Posted by Sandy Penrod on January 19, 2015
It does not seem possible that 3 years have passed since you left us. We think of you daily and miss you. You would be proud of Andrew, he graduated high school and is now in college. He misses you too. Watch over us and I will look into the sky and know you are there. I love you dad.
Posted by melissa pabarue on January 18, 2015
Not a day goes by that I don't miss you so much. I miss our talks and all the advice you use to give me when i needed it most. I hope your looking down on us. I love you!!
Posted by Sandy Penrod on July 7, 2014
Happy Birthday Dad. We miss you. Life without you is just not the same. Andrew and I are moving on now. We still hold you in our hearts and miss you everyday. Andrew graduated, you would be so proud of him. He is wearing glasses now and looks so handsome. You will be with us always. I love you...
Posted by Sandy Penrod on January 18, 2014
Hi Dad, I miss you almost all of the time. You are always in my thoughts. This is the first time since you left that I feel like I can go on without you. I remember everything, all your wonderful stories, watching movies with you, and your invaluable advice. Andrew misses you terribly. You were his anchor, your advice and talks with him are sorely missed. It is a bleak existence without you. I know you look in on us I can smell the cigarette smoke at times. I know it is you and I laugh. We will meet again one day, until then you are always in my heart dad.

P.S. I don't think I was ever your favorite, but you were always mine. I know you loved us all and whether Sheila knows it or not she is my favorite and I know you always looked forward to her visits because she is so Sheila. You always lit up when she was around.
Posted by Sheila Penrod on January 18, 2014
Hi Dad. I hope you still check in on me from time to time. I thought of you yesterday. I was thinking how I should have made it home last Christmas before you died. I was busy with work but that seems trivial now. I should have came I'm sorry I didn't. I miss you. I miss our talks. I miss your sarcastic humor that I know I inherited honesty. I still talk to you when I need your opinion on something.( You know car stuff , your cabbage roll recipe, etc.) I hope you hear me I think you do. I wish we would have had more time together. I hope you are okay where you are and I hope I see you again someday. I love you.
                     Your daughter,

P.S. I know Sandy was your favorite daughter, but I think secretly I was. Lol. Just kidding Sandy, if your reading this. Love you Dad!
Posted by melissa pabarue on January 18, 2013
It has been a year today since you left this world. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or talk to you. I miss you so much and wish I just had one more day with you. I hope you are with my mom and grandma in heaven and together you guys are watching over me cause I still need your guidence even tho your gone. I love you and miss you and always will....
Posted by Sandy Penrod on January 18, 2013
It has been a year dad; there has not been a day that I have not thought of you and missed you. I'd give anything if I could just hug you one more time. Andrew misses you too. I sure hope you will look in on us from time to time. My heart is still broken. I love you dad.
Posted by Sandy Penrod on December 22, 2012
I wish I could express adequately how much I miss our talks together. I miss your hugs and your calm reassurances when I did not know what to do. I miss searching for that special something for you for Christmas, but more than anything, I miss you. I did not want another minute to pass without letting you know how much you are missed this Christmas. Forever in my heart.
Posted by Jeri Thomas on July 9, 2012
Remembering you on this special day, you will be in our hearts forever, you had so much love to give and so many that loved you back. Every day you shared this earth was a special one, now you share your love with the angels up above, love and miss you!
Posted by melissa pabarue on July 9, 2012
Happy Birthday!!!!! I miss you so much and hope you are near me and comfort me in times when I grieve for you! I know god has you with him and I will see you again one day..Love,me
Posted by Sandra Aultman on July 7, 2012
I Just wanted you wish you happy birthday and let you know that you have a beautiful daughter in Sandy. Please continue watching over her and your family. You are missed.
Posted by Jeri Thomas on February 2, 2012
I don't really have the words to convey how much he will be missed! He was larger then life and such a wonderful man. I'll always remember our times together and him and my mom's stories about growing up together, I bet they are hanging out together watching over us now. I'll always hold all of you close in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Luv u cuz and I send my love & deepest sympathies.
Posted by Sandra Aultman on January 23, 2012
I heard so many wonderful tales of Richard from Sandy. I can only look to the seed of him to see what a beautiful soul he had. There is so much love and honor in his daughter, that she was willing to spend years of her life to help Richard leave his. He must have truly been a good man.
Posted by Corey Blankenship on January 22, 2012
To simply say that this man was a good one is an understatement. My early childhood was spent with this man. He simply was the best man that could ever live. Sadly he was taken away from us to soon. He was stronger,smarter, and a bigger man then I could ever be. My life would be complete if i could be half the man he was. I love him more then a paragraph could describe. I miss you. papa
Posted by Brooklyn Pabarue on January 20, 2012
"You were an Amazing man. One that I can never forget!! Love you Papa!!" <3
Posted by Thelma Avilez on January 20, 2012
When you married mom and took in my sister as your own I didn't worry anymore.. And I thank you for that. Also, I knew you were an awesome person because we share the same birthday! RIP Richard-You are loved and will be misses by many..
Posted by Thelma Avilez on January 20, 2012
I met you several years ago when I was visiting my sister (Missy). I remember how welcome you made me feel. You were so nice. I thank you for taking care of my sister while she was far away from our own dad... Because of you, she has turned into the loving and caring woman that she is today. I always worried about my baby sister in Ohio with my mom, whom was always down on her luck.
Posted by Hugh Pabarue on January 20, 2012
Richard was a collector! Name a movie, he had it! I was always amazed at all of the interesting little knick knacks he collected. I loved it! He was a great man and a kind soul...RICHARD, YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!
Posted by Hugh Pabarue on January 20, 2012
I am proud to say that I know Richard. He was truly a kindhearted man who reached out to many and touched so many lives. He shared his wealth of knowledge by telling me about his experiences in life. I was always amazed by how much he knew, all the people he met, the lessons he had learned in life, and opportunities he had. He warmly opened his home to all those who came to his door...
Posted by Sandy Penrod on January 19, 2012
Dad loved his family deeply, so much so that he found other families to substitute when we were not there. He raised many children and was equally proud of all the children he raised. He gave of himself unfailingly and touched many lives. I am a better person for having known him and will carry him in my heart always.
Posted by Aaron Wilson on January 19, 2012
What I remember and adore the most about my friend Dick was how he took me under his arm and walked me thru one of the most difficult times of my life.While telling me countless stories of ex-wives and raising his children that he was very proud of. He demonstrated how a single parent can be a great parent.From Cereal bottles to pajama parties he walked me thru it all!Thanks Friend
Posted by melissa pabarue on January 19, 2012
He has touched so many peoples lives and is truely loved by many! He will truely be missed. Dad, if you can read this I hope you feel no pain and hope god takes care of you as you took care of others. I will continue to be a good person and do good in life as you taught me. I will never forget you and will carry you in my heart forever. I love you, love me
Posted by melissa pabarue on January 19, 2012
Those who knew my dad knew what an amazing man he was. He made me who I am today. Everything good or bad that ever happened in my life he was the one I would call. Learning to life without him is going to be very difficult but I know he will be with me during my journey through this life and when it's my time he will hold my hand and welcome me to be with him again.
Posted by Tammy Anderson Spencer on January 19, 2012
One of my many favorites memories of dad is him taking me to see ET! I left the theather in awe and full of questions which he answered and explained with patience and knowledge. While this world may have lost a wonderful person, I know the universe has just acquired a strong, beautiful spirit that will continue to touch our lives and forever watch over us!
Posted by Sandy Penrod on January 19, 2012
When you think of Dad, think of all of the good times he gave each of you. Please continue to tell your own stories of how Dad affected your life. I’m sure that would be the best tribute to Dad and that would be what he would want.

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