His Life
Well we will start from what I know my mom and dad were married 5/20/1978 . My mom's name is Janet. On November 3,1980 they added to there family a baby girl (that would be me ) Christy( Christine) named after my dad's mom. A few years later they added one more Rj (Russel) was born November 20, 1982. My parents devoriced in late I think 1989. My dad never remarried and lived in Lake Havasu the rest of his life.

I married ( Christopher Orchard) and have a 5 year old daughter named Riley. My brother has 3 children . Alexis (12) Donovan (9) and Kelli (6).

Weeks before my dad past my youngest niece and nephew got to spend 3 weeks with him. I am so glad for them that they got to spend that time with him. He helped Donovan with his pine wood durby car . And learned why my mom calls Kelli and Donovan , Christy and Rj. I feel bad that my daughter didn't get to know my dad better.There are alot more stories of my dad and I will put more up . Along with pictures from over the years.

October of 2019 we found out that my dad had another son. His name is Chis. Chris was born born just days before my parents were married. Dad did not know about Chris, but we are super glad to have him in our lives now and I thought he should be included on dads memorial page . I am the main one that comes on here, but its important that hes included. Dad would have wanted him included on here as well.