Posted by Claudia Connor on June 24, 2021
Please accept my sincerest condolences. May he rest in peace.
Posted by LA Rabsatt on June 18, 2021
Rev. Vanterpool was always a spiritual, composed and polite role model who always exemplified good Christian values. I always enjoyed his sermons and our interactions. I pray that he rests in peace. To Mrs. Vanterpool and the rest of the family, please accept condolences from my family to yours. Blessings.
Posted by Laurilee Sprauve on June 12, 2021
     A good heart has stopped beating, a gentle soul ascended to heaven.
A thought of comfort and condolences to the grieving family during this time of mourning.
         May the soul of Rev Selwyn Vanterpool rest in peace!
Posted by Verna Penn Moll on June 12, 2021
Rev Selwyn Vanterpool was one of three pioneering Virgin Islanders, who in the late 1960s, submitted their lives to ministerial training for service in the vineyard of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

When Rev. Vanterpool served as pastor of my Church, the East End Methodist, and later as Superintendent Minister of the BVI Circuit during the period Sept 1988 – August 31, 1995, I was living abroad and therefore, did not have the previlege of receiving his direct pastoral care. However, after I returned home, I had the opportunity to experience his diligence and true humility, during the years after August 31, 2007, when he had superannuated.

Rev Vanterpool encouraged my research projects and was always willing and ready to assist whenever his input was requested. In 2010, he submitted his ‘Missionary Zeal’ item for the East End Methodist Church Bicentennial Book, and later in 2014, he helped to research the biographies of Virgin Gorda preachers for the Methodist Local Preachers Book (1858-2015). I have gained valuable insight by attending several workshops and seminars in which he ably presented and discussed various pressing issues affecting Church and Community.

But it was with working on the project of his own ‘Spiritual Biography’ as he termed it, that I really learnt of the breadth and depth of his missionary zeal and his genuine humility. I trust that his dear family will in due course, complete the work and have it published posthumously, so that it could be shared with all of us and the world.

Writing about stalwart servants of Christ who had passed on, Rev Vanterpool penned, “may their lives inspire us to press on and never give up, until we hear from the lips of Jesus, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Rev. Vanterpool, your life and work have been that inspiration for us all.

Deepest condolences to Sis Brenda, their children and the entire family. We thank God for the life and legacy of Rev. Selwyn Vanterpool. He has touched many lives in many ways, including mine; he has been true and faithful to his calling. May his soul now rest in eternal peace. Always, Verna
Posted by Hyacinth Josiah on June 12, 2021
We knew Rev Vanterpool from the Antigua Circuit where he would have worked. In 1992 when we assumed our first station in the British Virgin Islands Circuit, we were privileged to work with Rev Vanterpool as he was the Superintendent Minister of that Circuit.

There was much about Rev Vanterpool's approach to ministry that we were able to take with us throughout our ministry. Of special note, because it has now become rare, was the fellowship we shared as ministerial colleagues. We celebrated birthdays, exchanged gifts at Christmas and; sharing meals at each other's manse was always a happy affair of a delicious meal accompanied by swapping of life stories and hearty laughter. Rev Vanterpool exhibited so many good qualities as a minister that are sorely missing today. 

We extend heartiest condolences to Brenda, Beverly, Kenneth, Karen and the Vanterpool family and, pray that Rev Vanterpool's soul may rest in peace

Rev Dr Novelle Josiah and Hyacinth Josiah
Posted by Nichola Barrett-Glasgow on June 11, 2021
My family and I are grateful that we encountered Rev. Vanterpool. A very humble, caring and kindhearted person.

I give God thanks for his words of encouragement and support when I ministered in the BVI circuit.

We continue to pray for Sis Brenda and the rest of the family. May the peace of God be with you all and May you find strength in God’s sustaining grace.

Gone but not forgotten.
Posted by George Thompson on June 9, 2021
Posted by: George E. Thompson on June 9th, 2021

Fading away like the stars of the morning,
Losing their light in the glorious sun;
Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done.

There are persons who cross our paths and leave an indelible impression upon us. So has been the life of the Late Rev. Selwyn L. Vanterpool, a devoted servant of Christ. I have had the privilege of serving with him as a Circuit Steward in the St. Maarten/St. Martin Circuit and out of that working experience we developed a close personal bond and friendship, which lasted until the time of his passing.

Rev. Vanterpool was a very devoted minister of the Gospel. He enjoyed and cherished his calling and was always ready to share his personal testimony and Christian witness with anyone who sort his counsel. He exuded a quiet demeanour, yet he was a tower of inner strength and fortitude.

His life and service will therefore be greatly missed by his devoted wife, Brenda, children, Beverly, Kenny and Karen, in-laws, Mark and Hydie, relatives, friends and the entire Methodist Community.

I therefore take this opportunity to extend my sincere condolences and also those of my wife, Molie and our entire family to those bereaved by his passing. May his soul rest in eternal peace. 
Posted by Joann Vanterpool on June 8, 2021
Losing family members is never an experience to which one looks forward. As we mourn the loss of our beloved Rev. Selwyn L. Vanterpool, our Lord and Saviour will provide heavenly comfort for us all. A humble giant of the faith, a humble giant of wisdom, a humble giant of both North Sound and Valley communities of Virgin Gorda. I will forever miss his wise counsel. May he rest in perfect peace as we dispatch him on that glorious day.
Posted by Andrea Webbe-Grant on June 4, 2021
Greetings Mrs. Vanterpool,

I’ve learnt of the news of your beloved husband, Rev. Vanterpool, a beautiful soul! Condolences is extended to you and your family. May very fond memories of your husband always bring smiles to your face now and forever! Remain strong in Jesus Name. IT IS WELL! Love and blessings ❤️
Posted by Marilyn Nibbs on May 28, 2021
There are some tributes that are hard to write this is one. I knew Rev. Selwyn Vanterpool for many years, knew he was one of our Methodist Ministers, knew he was from here at home in the BVI, that carried a sense of pride with it whenever it was mentioned, however, our close relationship came when he agreed to be our Homiletic Tutor in our studies that would qualified us as Accredited Local Preachers in the Methodist Church.

I am grateful for his time, his prayers and his encouragement. There were times when we wanted to give up and to quit, however he was the little engine behind us that says yes you can, yes you can. Also, when the examinations were on the horizon I know God must have given him an extra dose of patience with us. When we tell him ours fears and anxieties Rev. would sit there calmly and say ‘but you all are prepared, you are ready for the exams.’ He never gave up on us. A heartfelt thanks for his belief in us when we didn’t think that we could do it. He reassured us and we did it. Today, thanks to him, we are all fully Accredited Local Preachers.

From the pulpit it was always a blessing to see him in the congregation when you preached. His presence was reassuring and comforting. He sat there beaming. He knew he had given us the best he had to give, he now left us in the hands of Almighty God. He was the minister at my trial service.
I thank God for the role he played in my spiritual journey and for the legacy he left behind for us the people called Methodist not only here at home in his beloved BVI but throughout the Caribbean where he ministered.

To Sis Brenda and the rest of the family underneath are still the everlasting arms. Take comfort that he is no longer suffering. May his soul rest in eternal peace and rise in glory.
Posted by Dawn O'Neal George on May 27, 2021
It is said that we are only remembered by the work we have done. As the caretaker for Mrs. Calmelita O’Neal, Rev. Vanterpool’s sister, I was privileged to meet him on two occasions when he visited her. The last time being when he came to celebrate her birthday last February 2020. He was a caring, kind and humble man. He did not say very much but always had a smile and was thankful for what I did to assist him. I will never forget his quiet demeanor. The Lord saw that he was suffering and he took him to a better place to find rest from his suffering and pain. May God be with you till we meet again.

Prisca “Sister Annie” Marshall (Caretaker for Mrs. O’Neal)
Posted by Dawn O'Neal George on May 27, 2021
                Rev Selwyn Lorenzo Vanterpool
  Old Address                                New Address
 B.V.I & Atlanta                           Heaven's Golden Shore

Uncle Selwyn was one in a million. I will forever cherish the moments that we shared. We spoke of everything from politics to salvation and he spoke with conviction and wisdom. He was the type of person so calm and humble that I was able to share my innermost feelings and thoughts and it was indeed reciprocal. We shared our cancer journey, experiences, and anxieties and were able to encourage each other. There were many joyful experiences in his life as well as challenges that caused concern. I will truly miss his Godly counsel. I count it a blessing to have been able to share through prayer, hymns and bible readings with him during his darkest moments before he transitioned. Uncle Selwyn has now completed this chapter of his life as he enters into the joys that await him in the presence of his heavenly father. He always said that “he was hatched in Virgin Gorda, he was matched here and, sadly, he will be dispatched here as he always requested.

My husband Ortley, daughter Ebony and grandson Casen shared wonderful experiences and memories of him as well, and joins me in saying “May the Life and Service he gave speak for him”. May the family be encouraged that he lived a good life, and find comfort in the words “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.” 
We are assured that Uncle Selwyn is at sweet rest in the arms of our Savior and soon coming King. Bon Voyage Uncle Selwyn, until we meet at Jesus feet.

Dawn O’Neal George (Niece)
Posted by Dawn O'Neal George on May 27, 2021
Fond Memories of my dear brother Rev. Selwyn L. Vanterpool

From childhood, Selwyn affectionately called me “Tita”. It is so hard to come to the realization that he is no longer with me. Although I anticipated that this day would come because of his ill health, it brings the pain and anguish of separation. Out of nine siblings, we were the only two left. He being the youngest and I being the eldest of the clan. I would have thought that he would have been the one to bury me. However, that was not the Master’s plan. From a very young age he chose to serve the Lord. He was indeed a true and faithful soldier in God’s army, being true to his calling. Now it pleased the good Lord to take him home. We loved him well, but Jesus loved him best. We who are left behind will miss his earthly presence amongst us, but we hold on to that blessed hope, for those of us who prepare, to one day meet him again in that great family of God where there will be no more parting, sickness or dying. At my age, I can barely control the great sorrow and other emotions that I feel of his loss at this time. Sleep on my dear brother until then.

Calmelita “Tita” Vanterpool O’Neal
Posted by Vera Mills on May 26, 2021
Sincerest condolences to the family of Rev. Selwyn Vanterpool as they mourn   his passing from time to eternity. We have known him ever since he moved from his home in Virgin Gorda to the mainland to attend school. My wife had the pleasure of working with him in the Government Administration Building. He was a very quiet young man. It was no surprise that he entered the Ministry. He married our daughter twenty years ago and they, Helen and Colin Paynter, join in this Tribute.
Vera and Leo Mills
Helen and Colin Paynter
Posted by Maisie Richardson on May 24, 2021
On behalf of the Philipsburg Women's League we extend our heartfelt sympathy. May you be comforted in knowing that Rev. Vanterpool is safe in the arms of our heavenly father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  May his soul rest in everlasting peace and rise in glory. 
Posted by Medita Wheatley on May 23, 2021
It is sad to say goodbye to Rev. Vanterpool. I first became acquainted with him in 1958, at the Virgin Islands Secondary School where he was a quiet, unassuming, yet memorable presence. He was in Form 3 and I was in Form 1. It was the same in 1966 when we worked in the British Virgin Islands Government's administration building, located above the old Post Office. I was working in the typing pool and he was with the Attorney General whose office was located just inside the entrance, on the left, overlooking the Main Street. I can still see him moving in and out of the building quietly, in pursuit of his tasks.

However, what I remember best is the time spent with him in recent years, 2016-2018, as a member of the last group of persons whom he tutored, in preparation for the Local Preachers' Examination. He was dedicated to the task and he gave willingly of himself, although it must have been at the expense of the precious time he had left. Always with a ready white toothed smile, you would never have guessed. I was grateful to have been able to conduct the service at Valley Methodist when he was visiting, not so long ago. It never occurred to me that it might be the last occasion on which I would I would have the opportunity to greet him.

Rev. Vanterpool was a model of humble, dedicated, and sacrificial service to God and his fellowman. May the wonderful memories of him bring bring comfort to his family and all who mourn, and may he rest in eternal peace.

Medita Wheatley 
Posted by Louis Potter on May 21, 2021
Graceful, committed, dedicated,reassuring truly a spiritual leader.
You will always be rememberef
Posted by Leona Patrick-Gibbs on May 20, 2021
To the family of Reverend Vanterpool I extend heartfelt condolence from my mother, siblings and our families. I remember Reverend Vanterpool as a soft spoken person even when we youngsters in Aruba were mischievous. I was honoured that he as my pastor growing up was the one who married me in Sint Maarten in 1986. He will always be in our memory. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by sheann maduro on May 20, 2021
May the light of the love of Christ that ruled in the heart and life of Rev. Vanterpool remain in ours as an exemplary example of a life of faith and service.
Posted by Valley Methodist Church on May 19, 2021
Rev. Vanterpool carried his candle, ran to the darkness
Sought out the hopeless, confused and torn
And held out his candle for all to see it.
  Adapted from Kathy Troccoli - Go Light Your World
Posted by Valley Methodist Church on May 19, 2021
       In Memory of Rev. Selwyn L. Vanterpool, MBE, MA, MFS, LTh

Rev. Selwyn L. Vanterpool, MBE, a true and humble man of God, was a beloved son of the Virgin Gorda soil. He spoke the Word of the Lord quietly and clearly; and listened patiently to others, remembering that each has his or her story. He, too, had his own story, of which we count it a privilege to have heard him repeat whenever he got the opportunity, as he was mostly stationed in other Circuits. Rev. Vanterpool would fondly say of Valley Methodist Chapel, “This is where I was hatched, this is where I was matched, and God willing, from here I will be dispatched.” On the occasion of the 210th Anniversary of Methodism to Spanish Town in October 2004, Rev Vanterpool penned: 

“The Valley Methodist Chapel holds a special place in my heart. It was here that I was baptized and attended Sunday School, Morning & Evening Services, as well as “Wesley Guild” as a youngster. It was to this beloved chapel that I returned to be comforted during the funeral services of my brother James, and my parents Jacob and Etma Vanterpool, both of whom served as Methodist lay preachers. Approximately 30 years following baptism, I was married to my wife Brenda Louise at the Valley Methodist Chapel. God willing, I look forward to completing my cycle at the place where it all began”
(210th Anniversary Booklet, VMC, Oct 2004).

At that time, Re-Dedication of the Chapel, Valley Methodist Congregation honoured Rev. Vanterpool with the Release of a Limited-Edition Commemorative Coin, in consultation with the Connexional and District Presidents of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA). Rev. Vanterpool was at that time the Leeward Islands District President. On the obverse of the coin was a rendering of the Chapel and inscription “The Love of Christ Constrains Us” with the years 1794-2004 and Methodism in Virgin Gorda, BVI. On the reverse of the coin was a portrait of Rev. Selwyn Lorenzo Vanterpool and the inscription “First Native Virgin Gordian Ordained 1974”. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these coins went towards offsetting the cost of repairing and refurbishing Valley Methodist Chapel.

Rev. Vanterpool lived his philosophy, which included “A quiet inner confidence and faith that God is with him to equip and enable him to meet whatever the challenges are.” He valiantly championed the cause of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ until the end with his quiet demeanour, knowing deep within as the hymnwriter penned, “There’ll be peace in the valley for me some day, There’ll be peace in the valley for me”...
(Thomas A. Dorsey, Voices In Praise #354 chorus).

Sincere sympathy to Sis. Brenda (widow) and their Children, Sis. Calmelita (sister), Sis. Dawn (niece) and the rest of the Family, as they continue to hold on to the hand of the Master. The peace of our Lord be with you always.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Faye J Reese-Charles, Congregational Steward
On behalf of Rev. Celina Walton-Charles, Resident Circuit Deacon
Valley Methodist Congregation, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Posted by Theodore Fahie on May 16, 2021
My wife, and I share your sorrow in the recent passing of Rev. Selwyn Lorenzo Vanterpool, MBE. We knew him as a caring, humble and respectable leader. As a young man, he started a Boys' Brigade for boys and young men; he was a respected employee in the BVI Civil Service and later offered as a candidate for the Ministry of Christ.

Rev. Vanterpool served as the Leeward Islands District President, in the St. Thomas St. John Circuit of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA). Among other accomplishments, he will be fondly remembered for the renovation and upgrade of Christchurch Methodist Chapel and for establishing a Methodist Afterschool Program for children as an outreach program of Christchurch.

We will always cherish the memory of Rev. Vanterpool and express our sincere condolences to his family. May his soul rest in Eternal Peace.

Theodore & Benet Fahie
Posted by Faye Reese-Charles on May 14, 2021
Rev. Selwyn Vanterpool was a humble, caring, respectful man of God, who was respected. Like many Virgin Gordians, we cherish our memories of interacting with him and his immediate family, as he emulated the Fruit of the Spirit. We extend heartfelt sympathy to Sis. Brenda and the children in this time of grief. May the peace of our Lord be with you always. May his soul rest in peace.

The Children of the late Myrtle Reese
Faye, Lester, Ronnie and Andrew and our families
Posted by Carla Boyce-Smith on May 13, 2021
To my dear sister Brenda and family,
May the light of God surround you,
May the love of God enfold you,
May the power of God protect you,
And may the presence of God watch over you,
now and the days to come!
Posted by Floyd Woodley on May 13, 2021
To Mrs. Vanterpool and family our heartfelt condolences. We met on Aruba where we stayed at Family Young. Marva Woodley was Beverley's babysitter. We hold fond memories of those days. May Rev. Vanterpool's dearly departed soul rest in eternal peace and let light perpetual shine upon him.
Posted by Vivian Srchibald on May 12, 2021
Quiet, gentle, soft-spoken, diligent, faithful, Christian.
Schoolmate at Virgin Islands Secondary.
Worked with my husband, Joseph, in the Crown Attorney’s Office [now redesignated Attorney General’s Chambers], Government of the Virgin Islands. I thank God that, twenty-five years later, my husband came to faith, under Reverend Vanterpool’s preaching.
My family and I extend condolences to his wife, Brenda and her three children, Beverly, Kenneth and Karen; and to his sister, Nurse Calmelita O’Neal on Virgin Gorda and her family.
May his soul RIP.
Posted by Sylvia Adams on May 12, 2021
Humble, unassuming, god-fearing and a great encourager are words that describe Rev Selwyn in my life. When he came to this Circuit the church was in transition. He set up the various committees and urged us to serve God faithfully. He also conducted stewardship campaigns in order to involve the entire church in service to God.
Personally he provided many opportunities for me to receive training in evangelism when I became chair person of that committee. He was always encouraging me to earnestly serve the Lord. I will be forever grateful to him for that.
To his Loved Ones I offer you God’s comfort and the verse that says “The eternal God is your refuge and underneath you are His everlasting arms.” So lean on Him and He will carry you through. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Peter Penfold on May 11, 2021
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Rev Selwyn Vanterpool. When I set up the Police Advisory Committee in 1992, he was an obvious choice for me to appoint as its first Chairman, and like all his activities he carried out the Chairman's duties diligently, efficiently and compassionately.
He served the BVI community well in all his endeavours.
I mourn his passing and extend my sincere condolences to all his family.
Peter Penfold
Governor 1991-95

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