Cards and Camping

Shared by Sylvia Maier on May 9, 2016

When we were kids in high school.  Your parents would take us to the White Mountains to camp for a week during the summer.  They would let me tag along too.  It was always so much fun.  All of us would play cards in the evening and you  would eat Oreo Cookies.  You would do some silly thing that would make us all laugh so hard we would cry. 
I also remember the time we went to the Cat Stevens concert.  The time I crocheted you this hideous sweater for Christmas.  The sleeves were about a foot too long.  But you were so gracious about it and hugged me and smiled.  It was wonderful.  I am sure there were many more memories and stories a lifetime really.  You were the best brother in law a girl could have.  You have been one of my favorite people in my life.  Big Hugs to you forever.  Keep smiling and laughing.

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