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Shared by Barry Dorris on May 12, 2016

Dick you will be greatly missed by all the family will miss talking to you on the phone and enjoyed you stopping by on your way to and from Florida when you were driving truck RIP and Happy Birthday

Shared by Carole Simpson on May 12, 2016

Growing up dad and mom would always put us kids in the car go visit family in Maryland and Pottstown. Some Saturday's go to the VFW in Frankinville and hang out, on some Sunday's dad would start making home made bread, as soon as we came home from church. Dad drove truck over the road for a living, so when he came home on an early Sunday morning dad had breakfast made every morning, from the time we were little kids up til we had his grandkids. This man never asked for one thing, the only thing he wanted was for his wife and kids and grandkids and great grandkids to be happy. Because when they were happy he was happy. He was a hard worker. Thank you daddy for showing me the ethic's of a hard worker. I hope I have made you happy over the years. I am going to miss you, Happy Birthday I LOVE YOU

Shared by Colleen Simpson on May 12, 2016

My PopPop loves driving trucks and seeing his grandkids. He always had a mind of his own. He loved playing tricks on his grandkids. I can remember all of the times that he watched his cowboy showed everytime I walked into the living room. He would take me to school and tell me to follow the rules and do the right thing. I'm gonna miss him so much. I love you PopPop and Happy Birthday 

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