Posted by Kathy Smith on September 10, 2020
Well its9/9/2020 it's been a heck of a ride so far. Sorry I .missed wishing you a Happy Birthday ! In Heaven so I am sending belated wishes.
I wish you c could have gotten to spend more time getting to know Richs family children(children grandchildren and now great grandchildren)
Little Alex was born with Red hair my first thought buy-in As a reborn look out girls lol ! Well I guess it's time for me to finish up. Keep watching over your loved ones and keep them safe. Love always,
                                        ..    Kathy
Posted by Rich Rice on June 1, 2020
It's been 9 years and I still wish I could have seen you one more time and that you could have met your grandchildren.
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2018
Happy Birthday another year has passed. Things are so different than when we all were younger. It seems to be a more violent world less caring about others.I know you are watching over your family and keeping them safe.
Well Happy Birthday in heaven 2018.
Posted by Barbara Rice on December 25, 2017
Well baby here it is Christmas 2017. I still miss you every single day. I still talk to you. I still cry for no reason when I look at your pictures in our bedroom. I don't think it's ever going to get better until I'm in Heaven with you and Gordie and all of my other family and friends who have gone on before me, already. I did wish you a happy birthday, September 7 on Facebook. I would not miss your birthday, but I guess I do need to post it on this platform, too. You were definitely gone too soon. Rebecca now has 6 children, 2 girls and a boy. They've been up in the mountains of North Carolina since 12/13 and will be back tomorrow. I guess they'll all be going back up there on Wednesday until the 2nd. School re-starts on January 3rd. I feel sure that you're not missing any of the events / holidays / birthdays and such because I believe God lets you and others look down from Heaven on what is happening with your family. We'll all be together once again in God's time. Don't forget about us in the meantime - like you could, eh? I hope you don't take offense but I have to - really have to - tell folks about what happened in church when you were 5 years old. So, here we go: When you were 5 years old and in church (Catholic) with your parents and siblings, in the balcony yet the following series of events transpired. The choir evidently took a little break between songs or something like that, and Ace remembered " "FALL ON YOUR KNEES" as part of the song "Oh Holy Night". Even at that age apparently he had a voice that carried, especially from the balcony when all else was quiet. So his mother was so embarassed she told husband John to take care of that boy when they get home. And so dad got Ace to go into the bedroom.. His dad thought it was hilariously funny so he told Ace to holler loudly when he hit the bedpost with his belt as though Ace were actually on the receiving of that belt. His dad and Ace pulled one over his mom. Now every time I hear that song, I think of that very instance that happened in church Christmas, 1956. I'm happy that he shared that story with he was telling me about it he was laughing quite hard. Ace you are one of a kind and I miss you so very much. I love you now and always will. Barb
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2017
Well Acie another year has passed and Kayla has another little girl.I really wish you were here a lot longer to get a chance to know your son and his family a lot more.Well all I wanted to say is Happy Birthday to a really great guy,in Heaven.You keep on watching over all your friends and family and keep them safe ,ok?
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2016
Happy 65th birthday Acie you were gone too soon wish you could have been around to get to know Rich's kids (Kayla and Josh) and your great grand daughter(Emma) too.They would have loved knowing you.Keep them safe and watch over all your family. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 7, 2016
Happy Birthday to my husband. I know you're enjoying your new life in Heaven. I'm happy for you, but I miss you oh so much...I look forward to seeing you in Heaven. I love you.
Posted by Barbara Rice on June 1, 2016
A thousand words can't bring you back, I know because I've tried.

And neither would a million tears ----- I know because I've cried.

I miss you oh so much Ace, my husband, 5 years ago today you left this world for one so much better. My comfort comes from knowing that your absence from us is only temporary, for in Heaven we will be reunited for eternity; and so I wait -- to see you again. Forever missed and always loved.
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2015
Well it's 2015 Sept 7th so Happy Birthday in Heaven.Your great grand daughter is 2 years old now and a real little cutie.You are always thought of with fond memories and laughter .Because you could always make us laugh.Smitty still talks about meeting you and all of us going hunting at my parents house.Well I hope you are smiling and watching over your loved ones because they way things are here everyone needs a guardian Angel to watch over them.guess thats all I can think of tonight other than I am glad you found Barbara she really sounds like a nice person and she loved you so much.I never know what to write until after I post a note lol.
Catch Ya later Acie.
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 7, 2015
Happy 64th Birthday Ace. You are forever missed, loved, thought about, brought up in conversation, cried over daily. I'm so looking forward to the day when God calls me home and I'll be with you, Gordie, lost grandbabies, parents.....forever.
Posted by Barbara Rice on June 1, 2015
Happy Anniversary, my love. You are missed and thought about every day. I still cry, selfishly of course, that you are no longer with us but enjoying Heaven and we pray we will, too, one day...and that we'll live with you and Gordie and all of our family members -- forever! I bring your name up in conversation on a regular basis. I still talk to you every day - you hear me right? I pray God lets you hear me and that you come to visit us often. Rebecca and I believe you do.

By the way, Rebecca is expecting her fifth child on her own birthday. Her kids are really growing up fast. Lorelai will be 7 next month, Ronald Asa EMMETT is 5, Samson Virgil Tyler is 4 and Finn Sawyer is 15 months.

Peggy has worked at two nursing homes since she left Bryan Center. She currently works in Raleigh. She and Tony have started a catering/food truck concession business and are growing in popularity; I maintain their business website. Deanna's holding at 2 girls and a boy; Crystal has 2 girls and a boy. Brittanie got married and will be slipping out of that union. She lived in Germany for awhile and California and has been back about to NC for about two years.

Chrissy is still working for the federal government and has 6 horses now. She loves to ride. Amber's holding, for now, at 3 handsome boys and Tabitha now has two precious boys.

Rob's got a position with a good company but travels a lot. His oldest, Robbie Jr., turned 20 this year - Wow time flies! He and Denise are maintaining their offspring at 3 wonderful boys.

Tammy still bowls whenever possible and enjoys Samantha, John Wayne Jr. and Brandon. Samantha has 2 girls and a boy.

Michael is hoping to have one or two children one day. He is a supervisor of the apartment complex where he lives in Chapel Hill. He's talking about going to Uruguay to meet his dad. You were a good dad to him and to Gordie and I thank you for that. I pray that Michael will not decide to stay in Uruguay and I pray for his safety.

Richie and Kathy are doing well and are buying a home in Tennessee. Kayla is enjoying motherhood with her daughter Emma. Josh seems to be enjoying life.

Shannon has a steady beau and seems happy.

I'm getting ready to begin a children's storybook writing course. This is a huge undertaking for me. I won't be able to progress to the next teaching module until I pass the exam for each class. Oh Boy! I pray I'll be successful in writing books and actually sell them.

I have only one remaining Aunt - Aunt Lillian - and no more uncles. You may run into Uncle Elwood. I know you two enjoyed time together. When you see him, please tell him that I miss him and Aunt Lillian is getting by pretty good. Kenny and his wife are keeping her busy with their trophy business and taking her to Ocean City. She has to have surgery towards the end of this month - her heart - you may not want to tell Uncle Elwood that, though.

Loretta and I are going on a trip to Kentucky in August with my widow's group. You know I've never been to Kentucky. This will be a first! We'll be travelling by tour bus and heading to some shows and visiting the Shaker Village while we're there. I'm hoping for great food and a good time!

Peggy and Tony came over yesterday and power-washed some of the house. What a looks great!

Once again, Happy Anniversary or Happy passed all of the tests and graduated. It doesn't help us that you are not here, even though we know you're in Heaven. It's depressing and lonely without you. I love you now and forever. YOU ARE MISSED!

Talk with you later today.
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2014
Well another year has passed and your birthday has come again.I wish that you had more time to spend getting to know your son and your grandchildren and even Emma your great grand daughter.You were taken away to early Acie and I am so glad we stayed friends.Well Happy Birthday in Heaven and keep a watch over all those loved ones of yours. Happy Birthday ! You are missed by all that knew you.
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2013
Well It's Sept.7th 2013  Happy Birthday in Heaven Acie.
Posted by Barbara Rice on June 1, 2013
I miss you oh so much, my hubby. Today marks the second anniversary of your passing. You were gone way too soon. I hope you hear everything I say to you every day and are sharing happy times with Gordie and other loved ones of mine and yours. Happy Anniversary.........see you soon. I love you.
Posted by Barbara Rice on June 1, 2013
Ace's Great Grandchildren: Destiny, Charity, Jody Lee Maynor; Mckenzie, Makiya, Malaki Lynn; Ayden, Avery, Alexander Crudup. Kayla Rice is expecting her first child in July. Tabitha Jarman is expecting her first child in October. That's 11 great grands. I hope he's seeing all of this. I love you Ace!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Kathy Smith on September 7, 2012
Well I just wanted to say Happy Birthday in heaven Ace .I am so glad that you found Barbara to share your life with .RIP Asa
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 9, 2011
We celebrated birthdays for a week at a time, many times. So again, I wish you a Happy Birthday. I love you.
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 9, 2011
Ace's 8 Great Grandchildren: Destiny, Charity, Jody Lee, Mackenzie, Zakia, Aayden, Avery, Layla.
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 9, 2011
Ace's 21 Grandchildren: Kayla, Josh Rice; Lorelai, Emmett, Samson Martin; Deanna Maynor, Crystal Lynn, Brittanie Bland, Amber, Paul Jr.,Tabitha Jarman; Robbie, Jr., Nathan, Vance Dodson; Samantha, John, Jr., Perry, Brandon Rice; 3 grands (trophys) in Heaven, Jon Kurtis Dodson, Lauren and Logan Dodson.
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 9, 2011
Ace's 9 children: Richard Rice Jr., Shannon Rice, Rebecca Rice Martin; Peggy Dodson Singletary; Chrissy Dodson Jarman; Robert Dodson; Tammy Dodson Perry; Michael Dodson. Our trophy in Heaven, Gordon Dodson, Jr.
Posted by Barbara Rice on September 8, 2011
Ace really loved me!!! He would do anything for anyone, if he was able to do so. He was a very giving person. He is so missed!
Posted by Barbara Rice on June 10, 2011
Ace's wife Barb is looking forward to reuniting with Ace in Heaven and living with him forever.
Posted by on June 10, 2011
Love and miss you Papa Ace

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