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A Gentle Soul - Helping Others

August 13, 2023
It is so interesting that today is the anniversary of Reyes's passing.  I was thinking of him last night. My recollection was around his kindness and relationship with the Mannion twins.  Also, their sister Mary.  Reyes mowed their lawn every summer and he was so appreciated.  I also remember the Mannions taking the Fernandez family out for Sunday dinners - to the Manor House (or was it the Country House) in Mt. Holly as I recollect.  Reyes was such a gentle soul.  With love, Judy

On Your Shoes

August 27, 2009

I remember having you let me stand on top of your shoes and you would hold my hands & walk me around the room. It was like dancing.

father in law

August 18, 2009

you were my best friend ill love and miss you always you and ruth were alaways there for me and my kids ill never forget that

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