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Shared by Penny French on November 7, 2020
I have a lot of snapshot memories of Richard from my childhood.  We moved to Clarksville, Arkansas in 1969, right up against the Ozark National Forest and Richard would come down often, sometimes alone, sometimes Gary would come with him.  They went hunting and fishing, catching snakes and tarantulas, who were put in an aquarium.  I never knew what became of them, but was so glad that they were gone.  I remember his smile, and how genuinely happy he always seemed.   One time when he came alone on his motorcycle, we had been to Joe and Verna Vaughn's house.  I begged to ride back with him, so I could give him what I now realize were probably unnecessary directions.  But he followed my directions to a T.  At the end of the trip back, we came to a final T in the road.  A quarter mile on the right was home, turn left and you would end up at our nearby church.  Straight ahead was a bunch of trees.  Having been born a natural smart aleck, I told him to go straight, duh!   And he started straight for the trees! 

I didn't see him again for quite a few years, but in the late 80s, he came to Clarksville and stayed with my mom.  I took my 3 or 4 year old daughter Cybill over and we sat and talked and listened to stories of his adventures late into the night.   My one regret was not knowing how close he lived to Fayetteville.  By the time I found out, he and Sherry were moving away from Tahlequah.  I would have loved to have him meet my son. 

Richard was such a special man - brave, smart, innovative, loyal and loving, kind and generous,  I am so lucky to have known this wonderful man and will forever miss him.  Sweet dreams uncle.    I know you are with your brothers and parents and so many others of our family.  I love you

My fishing day with you

Shared by Tonya Johnston on November 6, 2020
One of the greatest regrets in life was never going on a fishing trip with my dad. He got his wings much too soon.  He loved you.  Adored you.  Looked up to you.  Wanted to be like you and I'm sure even looked at you as a sort of father figure.  I always idolized you. Even as a kid. I always looked forward to trips to Mahomet with dad.  Just because of who you are.  It was such a privilege to come stay with you and Sherry on our 2018 vacation.  I secretly wanted to go fishing with you, but didn't want to ask. I was SO excited the day we took off for the day to go fishing in the ocean.... with the biggest fishing pole I had EVER seen in my life, and Sherry's boots :D  To stand beside you and cast my line was one of those "Bucket List" moments.  There wasn't anything special that happened.  Just uncle and niece standing together... fishing. I watched you give fish away to the locals that were fishing for their dinner.  I will never forget it and has been by far, one of the best days of my life!  I love you.  I adore you.  I miss you.  

Leave your Memories Here.......

Shared by SHERRY JOHNSTON on November 5, 2020
This page was created to capture the memories of Dick's life.  Please take the time to share those memories with all of us.  His life was full of adventures he shared with so many and we would like to hear about the adventures he shared with you.  

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