Posted by Penny Lee on July 8, 2016
Not a day goes by without thinking about you Richard. I still struggle realizing you are gone. In my heart you are always there. In Peace.
Posted by Jack Kennedy on July 7, 2016
Richard it's been a year and you remain in the thoughts and hearts of many. Today I will hoist a brew and think of you. I hope you came to know the peace of Christ and the enjoyment of eternal life.
Posted by Terrence Fahy on September 4, 2015
"richard we were strongly connected during my stint @ Stockton State College and we learned alot from each other re: life experiences politics and music and basic whole foods cooking but unfortunately u slipped into the sunset". i trully valued our connection but when u made the move to the philly vicinity our connection was a hit or miss mostly miss.anyway sorry i couldn't be present for your finale service but i was totally there in spirit so now it's time for me to go so Rest In Peace my dear friend Terrence Fahy
Posted by Jack Kennedy on August 6, 2015
Richard, you were a good friend and I came to appreciate the many ways in which we helped each other. You went away suddenly and I wasn't there to help you move(!) I trust that the memorial service will do justice to who you were. Rest in Peace. Jack Kennedy
Posted by Penny Lee on August 4, 2015
You were so very special to me, Richard; such a part of my heart.  I will never forget you, my dear, sweet Richard.  It was a privileged to have you in my life.

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