"God Knows I'll See You, See You on the Other Side"
  • 42 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1971 .
  • Passed away on April 1, 2014 .

Ricky was born on June 10, 1971 and left us on April 1, 2014.

He is survived by His Wife ~ Crista Polich,

His Children ~ Jared 12, Jade 11, Jeremiah 4, Damon 19 & Lucas 5.

His Parents ~ Mick and Donna Jackson and Charles Polich

His Siblings ~ Kim Rayer, CJ Polich, and his twin Don Polich.

As well as many Nieces and Nephews.

Posted by Jared Polich on 19th October 2018
It has been 4 years so much has changed i am in my last year of school there has been so many things I have missed out on doing with you so many stories and jokes I miss you dad but I know you are in a better place love you dad.
Posted by Sharon Gass on 2nd April 2018
It has been four years and I can remember your passing like it was yesterday. April Fools Day will never be a day of laughter and joking. It hurts too bad.... no laughter on this day. This year has been one of mixed emotions with the anniversary of your passing being on Easter. I'm hoping that this is a blessing showing us you are Home... pain free, happy and waiting for us to join you. I love you, Son, (from another mother). You are always in my mind and heart. K-Mom
Posted by Jeanna Theander on 10th June 2017
Although we drifted apart over the years from teens to adulthood you will forever be my brother, and stay close to my heart You are missed and I think of you often
Posted by Heidi Powers on 3rd April 2017
I will be forever grateful for the life you shared with Crista. I sincerely hope you have found your peace, you are looking down with a smile, and you are proud of what you see. I didn't know you nearly well enough.... I look forward to seeing you again in our next life. Blessed be, Ricky. We haven't forgotten.
Posted by Crista Polich on 10th June 2015
Happy Birthday, My Love I miss you more than words can say~ My life will never be the same........
Posted by Genia Oja on 10th June 2015
You were to young to leave us. Today would only be 44. We all miss and love you. Angel watching over your family, your not done yet. Wishing you were here to party with us on your birthday.
Posted by Genia Oja on 2nd April 2015
Can't believe it's been a year since you left us. Miss that great smile and big hugs. You are missed by so many. Every time I see a rose I stop to smell it and think of you. Miss you always.
Posted by Toni Salgado on 1st April 2015
Thinking of you. I miss you, and your laugh. Your wife, your kids, your family, Ducky- it's been a hard year for them. But I think they take comfort in knowing you're watching over. Forever in my heart Dicky, it's where you'll be. <3 Love you
Posted by Crista Polich on 1st April 2015
I miss you every day, my love. I will NEVER forget you, or our love. It's been 1 year.........it seems like just yesterday and also an eternity ago that you left us. You have my heart forever.
Posted by Kullen Busch on 10th June 2014
happy b-day brother relly hope that you are pain-free now miss ya
Posted by Crista Polich on 10th June 2014
Happy Birthday, Baby.............May you have a beautiful day wherever you might be. I miss you so much! I will love you for all eternity...........
Posted by Crista Polich on 23rd April 2014
I love you more than words can ever say.....I miss you so much, baby. I don't know what to do without you......my heart is absolutely broken that you are gone..........
Posted by John Ebeler on 20th April 2014
Rick i thank you for being a great stepfather to my son Lucas and being a caring husband to Crista ,you may be gone from this earth but you will never be forgotten by so many lives you have touched here ,i know some of our talks were not that best at first ,but you being a father yourself i sure you understood ,father to father ,and we grew into a friendship that was one that i will miss ,check-in from time to time with everyone i know the man above let you and espically Crista right now she could use it espically right now i am sure the man above will make a very special exception for that she needs it right now ,godspeed my friend ,
Posted by Jeanna Theander on 12th April 2014
Even though we grew miles apart over the years, all of the memories are within inches. You brought so much to my life, your brothers and sister will always be with me. Childhood lives forever, even when your all grown up. I love you Richard. You have always and will continue to be apart of my life.
Posted by Heidi Powers on 12th April 2014
You married my sister. I only met you once, but was immediately struck by your warmth and infectious personality. They love you have is obvious, and timeless, and will forever live on in the lives you have touched. You will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, friend.
Posted by Genia Oja on 10th April 2014
The smile and hugs will never be forgotten. Your love for Crista was glowing whenever you were togeather.You will be missed by so many. So hard to believe you are no longer with us. Look over you family as their angel up above.
Posted by Sharon Gass on 10th April 2014
Ricky, I miss you so much. We just found you again after years apart. Now I cannot believe you are gone again. You were like a son to me. I love you so much. Til we meet again. K-Mom
Posted by Kim Rayer on 10th April 2014
Ricky, Today is National Siblings day! I miss you so much, love you!
Posted by Jeanne Hansen on 10th April 2014
I remember Ricky mostly as a child who we saw on holidays and picnics. The last time I saw him was at Terri's wedding. Such a nice young man. I have thought of him often since his death and also felt so much hurt for the family he left behind, Donna, Terry, John, Don, and Charley and Chuck. There is family also that I don't know; his loving children. I loved that picture of newborn Jared and him. Also loved pictures of him down on the floor playing with his kids. I can't imagine how his lovely wife Christa feels. I have prayed for you all often and will keep you all in my heart. With love, Aunt Jeanne
Posted by Terri Kuehn on 9th April 2014
Still can't believe you left us, dear nephew. Our family is forever changed and you will be forever missed. Love you always. Aunt Terri and Uncle Rick
Posted by Kullen Busch on 9th April 2014
I love and miss you my brother - i'll never be the same

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