My little Brother

Shared by Cloie Ratliff on March 4, 2019

Wow, where do I start? My little brother♥️ For 33 years I had a little brother. 

From the moment they brought him home I wasn’t sure about this new baby in the family. He was cute, but he cried a lot and I had to change poopy diapers and clean them, because 33 years ago they were still cloth diapers being used.

   He begain to be a bit fun to play with, he started to crawl then walk and when potty training came along he just stood out the door and let’er rip lol He had to get these two little silver teeth from an accident I remember clearly. His smile was so cute and you could see his bling. Misty and I would play with him like a babydoll and video games came out and we would spend hours trying to beat browser♥️ 

He became a young boy and I became and adult so our lives weren’t together anymore. But I was always around to see him grow up. He then had some  nephews  To play video games with. For the next 10-15 years we were always in and out of each others lives. He always always called or messaged me about Alec and Drake. He loved them sooooo! 

Within those years I got to see my brother become a man from working in the same industry (cable) to watching him go off to the Airforce. Very proud sister moment! His love for music always made me smile. He would want me to sing with him like he did when he was little and I sang to him to get him to go to sleep. Even though he  annoyed the crap out of me I loved him! I got messages upon messages dateing back to 2010 of conversations♥️ 

As we started to grow old we driffted even more apart. This is where regret comes in. I wish I would, shoulda, coulda been a better sister. Busy Life took  over. When I would visit he MADE me make my enchiladas, chili, and  guacamole lol he LOVED it and he let everyone know it was his favorite. But my brother began suffering from health issuesand as much as I, GOD I wish he were here so I could have my selfish want of trying to be a better sister, I know he’s in a better place than this awful world. 

I loved you so much Cliff and I always will♥️

Your big sister

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