Happy 60th daddy! What an amazing celebration it would have been if you were here. Miss you everyday
Posted by P O M Rotimi on September 20, 2021
Happy 60th birthday dearest Uncle.. keep celebrating with the angels and your love ones out there. 
Posted by Emmanuel Ozigi on September 20, 2021
Reverend, though dead, your memory lingers on!!! Continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty God.
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on September 20, 2021
Happy 60th! Wish you were here.
Posted by Ogunmola Bimpe on August 14, 2021
Miss you so much broda Wole , it is well.
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on August 2, 2021
Daddy, miss you soo much.
Posted by Bernice Ameh on May 1, 2021
Daddy, thinking of different things now, like just wondering if you've bumped into aunty Remi Ayeni yet. You'd have been so heartbroken with all that's going on in the world, especially Naija, but God didn't want that wahala for you. We remain surrendered to His will. We miss you! 
Posted by BITRUS BAMAI on May 1, 2021
A Good and God fearing. A fearless servant of the Lord! His love for God and everyone was conspicuous and contagious. He was a detribalize pastor who embraced everyone from everywhere. The first time we met, he embraced and treated me as a brother. He was the last person who prayed for me on my way to the States for studies and encouraged EGNM to support me financially. When I had a challenge, he encouraged me to remain focused. He is sorely and painfully missed by all.
May the Lord continue to comfort his family and the church. Rest in the Lord’s General!
Posted by Lois Juma on May 1, 2021
Pastor Ogunmola! We miss you sorely! Continue to rest with the Lord
Posted by Maijimbul Jimmy on April 30, 2021
With gratitude in our hearts for a life well spent in the service of God and fellow pilgrims we remember your blessed Ministry which continues to live and thrive among brethren
Remain at peace in eternity where we all at the appropriate time will join in the heavenly choir. Amen
Posted by Juliana Eche on April 30, 2021
I miss you every day daddy!!!
Posted by Aremu Kehinde on April 30, 2021
Daddy as I always call u,you will forever remain in my heart.Keep resting on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nankre John Manda on April 30, 2021
The cloud ️ that gathered over the skies on this day two years ago is yet to clear. Heaven at last still remains our consolation.
For us the marathon is still on, till we join you in the great beyond.
Keep resting Daddy.
Posted by Lois Juma on December 17, 2020
Wao! Our Pastor, our friend!
Abundant blessings will continue to be with your lovely wife and beautiful children. We thank God for Damy’s wedding
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on December 16, 2020
Happy Anniversary ❤!
Posted by Roseline Akiga on December 16, 2020
Sometimes, I wish you are here to tell you everything that has been happening. Miss you
Posted by Ogunmola Bimpe on December 15, 2020
Miss you so much Boda 'lawole......
Lots of things to say......
Things are different.....
God is helping us....
Miss u so much.
Posted by Tosin Makanjuola on December 14, 2020
i came to lay a flower in remembrance of u dear uncle expercially after Dami's succesful wedding over the weekend. we still miss u but continue to rest with our maker.
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on November 6, 2020
I miss you Daddy. So many things i wanna tell you, many things to tease you about! ❤
Posted by Kasim Sodangi on September 22, 2020
The chats, the updates, the gist.. and your genuine concern for society and your desperate love for souls..

Your blazing lights we follow Rev...
Posted by Lois Juma on September 21, 2020
Indeed it was a great day celebrating the book dedication of your wife on your birthday. Your legacy lives on. The Lord continue to bless your lovely wife and children. Rest on God’s Faithful Servant.
Posted by John Ako on September 21, 2020
Happy Birthday Sir. It was still an awesome day celebrating your Comfort, your Wife.
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on September 20, 2020
Happy Birthday Daddy ❤. Today was a really Great day, would have been perfect except you were not there . I Miss you.
Posted by Nankre John Manda on September 20, 2020
Today was awesome, seeing your family, (Immediate, extended and at large) gather to share in the Joy of your passing (Knowing where you are while praying and believing to join you someday). Life is indeed transient, but in your short sojourn you really touched lives, and we bless God for your life and ministry.
Happy Posthumous birthday Daddy.
Posted by Bernice Ameh on September 20, 2020
Happy birthday Daddy Rev! We miss you but know you're having the bestest of times with Jesus! You'll be very proud of Mummy today ❤
Posted by Botiwuoluwa Ogunmola on August 30, 2020
My Daddy. I miss you everyday and especially today the 30th. I miss your smile, your jokes, your advice and prayers. I miss the way you loved us. It’s a year plus already wow. I love you very much my sweet sweet Father
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on July 27, 2020
Today, I just remembered some of the sacrifices you made to see me smile, how you went far and beyond, depriving yourself of many comforts so that I could be better. You always said, I want my children to be Greater than me. (So selfless) We are all working hard to make that happen but man it's not easy. Except for God... Miss you dearly Daddy.
Posted by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on June 7, 2020
Many times I catch myself saying 'Hmm, Daddy!
I can't believe you are gone but i know it's true.
Posted by NARIN ADUDU on May 21, 2020
My Father in the Lord and birthday mate, it's a year already...i truly missed your prayers on my birthdays.
While reminiscing, I still marvel how you often found time in your busy schedule to call and visit your members.

Rest on the great inspirator..
Rest on intercessor..
Rest on Father of all..
You are sorely missed !
Posted by Abiodun Bada on May 19, 2020
My Pastor and my friend, you are one in a million. Your good work we know is following you. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ruth Barnabas on May 19, 2020
I was a secret admire of Gods grace in yr life. I loved to listen to you preach Gods word, it spur my spirit. Your death gave me assurance that the saints are always ready wherever, whenever. Your life was a model to many in the chriatain faith.
Sleep on Gods general
Sleep on fearless general
Sleep on bold and meek general.
Posted by Andy Yawa on May 19, 2020
Dear Rev Dr ogunmola of blessed memory, I met you as a pleasant personality. Effervescent, willing to listen and offer a word of comfort and upliftment. You were indeed great in many facets especially evangelism. Keep resting peacefully sir . The church missed you! Heaven gains! We love you daddy.- ANDY YAWA (Bingham university, karu)
Posted by Chika Zumuk on May 4, 2020
I wonder how you'll respond or what you'll say (I assume I do anyway) about what's been happening since you left. A lot has happened and is happening. My prayer is that I don't miss heaven nor those that God has entrusted to me..... Rest on sir!
Posted by Bernice Ameh on May 1, 2020
We miss you so much Daddy! You would have loved Dee and surely given him a nickname . We are thankful for the hope we have that we will see you in heaven. We will keep marching on here, remembering how you taught us to live. We will keep making you proud by God's grace. You're never forgotten ❤❤❤
Posted by Ambassdor Lola Charles on April 30, 2020
Farewell beloved brother and friend.
Posted by Blessing Gaiya on April 30, 2020
Remembering our dear Reverend brings smiles to my face. A man full of love and compassion, forthrightness and dedication. He exemplified what it meant to ' love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself'. You fought the good fight of faith and have recieved your crown of righteousness. Rest in peace at the bosom of our Lord and Saviour.
Posted by Ahe Wang on April 30, 2020
We miss our dear Pastor, Daddy and friend, ur examplary sacrificial nature left some of us speechless. we're grateful to God for sustaining us as a church and giving us the fortitude to bear the loss. Thank God for strengthening our mummy and the family. Continue to RIP with the Lord
Posted by Comfort Davut on April 30, 2020
The candle is still lit. its not put off. It can are just resting to awake on resurrection morning.Sweet rememberance,my Pastor.
Posted by Olabode Iluromi on April 30, 2020
A year! Time flies, so fast. In loving memory of our dear late Rev. Dr. Olawole Alabi Ogunmola; a brother and friend, whose presence we miss beyond measure. His life was a blessing. He loved beyond words. He had deep thoughts and feelings we will always keep, and memories we treasure. May the Lord continue to comfort his family and friends, in Jesus name, Amen.
Posted by Terfa Moti on April 30, 2020
It's difficult to believe it's already a year. A valuable lesson I learned from you was, living a life of integrity. My solace is that, I have no doubt, you're with the Lord.
Continue to rest on, Daddy!
Posted by Regina Jonathan on April 30, 2020
Pastor [Mrs] Comfort Ogunmola, the Bible makes it known to the believers that we do not pray for the dead, we can only remember their good works in Christ as their good works will continue to speak for them. However, the only true way to remember the Dead is to take care of the living who belong to them. We are praying for
-God to take care and comfort you and the entire family.
-Faith to uphold you and present you blameless
-And Loving memories to help you smile again. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alao
Posted by Sesugh Deborah Mker on April 30, 2020
Though you have physically not been with us for the past 1 year, the memories I have of you are and will always be cherished. Rest on Daddy Ogunmola!
Posted by Vadlia Pembi on April 30, 2020
You were a rare gem Sir, you left a mark on my life and family that we hold dear. It was just like yesterday that you left us, the memories of your time with us is still fresh . You were such a blessing because you allowed God to use you while here. It was a privilege to have crossed path with you while on this journey. Continue to rest at the feet of the Lord until we meet again to part no more our Reverend, father and friend Rev. Dr Ogunmola.
Posted by Janet Pembi vadlia on April 30, 2020
Hmm! Beloved Daddy! 365 days without you.. You loved the flocks just as Christ commanded! A great shepherd you were!! Forever in our hearts!! We will meet at the resurrection morning someday. This is the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. Adieu gallant soldier of christ!!!
Posted by Oluwole Arosanyin on April 30, 2020
Tribute from the family of Engr and Mrs Oluwole Arosanyin:

Psalm 34:7. "For the angel of the lord is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him."

Your angelic ministry started on earth here. For you are committed to whatever you do.

I only had two encounters with you in ten years (1988 and 2008) and at both times you came just like angel and saved me. On the two occasions I have been adjudged guilty as charged but you came and heard from me and you followed the path of truth and instead accused my accusers. I can never forget these your angelic interventions.

Thanks sir for been a true man of God. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord.
Posted by Sussan Ogb chuks on April 30, 2020
Its still hard to look back and see tgat you are truely gone.. 1 year now and still left us and you have been missed dearly, all the talks, counsels, advise and encouragement.. you were a true father to all and i believe you are in a better place resting from all the good works done while on earth... Rest on daddy ..
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Posted by Lois Juma on September 22, 2021
Thinking of you on your 60th birthday our dear Reverend Ogunmola. What a legacy! The Lord will continue to comfort your beautiful family and the Church. Rest on God’s General
Posted by Bernice Ameh on September 20, 2021
Happy 60th! Daddy Rev! This celebration here would have been lit! Not as grand as the one you are having now though:) Miss you xx
Posted by Ogunmola Bimpe on September 20, 2021
You would have been 60 today and we were to celebrate your bday. However, we celebrate you knowing you are with the Lord God Almighty. Miss you so much my dear Uncle.
his Life


Life and Education:

Rev. Dr. Olawole Alabi Ogunmola was born in Mopa, Kogi State-Nigeria, on the 20th of September 1961, to the family of late Rev. Dr. Stephen Bayode and Madam Abigail Ebun Ogunmola of Oke-Ase Compound, Ilawe Obbo- Aiyegunle, Kwara State. He was the sixth out of eight children.

He earned his O’ Level from ECWA Secondary School, Igbaja in 1978, graduated from Kwara State College of Technology (SBS) in 1980, proceeded to the University of Ilorin and majored in Zoology in 1984, furthering in Fisheries and Resource Management for his Master’s Degree at University of Ibadan in 1986. In 1996, Rev. Olawole earned a Post graduate Diploma in Theology (PGDT) from Jos Ecwa Theological Seminary (JETS). Other Certifications include Certificate in Fisheries Management: Perspectives Information in 2000 and Co-Mgt from the International Centre for Agriculture-Wageningen Netherland in 2004, Certificate in Tools for Fisheries Co-Mgt from the International Centre for Agriculture-Wageningen Netherland in the same year and Doctor of Ministry from UMCA Theological College, Ilorin in 2010. 

Rev. Olawole began his working Career as a Teacher at ECWA Girls’ Secondary School in Omu-Aran, Kwara State in 1981, moved on to become a Scientific Officer, Sheda Research Centre-Abuja in 1986 and then a Fisheries Officer, Agric Department- MFCT, Abuja in 1987. In 1989, he served as a Senior fisheries Officer, to later become a Principal Fisheries Officer in 1993. In 1996, he became the Assistant Chief Fisheries Officer and in 1999, the Chief Fisheries Officer. In 2002, he served as the Assistant Director Fisheries & Head of Fisheries FCT in the same year. 

In May 2006, Rev. Olawole heard and yielded to ministerial calling and resigned from Civil Service. Despite the Permanent Secretary’s advice NOT to retire as he was entitled to pension and gratuity, ECWA insisted he must before launching into Full Time Ministry. His brave decision was against the norm.

Marriage and Family.

On December 16 1989, Rev. Olawole got married to his heartthrob- Comfort Oluwatoyin Ogunmola (Nee Babafemi), who he had courted over the span of six years and they are blessed with five wonderful children. Despite his very demanding schedule, Olawale found a balance between Ministerial work and healthy family life. He is revered for being a present husband, father, brother and uncle, who continually made family a key priority. In the very words of many, he was these and much more to everybody. His hobbies included writing, sport activities, farming, visiting, attending meetings and travelling. He visited countries like Ethiopia, Gambia, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, UK, USA, South Africa, Rome, Turkey and the UAE. 

He is survived by his wife, children, brothers, sisters and extended family.   


Having received the Lord Jesus Christ in October 1975 and baptised, he received his pastoral calling in 1996, Licensed in 2002 and Ordained in 2006, Olawole began his Ministerial work serving as a Travelling Secretary with Fellowship of Christian Students during (FCS) during his NYSC in 1984. He proceeded to serve as the Leader, ECWA Students Ministry, UI Campus in 1985 and then an Elders’ Board Member, ECWA Church, Inalende- Ibandan, Oyo State in the same year. In 1986, he served as the Pioneer Leader of the Youth Fellowship at ECWA Wuse II, later to be a member of the Elders’ Board in 1993. 

Rev. Olawole proceeded to becoming a tent making pastor at ECWA Central area in 2000. In 2006, he became the Minister-in-Charge at ECWA Central Area. He moved on to become a Member, FCT CAN Committee in 2007, Board Member-ECWA Staff School-Kagoro in 2009, Local Overseer- Garki LCC in 2010, Board Member-ECWA widows’ School-Zonkwa in 2017, Board Member JETS-Abuja Centre in 2017 and Board Member, ECWA Theological Seminary-K agoro in 2018. Until his death, Olawole was serving as the Minister-in-Charge, ECWA Goodnews Maitama. 


Olawole published the following books: 

  • The Need of The Hour (1984)
  • Pond Management Techniques-Extension Manual (1989)
  • The Making of a Minister (1993)
  • The Question of Eternity (1996)
  • The Last Item (2003)
  • The Church of God and The Need For Growth (2005)
  • God’s Pattern of Marriage- Part 1 (2005)
Including several articles. 


During his life time, he was actively involved in various Christian groups and activities relocating to missions and evangelism, such as Obbo Christian Fellowship, Associate Fellowship of Christian Students (AFCS) Bible Society of Nigeria, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, and International (FGBMI) Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS) of ECWA, Widows (Orphans) Fellowship, amongst others. 

Olawole lived his life to serve God and humanity sacrificially and selflessly.  He was a friend of all. May we all live to fulfil God’s purpose in our life time, Amen. 

Recent stories
Shared by Abiodun Bada on September 20, 2021
My Reverend and my family Friend. You are always remembered, even when you are not seen. The indelible mark you left during your short stay on earth cannot be erased or forgotten. You are one in a million. Keep resting at the bossom of our Lord and Saviour on till we meet to path no more.

60! The day that never was.

Shared by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on September 20, 2021
Daddy you would have been 60 today. I and my siblings talked soo much about how we would celebrate you. It would have been so 'mad' keep singing with the angels.


Shared by Olaoluwapemi Ogunmola on September 1, 2020
I and Daddy shared this month. You always joked that only those born in September are complete (as per 9months) I thought when i turn 30 you'll be Here to celebrate it with me, I though you would be here to Pray for me, I thought you would be here to give me... I thought many things but Alas! You are sha in the best place to be. Happy New Month.