Let the memory of Richard be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1960 in Palo Alto, California, United States.
  • Passed away on February 19, 2015 in Henderson, Nevada, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard Dobson, 55, born on January 24, 1960 and when he passed away on February 19, 2015. The world lost an amazing  , loving father , son , husband , brother , uncle , grandfather  , teammate , classmate , coach ,  friend to so many   .   Rick had never given up  despite many painful , life threatening medical conditions  over the last 10 years .  Rick had a one of a kind personality   the rare ability to make lifelong friends of everyone he met  . a unique gift for being able to tell jokes or  stories making people around him laugh till they cried , he was the life of any party , center of attention and the most fun to be around . he had the best sense of humor , quick wit and a huge heart like no other .   a man who was so loved and adored by so many during & throughout his life ,   and  forever  remembered & missed by all he knew and every life he touched .  .   Rick passed with his loving mother & sister by his side ,  at st rose hospital  las vegas nevada  where he had spent the last few months .  and will now be coming home to be layed to rest at the gates of heaven cemetary near our daughter samantha , and his nan , pop and uncle allan .                                           .             we pray that Rick is finally at peace ,  no more pain , no more suffering  and that he feels all of the endless love , admiration   in our hearts , and the deep sorrow shared by so many  .  no words can describe how lucky i feel to have been his wife and mother of his seven children and for each and every sec i spent by his side .or the unbearable sorrow i feel that god took the biggest and best part of me . but nothing loved is ever lost and he was and  always will be loved so much .   please  light a candle ...leave a flower ....share a memory or say a prayer on his behalf .   

Posted by Alexandra K on 6th October 2018
I am so suprise messy Patty playing game like this writing on board lots of lies for Richard. Richard was living in Las Vegas without Patty, just with lots of his kids long time. Cause Richard was saying Patty was living with her boyfriend in CA. Richard was saying she was kick him out and she kicked out kids too for living with her boyfriend. Finally her boyfriend kick her ass out she had to come to Vegas for she can get some place for live free. Richard was hate to Messy Patty and he was saying Messy Patty was hating Richard too.. Messy Patty was so mess County fine to them several several times for their messy house. Even Richard was saying he lost his house in CA cause of mess. He was calling Patty is " messy patty" she still so.. messy.. getting out from houses for her mess and stinks. Every neighbors complaint about Messy Patty's mess and stinks. She was looking and waiting for praying to God Richard dies ASAP, now she is writing lots of lies, sounds like she was loving him. There is all lies.. And I really know about it Richard was hating Messy Patty. Come on Messy Patty!! don't lie anymore. You and Richard was hate each other. Go clean your mess Messy Patty. Even your boyfriend kick your nasty messy ass for your Mess, Messy Patty.
Posted by Patti Dobson on 3rd July 2015
finally the sign id been praying for . just when i needed it the most . sitting here with tears flooding my eyes and face my heart filled , flowing with the most intense love imaginable . id give anything in the world , id give my life to spend one more day beside you , for one more chance to hug you , kiss you and tell you how much you mean to me , and how grateful i am to have been blessed w u in my life . i long for the day we are finally together again . till then i pray you are right beside us , watching over us and always with us . loving n missing us as badly as we do you .. your team will never be the same with out its mvp .., now we can know for sure .. for certain nothing or noone can seperate us , not even death and tht well always be together . i love love love love you .. always have .. always will ... thank you !!
Posted by Patti Dobson on 18th April 2015
Happy Anniversary to the love of my.life .....missing you right now more than you could ever ever imagine ... dont want to go on another day without you
Posted by Patti Dobson on 23rd March 2015
i cant sleep , need to talk to you so here i am.. i regret deeply not speaking at your memorial i had so much to say but was just too sad to find my voice . i should have said all the millions of great one of a kind things there are about u , i should have thanked you for being my everything since i was 16 yrs old . for all the happiest times of my life & for our seven amazing kids .& for thirty years of your love and devotion even when i didnt deserve it or you . i truly truly love you rick more than youll ever possibly know i am soo sooo lost without u . every day is torture . i dont want to go on without u ...life isnt worth living without u in it . the tears are endless , the pain in my heart gets worse every minute . im trying so hard to be strong like u , if god doesnt give us more pain then we can handle why did he put u thru all he did , then take u from a family that needed n loved u more than life itself .. this makes no sense ,, never will its so so so unfair Rick ,, i know how amazingly selfish im sounding but at the very same time while im acting like a complete worthless ass , feeling sorry for myself i am always praying so hard that youre at peace ,& that u always know how much your loved , there better finally.... be no more pain !! i like to think that your up there dancing w our daughter samantha like u did here with stef n stac , all i can say is that i cant wait for the day ,god brings us together again & it better be real real soon .... i love you infinity infinities ...forever and ever amen
Posted by Patti Dobson on 23rd March 2015
thursday we layed you to rest , saturday we celebrated your life , with many many tears ,and so much sadness but also with so much love . im so thankful for every second i shared with you the pain inside is unbearable , it gets harder ea and every day . life without you seems impossible , i wish i could go back and cherish and appreciate every moment . ill never forgive myself for not letting you know every day how much i loved you , how much i loved being ur wife n mother of ur kids and ur best friend . a million things id do over if i could , id give my life for one more day with you .. god , i hope u know how much i always loved you ,and how important n precious u were to me even on my grumpiest days n moments i hate myself for all those times when i said things i didnt mean .. i miss you so so desperatly ,that, its hard to even breathe with out u .. my love for you will grow and grow forever and ever till we finally are together forever once again .
Posted by Patti Dobson on 13th March 2015
now th sentimental stuff been said for now that is .. sports update !! need to tell u YOUR NINERS ARE IN TROUBLE not sure all whos been traded , lost or in trouble w th law today ( mike can fill you in on details ) but they gna need a miracle from there biggest fan above .& oh yea .guess what we traded away shady if you can believe it & picked us up a cowboy de marco murray ..im telling ya !! thought ud like that !
Posted by Patti Dobson on 13th March 2015
for so long , as your caregiver I pretended to be the strong one , fooled myself that it was me that was taking care of you .. the one that was needed . in reality ...it was so the opposite , and i am absolutely nothing without you , how do i live without you ? how do i breathe without you ..? you were ,are ,and always will be my everything , my first & only love . my best friend , most loving father to our wonderful kids ,and you'll always be the greatest husband I could ever have asked or hoped for . thank you for the best 30 years of my life w you & by your side . as your wife ..we always kept our vows and we did the ...for richer & for poorer , the in sickness & in health , as well as thru good times and bad ,,,, but please till death us not part .. our love is eternal . and never ending it has to be ..... because i cant n wont make it without your love carrying me through the rest of my days till we are together again till then take good care of our baby girl and give her the biggest kiss from me . my only comfort is that i know how happy you must be right now to be with your best friends/ your nan & pop and with our baby girl .

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