My 17th Birthday

Shared by Terri Monteleone on 23rd February 2014

One of my dad's favorite things to do was go out to eat.  So, my 17th birthday provided the perfect opportunity to do just that.  Dad, mom and I went to Anthony's on Redondo Beach Pier.  We were there when they opened for dinner and were seated next to a glass sliding door that opened out to the ocean.  There was a walk around ledge around the whole building (maybe so they could wash the windows???).  They had ordered wine and were about a glass each into the carafe, when this seagull walked up to the door and appeared to be coming inside.  Dad say "shoo" and the bird didn't flinch, just kept coming.  Dad grabbed for the door to shut it and barely touched the handle when the whole glass door started to fall out towards the ocean.  Dad was grabbing at it and saying things like...oh, oh, oops, uh, (after having some wine) started giggling like a little girl.  Me, being 17, was utterly and terribly horrified, and just slide down in my chair praying no one was looking.  It was all happening in slow motion.  I watched as the door toppled out into the ocean.  We had already placed our order for dinner and was wondering if there would be a charge for a door on the bill.  Our food wasn't coming out and neither was anyone else's.  We see two guys walk out onto the ledge (in swimming trunks) and dive into the ocean.  We watched as they walked up on the beach with the unbroken door.  The waitress watched us watching the guys and then came by our table and apologized for the delay as the cooks were retrieving the door....must have happened often because they had swim trunks ready to go.  They didn't charge us for the door as it was confirmed that they did indeed have a problem with the door.  Needless to say, this was the most memorable birthday that I ever had.

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