When I think of him...

Shared by Lord Xena on October 18, 2011
There are so many things that would scream "Ricky!"

You'd be hard pressed to find any friend or family that hadn't heard one of his stories or seen many of his tricks.

What about the way he'd rewrite song lyrics. Can anyone sing "Sunglasses At Night" without saying "ponte el sombrero" instead?

Can anyone put on a cap without pretending to move it up or down as if held by a string?

How can anyone not know what the firstĀ of his "seven tastes" recipes? You all know it was shhh shhhh shhhugar!

My First Car

Shared by Lord Xena on October 18, 2011

There's never been a time in my entire life that Ricky has not been in it. Buying your first car ever is milestone in a person's life. I had the pleasure of sharing that with him.

He, along with the checkbook, took me to his friend Roberto to buy that Mazda 626. Once I handed the $ over, he blindly gave the checkbook to Roberto and just said, "write in any number you want" to cover the rest of what was needed.

That happened many years ago, but it is something I will NEVER forget!

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