Posted by Aggy Ngwenya on July 27, 2021
My deepest sympathies go out to the family of a fantastic role model Daddy Rex Maughan and all FBOs Globally.

The loss of a Great Leader like Daddy Rex is something that can never be recovered. He always been an essential part of us all FBOs.

We are celebrating your legacy and not mourning you because you were one of the rare gems. You brought the power of your presence, your compassion and your position to some of the humanitarian issues of our time. REST IN PEACE DADDY ✝️
Posted by Thelara Van Staden on July 27, 2021
My Forever Family in South Africa were so honored to have Rex as our owner for the past 18 years after establishing Forever Resorts SA in 2003.
He was better known to me as “Oupa” meaning, that in our culture he was not only a leader, but also a “ Father figure” to all of us. He taught me that being humble is not a weakness but a strength and unique quality that very little businessmen of his magnitude have had or will ever have.
Rex will Forever be missed, but in his fundamental principles of caring for others, he will live on Forever.
Posted by Gofentsemang Ramosweu on July 27, 2021
May his soul rest in peace
Posted by Mihloti Sibeko on July 25, 2021
Tata Rex has many brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in the world of Forever. His passing, will pain a lot of FBOs. The beauty about his life though, he has left a great legacy. He will rest in peace upon his great works and will rise in Glory with fulfilment and a smile ✝️ Rex taught us the meaning of a smile. He gave so many of us the opportunity to be business owners. The power of the products is priceless. A great tool he has always used to touch many families around the globe.
Etlela hi ku rhula Rex Maughan♥️
Posted by pete schuil on July 24, 2021
Thank you Rex for the legacy and the business that you have left us all. You were a true and inspirational leader. Your example will be our inspiration to keep going and growing.
Rest well
Posted by Damisola Matti-Balogun on July 24, 2021
I will forever be grateful to be part of this wonderful family that inspires and build the better me and to believe in myself. Anytime, I listen to This Great Man, I become more stronger. REX, Rest On!!!

You will Forever Live On!!!!!
Your Legacy Will Forever Live On!!!!
You Are A Hero To Trillions And Surely You Will Forever Be Missed.
Adieu Pa REX!!!!
Posted by Linda Bopoto on July 24, 2021
Go well our Forever Caring Gentle Giant, Rex Maughan, your love will forever be felt in our hearts! May the Maughan family & entire Global Forever family be comforted knowing Rex left us the great Foreverliving legacy! MHSRIP
Posted by Gomolemo Leisi on July 23, 2021
It is such a time to celebrate life lived by our father in business Mr Rex Maughan.... And we want to take this time to remember him and the legacy he left for millions of people all around the world. This impact on our lives will certainly go a long way remembered..

To Maughan family, we forward our sincere condolences and spread the love we learnt for our father himself.. Be comforted in the Lord forever and ever Amen.....
Posted by Bhekisisa Mbatha on July 23, 2021
It is with mix feelings, to come to know that Rex has departed from us , his Forever, The Aloe Vera Company, as his extended family, the feeling of the love one going back to the father of all it always not the easy one , but when I look on the other hand, Rex has played a big role to many to be the father , friend and brother or even a grandpa to many , for we all have seen him in many forms than just a person who brought to us such an amazing opportunity in the world , particularly in business.
He has run his race and he has fished it , not a single day he didn’t make an impact in people lives mostly the less fortunate, in places like African , Asia and many more , but more over
He has shown what we call in South Africa the spirit of Ubuntu, humanity as humanitarian he was and as long as we keep to his vision , which my late wife used to say it was God given …. Mmmh of which I also believe , let us know that this was his ministry, given by God above it all to bring people together and also without any fighting of wars but of humans spirit of together we can and if we love one another … what can I say about this great warrior who has conquered the spirit of hunger , misery , shame , and more over poverty, which he also find it here on earth and made it his vision to eradicate it by means of network marketing.
Gregg we are now looking into you and the next generation by your side and we shall support you as you keep your fathers vision, more over should I say our Forever father.

Rex , I send my regards with you , please greet my wife Gabie for me , until we meet again we shall hold the fought in the little while , may the good Lord Jesus Christ be with us all
Posted by Tsitsi Judith Mashingaudz... on July 22, 2021
We will remember Rex Maughn for his love for people and his desire to enrich others. Thank you Rex Maughn for creating the greatest opportunity through Forever Living Products where ordinary have achieved extra ordinary things and giving hope to so many . What a rich legacy he left. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Johan and Ronel Bezuidenh... on July 22, 2021
We are grateful for having you in our lives. We thank you for the many chats, evening around the fire, having dinner or just being in your presence. Thank you for teaching us the value of integrity, empathy, honesty, and hard work. You added value, not only to our lives, but to the lives of many.

We will miss you, but you will be forever in our hearts.

Love Johan and Ronel
Posted by Kinwell Madhazi on July 22, 2021
A General, A Legend, A Visionary Rex Maughan

So heartbreaking to know and appreciate that you were promoted to glory. Rex will forever be missed, but your words "The Power of Forever is the Power of Love" will continue speaking to us. The vision will surely carry on -changing and touching lives. Your leadership was outstanding, unmatched, you were one in a million, a selfless man, a Father figure to us all.

Words are not enough to tell how much you impacted the world, indeed you were a world a changer. #Good Health indeed starts with good nutrition. #ALOEPOWER

May the Maughan be comforted during this time of loss.

Rest in peace general Rex
Posted by Thelmah Phanga on July 22, 2021
Our hero, The legend

Yours was a life full of blessings, a life well lived. Thank you so much for touching and transforming our lives in terms of health. You showed us love. You showed us the world. You impacted many lives around the globe. You shared your dreams and wisdom with us.

What an emotional void you are leaving us with. To be addressed by you left an indelible mark on one’s heart and mind. Your life is celebrated in all continents.

You leave behind a legacy not only for your family but a trail of economic transformation and liberation to the world.

The world will have memories of this Baobab tree whose shade gave so many financial freedom. You were a father to many nations.

We send warm condolences to The Maughan family. May God give you strength and hope. Thank you so much for sharing your humble father with us.
Rest on Rex Maughan, rest in power
Your legacy lives on

Posted by Masego Malangeni on July 21, 2021
May your legacy live on. I'm eternally grateful for your love and vision which were extended beyond your family but people in over 165 countries !
You'll be remembered by your big heart and warmth.

"One of the greatest sources of illness in the world is an empty wallet; if you want to decrease a number of people suffering just give them a chance to earn an honest living "

What an honor it has been to be part of the people who were given a chance to earn an honest living and better their lives since 2015.

You'll Forever be missed and your legacy will Forever continue

Rest in power Rex
Posted by Mariah Malebang on July 21, 2021
With the little time i joined the Forever Living Family,I have experienced total LOVE.

You have indeed laid the best legacy that generations to come will enjoy.

Thank you so much for touching my life and my families, my dream to take a picture with you has been lost but i know in my heart that i will one day walk the Forever Living stage because of you .

Goodnite daddy Rex Maughan
Posted by Palesa Msibi on July 21, 2021
Thank You Rex

May your legacy live on. I'm eternally grateful for your love and vision which were extended beyond your family but people in over 165 countries !
You'll be remembered by your big heart and warmth. 

"One of the greatest sources of illness in the world is an empty wallet; if you want to decrease a number of people suffering just give them a chance to earn an honest living "

What an honor it has been to be part of the people who were given a chance to earn an honest living ! Meeting you for the first time in 2014 was the highlight of my Forever journey! We celebrate your life well lived .

Rest in power Rex; we are your legacy 
Posted by Sekgele Mapogoshe on July 21, 2021
We thank you for contributing positively into our lives by liberating our financial status.
Now we are able to follow your path by touching other people's lives through health & wealth.
You are truly a Legend to be celebrated and you will forever be in our hearts.

May your soul rest in iternal peace Mr Rex Maughan.
Condolences to the family and the whole forever family.
Posted by Hebron Mdumela on July 21, 2021
We are celebrating the life of true legend , a Man who had touched so many lives in a positive way This is the man who had a vision to reach out to the world just to impact it in a positive way more special the poor ,he introduced products which has gave so many of us good health, he created an opportunity which has created wealth to many of us ,me and my family we will always be grateful to the legend .

Condolences to the family,Rest in peace Rex Maughan
Posted by CoachOni TransformsLifes on July 21, 2021

A giant has fallen, a true legend, we celebrate your life , you lived a life of purpose. You fought the good fight, You have finished the race, You have kept the faith. You were the light and the salt of the earth . Your life is a legacy and the true definition of the power of love. Your legacy lives Forever. You will Forever be in our hearts ❤.

May your precious soul Rest easy, rest in peace Rex, mission accomplished . You were such a blessing to the Forever family. We are forever grateful of the legacy you left for us. You have impacted millions of peoples lives across the world including my family. Rex will live forever in hearts of millions across the globe.

His constant philosophy was ‘the power of Forever is the power of love’. Many of us when making decisions regarding our business ask ‘What would Rex do?’
Rex was committed to the empowerment of people and the betterment of peoples lives. 

Personally I have never met a person like Rex, a visionary, a generous giver with so much love ❤️ and so much humility, He was incredible. We should all be happy because his name will be written in the eternal book of life -the book of all who died for the betterment of all. We thank God for borrowing us Rex , He will Forever remain in our hearts ❤️

My deepest condolences to the Maughan family and the Forever global family.

Forever Rex
Posted by Thabiso Banyini on July 21, 2021
What a unique human being! I blamed God for why he created only one Rex Maughan...? However, I quickly understood that God didn't create two Moseses also, but only one... but their works will stand and provide for five generations to come! The best solace or life lessons I took from this amazing iconic symbolic human being is that... love another human being as much as you love yourself! He lived to demonstrate that! His life... was for the service of human kind! No institution or any governments in this universe can do or provide what Rex did to their own respective citizens! ...God please help me to make people understand or comprehend my gratitude I feel for the Forever family! Yes... I do understand that Rex expected to pass away at some stage of our lives but I just thought even death would stop itself from taking this genius away from us! I do not believe that death itself is proud of what it did! Maybe... God have assigned Rex Maughan for another assignment!!

Thabiso & Earthly Banyini
Posted by Nhlanhla Skhosana on July 21, 2021
RIP Rex, you have run your race, indeed you touched and transformed millions of people through your God given vision. Farewell to you, your legacy will Live Forever. Our deepest condolences to the Maughan family
Posted by Melinda May on July 21, 2021
I have never met Mr Maughan in person, but surely have felt his presence in the business, from the day I joined this family of love. You have truly ran your race with faith, diligence and commitment in fulfilling your vision for us (FBOs). Thank you for such a generous vision and mission you have carried throughout. You ARE a true, selfless legend with such a big warm heart. Thank you so so much Mr Maughan. Rest in peace dear Legend. You have ran a successful race in your life. Love of love.
Posted by Ruth Phiri on July 21, 2021
I am truly grateful for the legacy that Rex has left behind for us. Its upon us now to run with it and never look back. I'm fairly new in the business (2 years) and would have loved to shake hands with Rex. However, his love, kindness and generosity was felt from miles across the oceans ❤️

May God's favour be upon the Maughan family and comfort the entire Forever family

Forever grateful
Posted by Marcy Makanda on July 21, 2021
My Pastor lead me to spiritual salvation and Rex lead me to wealth salvation. I am who I am today, respectable and admired by many because of our visionary giant, Rex. I will forever cherish his works of love and selflessness. I thank God for Rex's life. May his soul rest in peaceHalala Forever Halala!
Posted by Lucas Irene Mokgoatsane on July 20, 2021
A giant that touched lives, his memories will definitely live forever in the hearts of many. We are thankful to God for having borrowed us this wonderful and loving soul,. May his soul rest in eternal peace
Posted by Rick and Eve Beeton on July 20, 2021
For those who knew Rex Maughan, know the integrity and selflessness he carried with him each day and shared with all he met. This phenomenal man has touched the lives of millions of people around the world as building and improving people’s lives was part of his DNA.

As we reminisce about his life, the tributes received are testimony to the far-reaching impact Rex Maughan had through his sphere of influence and business ethic. He endeared himself to people and the support and love he showed us will surely be missed.

Rick & Eve Beeton
Country Managers
Forever Living Products Southern Africa
Posted by Bekezela Sande on July 20, 2021
Mr Rex Maughan will be forever remembered by my family. He offered a very good business opportunity and products that worked for me and my family.
Posted by Anrike van der Walt on July 20, 2021
"The Power of Forever is the Power of Love" – Rex Maughan. This famous quote by Rex is truly amazing and such an inspiration to everyone in the business. It says Forever is based on LOVE. Growth is about building caring, trusting and meaningful relationships with others. Rex Maughan's legacy will live on in the many lives he touched.

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