Brother-in-law, friend, traveler

Shared by ELIZABETH LANG on June 16, 2020
Mike and I were so fortunate to know Rick as a brother-in-law, as a friend, and as a traveling partner.  When Stephanie brought Rick into the loud, boisterous, playful, and loving Jensen clan, Rick took it all in stride.  He was beloved by all of us, and rightfully so, as Rick was always gracious, quick witted, and knowledgeable on so many subjects, fitting right in.
Mike and I visited Stephanie and Rick often for the weekend.  We would go to a different restaurant each time, per their recommendation.  We would have breakfast at T's, and go for a walk in the city or in Marin County.

We had the pleasure of taking some trips with Rick and Stephanie over the years.  We went to southwest Utah, with Kathy and Trish too, to visit the beautiful state and national parks. Though some of the hikes were not Rick's thing, he played along with us or gave us the space and time to go without him while he found activities he enjoyed.  We had our first Cook-off competition while in St George and Rick took over the BBQ duties. 
Mike and our son David had the great opportunity to go to NY with Stephanie, Rick, and Owen to watch a Yankees game during the farewell season of Yankee stadium.  Rick showed the guys around, as only a native New Yorker can.  They had such a great time and still talk about that trip today.

The last trip we took with Rick and Stephanie was to beautiful Banff, Canada.  Knowing how much Mike, Stephanie, and I like to hike, Rick would join us because it gave us so much joy.  So, we climbed mountains for the beautiful vistas, we walked around stunning Lake Louise, we visited the Columbia Icefield, and walked up Johnston Canyon to see the thermal pools.  

And Rick was especially generous when he encouraged and enjoyed the trips Stephanie, Mike, and I took trekking around the world. I am forever thankful for his generosity and his willingness for us to take Stephanie away for an adventure.

He loved my sister.

Shared by Andrew Jensen on June 13, 2020
I don’t think I’ll be as eloquent as others in mourning Rick.  He was the one man who made Steph happy.  That was enough for me.

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