Let the memory of Richard be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on January 21, 1988 in Naples, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on September 6, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard Higgins 26 years old , born on January 21, 1988 and passed away on September 6, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Robert Higgins on January 21, 2019
Happy Heavenly Birthday Richard. You would have turned 31 today. Really just starting to live your life. All of us still struggling to overcome the sadness of that day you left us to live your eternity in Heaven. We are coming together today to celebrate your birthday at your resting place. A moment in time as One Family. What I would give to have back the time with you, to have a second chance at being the father you needed me to be. To get you through those days of doubt, those days of questioning. I Failed you as a Father and I will live with that until the last day of my life. My only hope is that Our Father will allow me to join you that I can wrap my arms around you and hold you tight once again. I Will,”Love You Always”
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 6, 2018
Hello Rich, Sorry I can’t be there today to spend some time with you. It’s that day again, four years after our world fell apart. I know the family will have a tough day today, especially your mom so watch over her and let her know your there. The rest of us will deal with it, each of us in our own way, our own specific memories of the day(s) that led up to this day. Each of us questioning the same things over and over again. I wish I would have been stronger for you then. Fighting for you as hard as you were fighting for life. I will always believe it could have ended different if given the time. I know your fine, and you have CHARLIE there and more family that you didn’t have time to get to know. Now you have an eternity. “Love you Always” until the End of Time
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 3, 2018
I am here Richard just a few days from your 4th year anniversary. I have to fly to Long Beach, CA tomorrow and will miss visiting you on the day you went to heaven. It is not easy to be in the day, the saddest day when you loose someone you love so much. There are no words to say that haven’t already been said. We miss you, I miss you. I will always live you until the end of time. Watch over us as it hasn’t been an easy year and we all have our struggles. “Love you Always” Richard, My Son “Gone to Soon”
Posted by Robert Higgins on July 29, 2018
sitting hear with you, I am trying to write to you but have run out of words to express what I am feeling that I haven’t already told you. Every emotion, every feeling I have expressed comes from a broken heart
Posted by Sandra Harner on May 27, 2018
...And one day, everything changed...my whole world upside down, my heart broken in pieces on the ground...my precious boy was taken from me...so suddenly and so tragically...just one day. 09/16/14 - The worst day of my life. I miss you so where has the time gone since you left us. It seems like only yesterday, but the calendar I turn over puts a measurable distance between the day you left and the current day, but my heart tells me it's only been an instant. Those around me think that I have healed and moved on but they can't see a broken heart nor the tears I share in private. I will always hold you in my heart... I miss you so much my sweet boy. Love you always, mom xoxo
Posted by Robert Higgins on May 27, 2018
Hello Richard Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know you were in my thoughts. It seems that the world isn't getting any better. The world is fighting more and loving less. We brought Charlie home to be with us. Katerina was somewhat disappointed as she wanted to bury him with you so you would have someone to play with. I explained that by now you had found each other in Heaven and were having a lot of fun together. Charlie Browne, My friend recently passed away as well. He was an amazing person, but was fighting a battle for the second time and I think was tired of the battle. He is there in Heaven now, all the pain is gone. It doesn't get any easier as time goes on with your leaving to go to heaven. To some degree as more of friends and family leave the physical world to come to Heaven, it continues to overwhelm us more. All the things you missed and never had the chance to experience. You were an Amazing Son. I only wish that we would have had more time. "Love you Always" One day we will be together again, I know that but until then, I am a Father who lost a Son, at the age of 26. to soon, and everyday I am reminded and see it.
Posted by Robert Higgins on April 14, 2018
Hello Rich, By now you have probably discovered that Charlie passed away last night to join you in heaven. I am sure his nose picked up you scent and he searched all night until he found you. That’s what Charlie was good at. Take care of each other and enjoy eternity. We will truly miss him as we do you. He was family. “Love you Always” Dad
Posted by Robert Higgins on March 11, 2018
Hello Richard, today is your grandmother's birthday. She would have been 81 years young. If you get a chance and find her, give her a big hug from me. It is still not easy not having you with us in your physical form. Your smile, laughter, and comedy kept us all in a better place. I know you can see all that is going on and if you can reach out and help those that are struggling a little and let them know you are fine and that they need to not forget you, but they need to move past the moment. i will never forget a single day , a single moment of the 26 years we were privileged to have you in our lives. "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on January 21, 2018
Happy 30th Birthday
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 6, 2017
"Gone to Soon" It is what best describes that day three years ago today. None of us had any idea that we were looking at you in your final days here on earth. So many people were praying for you. We stayed by your bedside days on end. I look back on these days and run it through my mind over and over. I prayed, I pleaded, I got down on my knees and offered my life for yours, in the end we lost you under circumstances out of our control. We will always question that day and the actions that took place but you are gone and there is know way to change that day. Rest In Peace my Son and I will keep you in my heart ❤️ until the day I see you again. I will "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on July 7, 2017
Hello Rich. Another 6th of the month, two years ten months. You know there will never be a time that you won't be in our hearts. It's still never easy to have you gone. I watched "The Bodyguard" tonight and when Whitney Houston started singing it reminded of the song that I have played in the background. "Gone to Soon" I smiled :) Of course, you know that Madelyn is 3 months old today as well and she is such a joy! Thank you, I truly believe she was born on this day as a gift from you with a little help from Jesus. I stop by as often as I can. Your still clearly in my mind and my heart! I will "Always Love You"
Posted by Robert Higgins on May 8, 2017
Just stopped in to add a few pictures I found of you. I had a dream the other night and you were in it and you came alive so much you jolted me out of the dream, and then I was mad that you went away. I wanted so much to talk to you. It was so very real!! Time goes on, but you are never out of my heart. We all miss you, you know that. See you when I get there.."Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on March 7, 2017
Hello Richard It is the day after and 30 months later, I am downstairs in the Man cave that gives me quiet time to reflect on my life and all those that have influenced it. I said hello to a friend that I lost 4 years ago today, you never met him but I told him to look you up. There are no words to give me comfort or to stop the pain I feel every time a memory comes back. I go back to your Facebook page and look at the last message you sent me and never realized that it would be the Last. Never to see your smile again, to wrap my arms around you, to hold you tight to protect you against everything!! We tried everything to give your life back to you. We said prayers, we had hundreds of people praying for you. I offered My Life that you might Live. That Saturday, A Doctor came in and flashed his credentials, and before we knew it, You were gone. I remember that Day as if it was yesterday! What, could I have done? What could I have changed? Anything is what I offered, but no matter what I was willing to give up it seemed it was out of reach. I Love you with All of My Heart and will "Love you Always" I will do All that I can to be worthy on that Day, that God calls me, to those Heavenly Gates, that I might pass through them to see you one more time for eternity. To Hold you and to be with you again. Until then my Son, "Gone too Soon"
Posted by Robert Higgins on January 21, 2017
Happy 29th Birthday Richard! Even though you celebrate it in Heaven it still gives me the same feeling the very first day I saw your smile, your face. Gone to Soon is the song playing in the background but as we all know God's timing is perfect. There is a lot going on in the family as I am sure you have been watching. Today will be a tough day for some of us as no matter, We all miss your physical presence here on Mother earth. Celebrate your Special Day in Heaven with everyone of the family members that are already there and have great Joy in your heart. "Love you Always" I Miss you a lot and only survive each day knowing that I will be with you again, One day, In God's perfect timing.
Posted by Jenn Higgins on January 21, 2017
Hey Rich! Just wanting to wish you a happy birthday in heaven! You are thought of and missed each day! I take comfort in knowing your with us as a guardian angel! We talk, I feel you here! We notice the funny stuff that you still make happen! We miss you but can only imagine the freedom and joy of being in heaven! Enjoy your special day up there! Love you! Steven, Jenn, ally, sisi, and bubs!
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 13, 2016
Two Years ago today we laid you in your final resting place. I can remember it as if it was yesterday. No Parent has in their mind the view of what we had that day. The funeral was beautiful, they say. The flowers were incredible, for a funeral that day. All our family and friends were there that day, for a funeral. Our family had been brought together on many days where we were attending someone's funeral, but not someone so young. My Mother went fairly young at the age of 62. That is a young age for any parent to go. But there you were! At 26, your earthly life had come to an end. We all new you were in heaven, a friend of mine had snuck in that Saturday morning of the 13th day of September and spoke with God and made sure that He knew that you were a true believer. I will always remember him for this! I remember when everyone had left the room kissing you one last time and pulling the blanket up as if you might catch cold. I didn't watch as they closed your casket. I couldn't bear to see it happen. It was a solemn drive to the cemetery. Most everyone was there. I remember the rain was coming down slightly and I could see that we had filled the heavens with Our tears to the point it could hold no more, so it had to let a little fall back to earth, but ever so gently. It was a beautiful place that day, for a funeral. I knew we had found the right spot. It would be awhile before the final days of everything about your resting place would come together, but it was The place that we would come to visit every chance we had, to cry our tears, and talk to you about all the things we didn't get a chance to do when you were with us. As I sit here, not able to sleep on this day, 5000 miles away, I can see you where you lay as if you were right there in front of me. There are tears that fall, there is some remorse as all of us have, But there is "Love" God's Love❤️ You are with Him, that I know and that brings so comfort in knowing that because of that, We will see you again my Son of 26 years. That will be a glorious day that We will share and celebrate for an eternity. "Love you Always" Richard Higgins
Posted by Robert Higgins on July 10, 2016
Good Morning Rich I don't know how any parent copes with the loss of a son, or a daughter. I have read many ways that are suggested to be helpful, but I have yet to find one that works. Visiting you is both comforting and also brings back memories but is also a reminder that you are gone and there will be no new memories. I can still here your voice, your laughter, and know that your last words to me were of the enormous love you wanted me to know you had for me. One day, if I had been home, could have changed everything. I would have been able to reach out and hold you tight and changed your destiny. I have tried to convey to every parent the importance of family and staying in touch with each member as often as we can. My only hope is that when my time comes, I will be allowed to enter Heavens Gate and share an eternity with you. I Love you Rich and I will "Love you Always" ❤️
Posted by Sandra Harner on July 10, 2016
Hi my sweet, sweet boy. 22 months and 4 days - it doesn't get any easier. The pain is so intense and nothing can fill the void or take the pain away. No parent should ever have to go to a cemetery to visit their child. I miss your beautiful blue eyes, your quirky grin, your hugs and how you could always make me laugh. I Love You so, so much, no one who hasn't lost a child can know the gut retching pain, and wondering what could have been done to change the out come. I just thank God that he allowed me to be your mother, it was truly a blessing. I will see you again in Heaven. Rest peacefully my sweet, boy. Love You Always, Mom xoxo
Posted by Jodie Higgins on May 9, 2016
To my Beautiful Cousin Richard, although I never got the privilege to know you in Life, you are in my heart and I will Love you in Spirit Forever. I know you are watching over your amazing family. Love to you sweet Angel. Xoxo
Posted by Robert Higgins on May 8, 2016
Hello Richard Time is flying bye. Everyday I still miss you not being here to talk to, hang out, go to dinner. The loss of a son is without question the most pain that any father can feel. I visit you as often as I can and we talk about things that are going on but you know all that already. I look at your pictures and the few letters that I have and wonder how after 26 years I have so little to look back on. I hope your doing well. It's Mother's day tomorrow so you might want to check in on your Mom, she is having a real hard time. I will "Love you Always" my Son of 26 years.
Posted by Robert Higgins on January 21, 2016
Happy Birthday Rich It is the 21st day of January, A day that for 26 years we celebrated the day of your birth. This year is the second of many we will celebrate your eternal day of birth into the Kingdom of Heaven. Truly a day of celebration if not for our humanity that will not allow us to forget what it was like to be with you in the physical world. Your smile, your humor, the love you had for everyone. There will be many other first of days in this new year of 2016, but none as difficult as this day. We will do our best to be those warriors of Gods faith but forgive us if for this one day, the 21st day of January, we give into our humanity and recognize what we have truly lost. "Love you Always" Rich until the day we meet in Heaven and I can hold you in my arms for eternity.
Posted by Robert Higgins on January 5, 2016
Tomorrow is the 6th of another month that you have been gone. We made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Not without an incredible amount of reflection and looking at all the pictures of you we have shared. Once in awhile someone finds a new one that has been lost and you would think we were a kid in the candy store. It is very hard to look at your pictures and see you, knowing that it is all we have of you. I can't ever imagine being capable of not breaking down, crying a river of tears, and asking Why? I will "Love you Always" I pray and hope that one day I will see you again, and then, for an eternity we can be together. Dad
Posted by Sandra Harner on January 5, 2016
My sweet, sweet boy. Tomorrow will be 16 months since the last time, i could touch you, kiss your sweet face, pray to God to let you stay! Time does not heal the hurt, not a day goes by that I don't cry for you. But, there are some days that I think back on some good memories and I can smile through my tears. I promised you in those dark hours, that if you had to go to Heaven, I would be OK. I'm trying baby, but it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, except watching you die. I know you are in Heaven and one day I'll be there with you and I want one of your smiles and one of your wonderful hugs. Miss you, Love you always, Mom xo
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 6, 2015
Good Morning Richard Today is that Day! One year ago an Angel came and escorted you to Heaven. It was a great day for you as you no longer suffered, it was a very sad day for us as the fight was over to keep you here with us. Gods Will Be Done.and as I prayed I asked for the strength to accept His will. We are all coming to see you today and will join in Prayer to Celebrate your first Heavenly Birthday. We still have questions, we still have a difficult time accepting that you are gone! All that we can do is to keep your memories in our hearts and know that we will see you again. I Will " Love you Always" ❤️
Posted by Robert Higgins on July 31, 2015
Good Morning Richard I was thinking about the time it's been and how we are coming closer to that one year anniversary since you went to heaven. I know it's going to be a big challenge for you know who so I wanted to give you a heads up and maybe you could start working on her now to soften the blow a little the rest of us will feel it to because we still feel the pain and the realization that your never coming home BUT, You are Home, your in Heaven of this I am sure and I wanted you to know that your face, your smile are in my thoughts every day "love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on July 4, 2015
Hello Richard, today is a day that we reflect on and look back and recall all the things that have allowed us to celebrate another Happy 4th of July. A day of recognition of the price that has been paid by so many. As I sit here and reflect, of course my thoughts come back to you and how God Blessed me with an incredible Son to watch over, to have vigilance over your life. To guide you, nurture you until you were ready to take over the role and start your Independence of your life. I looked away and lost track for a time. A time that was when you needed me to be most vigilant. I Thank you God for taking Richard back under your protection. It is very hard to say this and some might even criticize it but I never question your judgement even if I might not understand. He has returned to his happy soul, his smile infecting everyone that see's him and bringing laughter to every moment. In a few days, it will be 10 months of your passing and soon one year. I pray that God will forgive me for my failure and that you will have another chance at life one day, to know the Joy of finding a True soulmate, raising a family, sharing in what it's like to have grand children, and growing old with that one special person and then reuniting with us in Heaven after you have lived a full life and we will share eternity together. I will "Love you Always" in my heart & thoughts daily for the Eterinty that God has promised.
Posted by Sandra Harner on February 28, 2015
Hi Buddy. Well another day without you, who ever said it would get easier, lied. It broke my heart more to have to come celebrate your birthday at a cemetery. We will be coming to see you in a little while. I love and miss you so much my precious boy. Love you Always, mom xoxo
Posted by Robert Higgins on February 4, 2015
Hello Rich! We celebrated your birthday on the 21st. It was good that we had everyone there and we had cupcakes with candles, we sang Happy Birthday, and yes we cried!! We all miss you so much and even though we are all in agreement you are in a better place and happy, not being able to reach out and touch you, hold you, it hasn't gotten any better. I posted some of the birthday pictures for everyone. I also found a picture I took of you and Ryan, I think the last picture so I wanted to post that as well. Yes, we are all still struggling with this but we all agree on one thing! We will "Love you Always"
Posted by Jenn Higgins on January 21, 2015
Today my Richie Rich, I light a candle for you in honor of your birthday! You may be gone from our earth but never forgotten. Missa flew all the way here just so we could all be together again as we wished you a happy birthday in Heaven! At times this whole this still feels like a bad nightmare that I can't wake up from. I just pray your playing and laughing in Heaven having the best birthday ever! Love you and miss ya buddy! Xo love you always!
Posted by Robert Higgins on December 26, 2014
Hello Rich, Christmas is over and it hurt every bit & more than I thought it would. I know you are ok, I know you are looking over us, I just can't adjust to not seeing you physically. Not going to dinner, not seeing you on the weekends, just plain not seeing you at all. I do look to heaven and see you there smiling down and watching over us, but it's not the same. There will never be a time that this feeling can ever get better because until my time comes, I will miss you every single day until, God willing, I meet you in Heaven! Keep smiling, "Love you Always"
Posted by Sandra Harner on December 15, 2014
My sweet, sweet baby boy. Christmas is just around the corner and I remember you always opening up your present's with a comforter wrapped around you. I am going to put one out in front of the tree on Christmas Eve. Oh, Buddy, I miss you so much, my heart aches all the time. Nothing is the same. I need one of your hugs, and smiles. It's been a little over three months since you left us and it hasn't gotten any easier. This Christmas we are going to be missing our sweet, funny boy. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!! xoxoxo
Posted by Jenn Higgins on December 10, 2014
Just wanted to say miss ya buddy! I love this time of year the Christmas season, the lights, all of the joy and singing, the decorations. It's all so beautiful, the kids and all of the fun activities and it's all great but then there is always this piece missing. Then I think of Christmas Day and you won't be with us for the first time, it just seems not possible, not real! I hope your 1st Christmas in Heaven is more wonderful and joyous than anything here on earth could even imagine! Love you always my Richie Rich! Xo
Posted by Robert Higgins on December 9, 2014
"Gone to Soon" is an under statement! As I look back over the years of photographs that we have been sharing I am smiling because it brings back a lot of good memories about what a great Son you were! Truly amazing!! I know there is nothing I can do or offer to have you back so I am going to, as Melissa has said, say Thank You for giving me 26 Wonderful years of allowing me the privilege of being your Dad. I will "Love you Always"
Posted by Jenn Higgins on November 10, 2014
Hey Richie, visited you yesterday! Let me tell ya buddy I still can't stand there and not cry, I cry because I miss you and I think about what all could have been here on earth for you! You are loved still even though you not here on earth and it does not get easier, at least not now. Ryan was over and was running around the living room playing with the kids it was so nice to see him smile, laugh and play with them. It also brought back memories of when you used to play with Ally like that. So in closing we love you and miss you tons! Love you always and I pray your in heaven playing with nothing but sunshine, joy and peace every single minute!
Posted by Robert Higgins on November 10, 2014
Katerina and I visited you Sunday as always and brought you a present. It is a bird feeder which we hope will bring you many playmates for you to enjoy and maybe a little music. It is as Steven said, there is a part of me that is missing and I have no way of ever filling it. The thought of not seeing you in the physical presence is overwhelming. As a parent, it is written that no child shall go before us! I can look back and judge so many of the things in my life that I could/would change if it would change what has happened. I don't know what the time is that you might be reborn, maybe you already have and you have started a new life already. I hope it is a better one. I pray that it is a longer one. "Love you Always" Rich
Posted by Steven Higgins on November 5, 2014
Its been two months since you left us, and I can't say that it has gotten any easier. Its like a piece of us was ripped away and left a whole that can never be filled again. I miss you tremendously and wish I could just pinch myself and wake up from this horrible nightmare. Though the tears may come less often as time goes by, rest assured that the memories we have will never fade. Rest in peace little brother. Untill we meet again in heaven.
Posted by Robert Higgins on October 8, 2014
Hello Rich, So Monday was one month since you left us! I can't say it was easy but we made it through. I was so happy to find in a old briefcase a ton of pictures of you and everyone else. I will add them here over the next few days for you to see. I went on your Facebook and acknowledged that I was your Dad. You have been pending as my son for quite some time and I didn't want to leave it that way. I hope you are having a great time. Tomorrow is Katerina's birthday, she'll be 7 so don't forget to give her a kiss. I miss you! Love you Always Dad
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 21, 2014
Good Morning Richard. Katerina and I visited your resting place this morning. She loves coming to see you because of all the trees surrounding you and the deer family that seems to be always watching over you and welcoming us when we come. I am so happy that we found such a beautiful place for you and as each of our terms come to be with you we have plenty of room to share, I made sure of that. It has been two weeks since we laid you to rest and it has certainly had its ups and downs, but I know that you will be waiting for us and looking down on us with those blue eyes and incredible smile. I miss you so much and i know one day the pain will go away and I will be able to celebrate your eternal life in heaven. Just know it is going to take some time as I wasn't even close to wanting to let go. "Love you Always" Dad
Posted by Frank Garofalo on September 19, 2014
Dear Bob: I am so sorry for you and your family. The loss of a child, no matter what age, is beyond the "natural order of life". We expect our children to outlive us, but God may have other plans. He will heal your grief over time, your good memories will keep your son alive in your heart and make you smile. May God bless you.
Posted by Sandra Harner on September 18, 2014
My sweet baby boy. This seems like a very BAD dream. You were such a special person. I loved your beautiful blue eyes, I loved the way you could make people laugh and how you didn't lose your sense of humor even during your lowest times, but most of all I will miss talking to you, and you giving me one of your special hugs. I love you and miss you so much. Always love you for ever and ever, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Edward Aleo on September 12, 2014
My deepest sympathies with the family and friends of Richard Higgins. Gone way too soon..but he's in peaceful heaven now....
Posted by Karen Sineri on September 12, 2014
Richard, you are loved deeply by your family and friends and will be greatly missed. Even though the miles were between us over the years, you have always been in my heart. You left a big impact on many peoples lives and showed us what love looks like! My prayers for your grieving parents, brothers, sisters, extended family and close friends. Love you always, Aunt Karen
Posted by Robert Higgins on September 9, 2014
" Love you Always" Rich There is not a minute that goes by you are not in my thoughts. I know I will survive these days but at the moment I miss you so much it almost doesn't matter. I have spent the last few days trying to figure how this happened. I am not sure the answer will ever come. We will celebrate your life on Saturday when we lay you to your final resting place but rest assured we are all going to be there with you when it comes our time. "Love you Always" Dad
Posted by Cynthia Frank on September 9, 2014
Dear Higgins family, What a beautiful young man Richard was. I was closest to Ryan as he was my baby brothers best friend. Ryan was at our house constantly and not to far behind would be the cutest blonde haired blue eyed miniature Ryan. I am deeply saddened for the Higgins family. My family loved Ryan so much and feel so sorry for his grief and Mr. and Mrs. Higgins overwhelming sense of sadness. May you find some comfort in one another through love and memories. Talk to Richard every day and keep his memory close to you. Love to you all!!! Cindy Bond
Posted by Jean Moore on September 8, 2014
Well be missed by family and friends . Remember you asking a lot of questions when you were little :) Love you Richard , now is your chance to shine high on your star , be our guardian angel from above .

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