Let the memory of Richard be with us forever
  • Passed away in La Jolla, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard Walls . We will remember him forever.
Posted by G L on 13th September 2014
Remembering dear and wonderful Dr. Walls on the anniversary of his passing. We miss him each and every time we take the kids to the Girard office. So thankful to have had him as our pediatrician for all those years ...
Posted by Joyce Buehrer on 15th March 2014
I just found out about Dr. Walls, I worked for him about 20 years ago. He was the most caring doctor I have known. I of course, chose him to be my pediatrician for my 4 children. I will never forget his kindness and how good he was with all his patients and parents. He will be very missed.
Posted by S Shah on 10th November 2013
We are very sad to learn about Dr. Walls passing away. Our sincere condolences to his family. Dr. Walls was a great pediatrician and amazing human being. We were blessed to have my children under his care, one since his birth. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Karen Laib on 1st November 2013
I was crushed when I heard the news (still am). Dr. Walls was our first and only pediatrician. Such a wonderful doctor and person. I was about to cry one time in his office with my first baby. We had latching issues that took weeks to resolve. I was distressed and exhausted. Dr. Walls reassured me and made me feel/know it was all going to be ok. I felt so much love for him in that moment.
Posted by J N on 28th October 2013
There are not words. You touched our lives with amazing grace and blessed all who came to know you. You shall be forever and deeply missed... Godspeed, Dr. Walls. Jennifer and London
Posted by Claudia Shaw on 17th October 2013
My heart was broken this morning when I heard that Dr Walls had passed. My sincere condolences to his family. R.I.P Dr Walls , you will be forever in our prayers and thoughts!
Posted by Susan Turner on 10th October 2013
We met you 29 years ago Sally Lou just loved you. You were there for Sean too and then Sallys son Mikey. I always felt like my friend tipped me off to the best doc for kids ever and felt lucky to have you Why God took you so soon? I dont know but the twinkle in your eye will remain with me forever I felt like it was one of my really right decisions choosing you for pediatrician!Thanx!
Posted by Oxana Kazarina on 10th October 2013
Dr. Walls was my daughter's pediatrician. He was an amazing person, very supportive and kind. We will always miss you.
Posted by Alexander Gershunov on 9th October 2013
In less than a year of regular visits with our baby Anton, we've come to look forward to seeing Dr Walls, to hear his "hey bud", and gentle, competent words of experience, caring, spirited, wise, reassuring to us new parents and to a brand new human. We had our one year visit today and we miss him greatly. In a short few visits, Dr Walls made an indelible impact. We are forever grateful
Posted by Tina Tryhuk on 27th September 2013
i worked for you Dr. Walls about 17 years ago, i pretty much have doing pediatrics ever since i left your office, and i still tell everyone you are the nicest doctor i have ever worked for, i was very saddened to hear of your passing, you will be missed by so many people who loved you very much.
Posted by April Barker on 26th September 2013
It's still hard to believe. We will miss Dr. Walls so much. He took such great care of my boys. He would tell me stories of when his boys were little, and give me advice about raising boys. He greeted my boys with "hey champ!" or "hey squirt!" They loved "the doctor with the white hair." :) I hope his family finds comfort knowing how much he meant to the community.
Posted by Paula Rosas on 26th September 2013
Dr. Walls: Todo nuestro amor.... We miss you profoundly and send all of our love. Micaela, Silvana, Dino, and Paula....
Posted by Alyssa Ehrlich on 25th September 2013
Dr.Walls, I just saw you the day before you passed with both of my children. There was a mixup with our appointment and we were well into your lunch hour. You took us in anyway with your bright smile. After our appointment, I saw you walking down the street with a big smile on your face. I remember thinking, Wow, what a nice sweet man, and look how happy it is. We miss you,
Posted by Candace Chan on 23rd September 2013
Dr.Walls was a thorough, intelligent, and remarkable pediatrician. No visit was too many. He gave good medical advice, and he was a source of valuable information and taught me so much about pediatrics for my children. My family loved him and we will miss him. We are blessed to have known him and he will be in our prayers. Thank you, Dr.Wall. The Yachanins
Posted by Zohreh Perkins on 23rd September 2013
“Oh, heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.” you will be missed greatly, but never forgotten!
Posted by Judy Petro on 23rd September 2013
I can remember when Dr. Walls joined Dr. Penario's practice 31 years ago. After his retirement he cared for our 3 daughters, and then our grandsons. I also had the privilege our working with him at Scripps Hospital nursery. He was so kind and reassuring to the new parents. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. Our deepest sympathy to your family.
Posted by Helena Janeiro on 23rd September 2013
Dr. Walls will be forever in our lives through all the amazing words he always had for us. My 3 kids Milla, Matthew and Giselle couldn't wait to see him! My daughter is 11 and saw him 2 weeks ago to hear the comforting words that were only growing pains. God took one of his Angels from us and He was waiting with open arms!
Posted by Kristi Derry-Durnal on 22nd September 2013
Dr.walls was a great doctor and a kind man.. He has been my children's doctor since they were born and now my grand children's.he will be missed .. Our heart and prayers go out to his friends and family. God bless!
Posted by Amy Horne on 22nd September 2013
Dr. Walls was my pediatrician 30 years ago...I will always remember his kindness and his smile. My heart goes out to his family, he will be missed greatly!
Posted by Veronica Saltiel on 21st September 2013
Thank you Dr. Walls for taking such good care of my three children Josh, Samantha and Tali and my grand child Ariella! We will miss you. You were always there for us. We all love you very much and will remember you forever.
Posted by Dee Khoury on 21st September 2013
Dr. Walls will be sadly missed but never forgotten. He was my daughters doctor since birth, he would always make time to see her if she was sick and he always had kind words to say to both of us. As a new Mom I had alot of questions he took the time to answer them all, and he always assured me I was doing a great job. My condolences to his entire family.
Posted by Corinne Lynch on 21st September 2013
Our family loved Dr. Walls. His comforting presence was such a blessing over the years. I remember the day my son was born and his visit at my bedside. In the years that followed, his calmness reassured me many, many times. I loved how he called me "Mom" and had his special brand of wisdom to share. I will miss him terribly. A great man.
Posted by Tiffany Balkenbush on 20th September 2013
Hearing this news saddens me deeply. Dr Walls was an amazing pediatrician to not only myself but to my kids. He always made me feel confident with my job as a mother and my kids were always excited to see him. He made an impact of our lives and my family will always remember what an amazing person he was. He will be dearly missed.
Posted by Stephanie Morales Brower on 20th September 2013
As a mother of two of Dr. Walls patients, I always left his office with more wisdom and comfort than when I entered. When my daughter Alexandra was 13 and my son David 4, my husband passed away. Dr. Walls wrote the most beautiful letter to our family that we still cherish. May all who love him be as comforted as he left us.
Posted by Holly Lyons on 20th September 2013
Dr. Walls was an incredible physician and mentor to the kids he treated (including our son) and his passing will leave a lasting hole in our community. He was a ray of sunshine no matter the reason for our visit to his office - a kind, compassionate, giving professional. He will be missed by all who knew him. Our hearts go out to his family, staff and friends.
Posted by Ele Elenor on 20th September 2013
Dr. Walls, you were such an amazing doctor and person ! You were like a Guardian Angel for us and our kids. You brought huge comfort in bad times and you were happy with us in good times. You were such an important part of our lives. We will deeply miss you. May you rest in peace and may your family be comforted the way you comforted us along the years.
Posted by Jen Villagrana on 20th September 2013
Dr. Walls was the most kind and caring doctor I've ever met. He loved what he did and and it showed. Always reassuring a worried mom, dad or child. All three of my boys (who are now almost grown) had the privilege of having Dr Walls in their lives. What a beautiful human being, he will be forever in our hearts. With deepest, heartfelt condolences to his family and staff.
Posted by Billy Garton on 20th September 2013
Our family are Devastated by the sudden loss of Richard . A friend and a truly remarkable doctor . We travelled over an hour to take our children to see him , it was worth the journey every time, as he was blessed with a special gift that very few possess. Kindness, calmness, patience and love and a voice that was as soothing as any medication could be .We'll miss you Richard God Bless
Posted by Margaret Ramirez on 20th September 2013
My heart is breaking over the loss of Dr. Walls. My three children just adored him just as much as my husband and I. He truly was an amazing man and an incredible doctor, who treated his patients as if they were his own. My sincerest condolences to his wife, children and entire family. Please take comfort in knowing that he was loved by many and will be forever missed.
Posted by Cathy Cirina-Chiu on 20th September 2013
I can still see Dr. Walls standing in my recovery room after my son was delivered---coffee cup in hand, saying "I think its a keeper." I had no family in town when Casey was a baby, but every time I took Casey in, Dr. Walls would say 'Keep up the good work, mom" and that helped me so much. He was such a kind, gentle, bright spirit in our lives and we will miss him.
Posted by Haydeh Saadatyazdi on 20th September 2013
My heart goes out to Dr.Walls' family and friends. He was my children's doctor since they were born and now one a senior in college and the other one a senior at LJ high. What a great doctor, man and such a respectful and knowledgeable human being. And what a loss for all of us as parents and patients. Our family will miss him, one of the best doctors we had the honor to meet, dearly...
Posted by Antoinette Massaro on 19th September 2013
Dr. Walls was an exceptional human being and great doctor. He was my son's pediatrician since birth and over the past 13 years. He was always patient and kind. He graciously shared his wealth of knowledge and was reassuring every step of the way. He had a wonderful smile and sincere genuine care for his patients. You will be truly missed! Our sincere condolences to his family.
Posted by Deanna Nino on 19th September 2013
Dr. Walls was such an amazing person and pediatrician. My heart broke upon hearing the news of his passing. He was such a wonderful doctor to my two little children who will miss him dearly. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Dr. Walls, you will be missed and remembered forever. You have made such an impact on so many lives.
Posted by Mark Perlmutter on 19th September 2013
We have been blessed to have him as a doctor for our daughter for 13 years! We are truly saddened to have found out tonight....and he will always be in our memory!
Posted by Kat Jennings on 19th September 2013
My son Skye Neuharth was his last appointment as he stayed again for one last child to help last Friday evening as he would do for so many years. Dr Walls has been helping my son for 20 years. He was also the doctor to my twins Forrest and Hunter. What a wonderful man who did so much for so many. Our hearts go out to Dr Walls family, an extraordinary loss of an extraordinary man.
Posted by Jacqueline Massaro on 19th September 2013
I sit here in disbelief! How could this be? I brought my son in for an appointment with Dr. Walls this morning, only to learn of this tragic and sad news. Dr.Walls was the pediatrician of my 3 children, since birth and are now 27, 23 and 15. My son is quite upset, remembering conversations they have had previously. He was a mentor to my son, an AMAZING and CARING and LOVING person.
Posted by John Clint on 19th September 2013
Dr. Walls was an amazing pediatrician and exceptional human being. He had a way of making little ones feel at ease with just his presence. He routinely went above and beyond the call of duty. He helped our family through many crisis not all them medical. When I told my children last night they cried. Not often does one man make such an impression on so many. Dr. W you will be missed!
Posted by Carol Montana on 18th September 2013
Richard was one of the "Good Guys", a true gentleman, and an amazing example for his sons!
Posted by Aziz Zakkout on 18th September 2013
I didn't want to believe this was true. What a colossal loss. Such a great man. He was my pediatrician when I was a kid and he became my son's pediatrician when he was born. I just saw him! He was so great to deal with. He just had this special way of conveying information that was highly reassuring. Walking encyclopedia. You'll be truly missed Dr. Walls. My deep condolences to Walls fam.
Posted by Leslie Lorah on 17th September 2013
My heart breaks for the loss of such an amazing doctor thy had such a huge impact on my life. I saw him from an infant till he told me at age 21 I needed to find another doctor. Every time I saw him when I wasn't feeling well. Just the sound of his voice made things seem better. I can still close my eyes and hear his sweet reassuring voice. My heart and thoughts are with all loved him!
Posted by Krystal Giovanetty on 16th September 2013
Dr.Walls was an amazing man, amazing boss and pediatrician. I had the honor to work in his office for 2 years and there was never a time that he wouldn't ask me how my day was going or about my daughter who was a patient of his. Never once turned staff away who needed a second of his time. He always made the staff feel important and we were doing a great job. We'll miss you greatly!

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