His Life

Rex Maughan - In Loving Memory

Rex Maughan (1936 - 2021) will be remembered as a husband to Ruth, a father to Todd, Soni and Gregg. A grandfather to 12, a great grandfather to 16, an entrepreneurial giant and friend to millions. He was content in any setting; in the presence of royalty, on a hillside on one of his ranches or simply wandering down a lane in his beloved Samoa. Born into a farming family in Soda Springs, Idaho, he grew from those humble beginning to build an empire that has touched millions. Yet, he never lost his love for community and the people around him.

He remembered names, hugged everyone and always had time to listen. His legacy will be one of hope and love that has spread to every corner of the World.

For those of you in Forever, we know that Rex would be telling you to talk to more people and to never forget that the Power of Forever is the Power of Love.

#ForeverProud #ForeverRex