Shared by Bridget Keane on 1st October 2016

When worked moved me from the most cold of New England winters to sunny California, I thoght that I'd be far from family. But instead, I had the opportunity to know my cousin Rhonda.  I can't think about my brief residence in Pasadena without reflecting on the incredible support and kindness that Rhonda showed me. Within the first few days, she bought me a housewarming lemon tree -- the ultimate California welcome.  She showed me the sights and showed my sisters and nieces around while I had to work. There were a lot of meals shared, stories told, and many trips to  21 Choices for frozen yogurt.  When my parents came for a visit, not only was it a great reunion, but made special by the Duffy Boat ride and pincic that Rhonda organized. It took living in California and a trip with my "california cousin" to get me on skis for the first time in my life (Mt. Baldy -- and I haven't been on skis since!)   

Rhonda most certainly inherited the "Aunt Kay" gene  -- a deep sense of familial connection and the understanding of the importance of making connections with kin.  I am so grateful of the times we spent in Southern California, the opportunity to know Aunt Peggy, Uncle Chet and the Heths better and to share in the famous family "Champagne Brunches."

At a time I was far from home, Rhonda made me feel right at home. 


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