This tribute was added by Loretta Kendig on November 8, 2016
Well, another year has passed, Babe, and I still miss you just as much! I've made it through all these years but not without a constant ache in my heart! I feel you near me every day and I dream of having your arms around me! Rest in peace, my love and wait for me!
This tribute was added by Loretta Kendig on November 8, 2015
I find it harder each day to live without you but the wonderful memories of you is what gets me through and I'm thankful for all the wonderful years you gave me! Wait for me, love!
This tribute was added by Phyllis Caruso on April 12, 2014
Dear Richard....there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and the happy times we had growing up, also the times YOU got me in trouble!! I hope you are in a happy place with all your friends and family to celebrate your birthday. I didn't mean to say "hope", I know your in a happy place after having lived the good life that you did. Love and Miss You.
This tribute was added by Loretta Kendig on April 12, 2013
Well, my love, you'd be 80 today! And how you hated having your birthday in tax season! Now your daughter suffers through it w/her birthday in tax season! We all miss you so much, we talk about you so very often. You've never really left us - we all feel your presence in our lives & in everything we do. You were the best husband, father, brother,& papa always!! We love you, always!!
This tribute was added by Loretta Kendig on November 8, 2012
Nine years today my love! And the light never dims - you are in my heart always. I miss you so very much! My thoughts are always with you - wait for me! someday we will be together again! Till then watch over me and all your family!
This tribute was added by Lisa Miano on November 8, 2012
Gary, thank you so much for creating this little area in cyberspace where I can come and take a trip down memory lane! I just love it! I love seeing Dad in his younger days, and older ones, as a Marine (Semper Fi Dad!), the goofy pictures that were the real Dad! The one that filled every room with smiles and laughter! You could not be in a bad mood around Dad! He just made your day better!
This tribute was added by Lisa Miano on November 8, 2012
Dad, even after 9 years, this is always a tough day 4 all of us, & as we go about our days you are ever present in our mind&hearts. I see you in all of your grandkids, different parts of you in each of them, & I feel you in so many of the decisions I make & things I do. You are always with me & I just hope that you can feel from up above ALL the LOVE & how grateful I am that your my Dad!!!
This tribute was added by Dani Miano on June 13, 2012
This is a really beautiful tribute page! The pictures are all great! I will forever love and miss Papa, who taught me so much by just being who he was. <3
This tribute was added by Julie Kelly on March 6, 2011
What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful person! Gary,your words should inspire all of us to be more like your Dad.You were all so blessed to have him as your father,and we were so lucky to have him as our uncle:)So many fun holiday dinners over the years that ended with a whole lot of laughter.We will miss him always!!!! Love, Julie
This tribute was added by Loretta Kendig on February 26, 2011
To my love, my soul-mate, my everything, you are always with me, & one day we will be together again!
Your loving wife
This tribute was added by Cynthia McPhee on February 7, 2011
Truly honored to say "Semper Fidelis Angel Marine" and what a beautiful memorial your brother and family have made for you God bless you and your family, Until you are reunited in Heaven once again. My sincere condolences, Cindy McPhee

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