• 58 years old
  • Born on April 11, 1951 .
  • Passed away on January 28, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard (Ritch) Espino, DC 58 years old , born on April 11, 1951 and passed away on January 28, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jamie Davis on 28th January 2018
Sure miss you still.
Posted by Judi Olson on 28th January 2018
Thinking of and remembering you fondly today and always
Posted by Terry Rouse on 28th January 2017
Oh my friend how I miss you. The great times we shared and the long talks we had that helped lead us through good times and those trials we went through. I need one of those talks, with our Bailey's and coffee of course. I MISS my Mexican brother. With a tear rolling down my cheek. Hugs to heaven.
Posted by Norma Cruz on 28th January 2017
Tio, I still miss you terribly. You, Gramps and Granny were taken from us far too soon! There were still memories to make, good times to be had and growing and learning still to be done. Love yous!
Posted by Jamie Davis on 6th May 2016
It would be perfect if we could talk today.
Posted by Karen Kovalik on 13th April 2016
Wishing for peace and joyful memories for beloved friends and family and for you, dear Ritch, as my memories fill me with joy and laughter. I was lucky to work with you, share some jokes, and grab a few "Fourbucks." Your light shines on.
Posted by Marisela Cruz on 11th April 2016
It's been 6 years and I still can't believe you are gone! It is very hard for me still. But, at least I have Hope that I will see you one day. I love you and miss you, Your Sis
Posted by Kerry Haddock on 31st January 2016
Tedd and I miss you so very much. There are no words, just tears?❤️
Posted by Ida Hernandez on 30th January 2016
Your always in my heart and mind, miss you cuz.
Posted by John Dragoun on 29th December 2015
I just learned about Richard's passing. He was a special friend, and we had some great times together in the late 60's. Wish we hadn't lost touch for so many years, but oh the memories...
Posted by Judi Olson on 11th April 2015
Wish you were here to celebrate your 64th birthday. Miss you all the time
Posted by Tom & Janice Getten on 30th January 2015
Miss you, forever!! I see your picture on my desk every day. (Thank you Norma for the magnet)
Posted by Judi Olson on 28th January 2015
Thinking of you often, wishing I could talk to you again. Missing you always
Posted by Norma Cruz on 28th January 2015
Tio, Missing you...always.
Posted by Nomi S. on 3rd October 2014
Fall Term 2014......every year when school begins I think of you and all the funny times we shared at CCC. I think of and miss you all the time.......
Posted by Tedd Haddock on 12th April 2014
Hey Bro, I still pick up the phone to call...miss ya...
Posted by Norma Cruz on 12th April 2014
Happy Birthday, Tio. Wish you were here to help navigate this thing called life.
Posted by Naomi Sether on 11th April 2014
Birthdays are never quite the same without you here to celebrate! Always thinking of you and missing you.
Posted by Judi Olson on 11th April 2014
Happy birthday my friend. Wish I could call and tell you that and remind you how much you're missed
Posted by Norma Cruz on 29th January 2014
Miss yous...a lot...still...forever.
Posted by Judi Olson on 28th January 2014
Thinking of you especially today...missing you
Posted by Kerry Haddock on 28th January 2014
Forever in our hearts and missing you every day....Kerry and Tedd
Posted by Naomi Sether on 28th January 2014
4 years have gone by and I still think about you every day. You are a friend like no other....and I feel honored that you were a part of my life. Miss you with all my heart.....forever... "Death ends a life, not a relationship.” ― Mitch Albom
Posted by B C on 28th January 2014
I was accepted into nursing school this year and just finished my first term. I have you to thank for that. Your time that you put into helping me understand the information in A&P helped me to get where I am. I wish you were here so I could tell you all about it. THANK YOU!
Posted by Judi Olson on 11th April 2013
April 11th...Happy birthday Richard. I wish I could call you, hear your voice, your laugh when I would remind you that you were always a month older than me. How I wish you were still here with us so we could remind you daily how much you are loved, how much you are needed. Rest sweet friend in the arms of Jesus
Posted by Norma Cruz on 11th April 2013
My Tio...You are still missed so very much. I think of you often and wish you were here for a long chat and some laughs. Most of all some of that wonderful encouragement you always gave. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Tom & Janice Getten on 11th April 2012
Ritchie, your music is on our MP3 (thank you, Norma) and it brings a smile every time we hear you sing. Yesterday we went to a friend’s funeral. He too spent his life giving so much to others saving nothing for himself. Listening to the stories of his caring and lifting others up when they felt they had nothing, reminded us of how much we lost without you here. Peace be with you!
Posted by Jurgen Perner on 11th April 2012
Ritch, I think of you often and I really miss your advice. We had great conversations and I was able to share my victories with you. You won't be there when I graduate nursing school this September and it will sadden me! I think of you daily and use your teachings more than I realized. I love you my brother and miss you deeply-Clackamas has never been the same for me since you left! Hans
Posted by Judi Olson on 11th April 2012
I wish I could pick up the phone and call you so I could tell you Happy 61st Birthday. It's still so hard to grasp the thought that you are gone from us--you are still and will always be greatly missed and loved
Posted by Soila Cabrera on 11th April 2012
Happy Birthday Tio! Sure could use some words of wisdom right now. Love you always!
Posted by Adriane Gomez on 11th April 2012
Tio, It's often that the words, "this reminds me of my Tio!" come out of my mouth. It's at those moments I realize that our loss is so great, and never really gets easier! Miss you Tio, especially today, your birthday! I love you and wish you were still here with us! HUGS
Posted by Norma Cruz on 11th April 2012
Tio - I thought, with time, that the loss of you would not be so hard. Wrong. Just as with Gramps and Granny, your wisdom, love and sense of humor are terribly missed. Happy Birthday! Wish you were here to celebrate it. Love u!
Posted by Terry Rouse on 29th January 2012
There is not a day that goes by when I don't think of my friend Ritch at least one time. You touched my life in so many ways. I still talk to you I just don't get that advise and wisdom that you would impart as we drank our coffee and ate our doughnuts. Those were the days my friend. Life was simple, no money, little stress, and we had fun always. I want those times back my friend Love You
Posted by Kerry Haddock on 28th January 2012
With deep devotion and heartfelt sorrow...to all of you ...sharing the loss of such an incredible friend......we remember Ritch...with you. Always and forever in our hearts...Kerry and Tedd.
Posted by Norma Cruz on 28th January 2012
Tio, I miss you. So many things to share and get some of your advise on, or make me laugh. Give Gramps & Granny a big bear hug for me up there. Love yous....
Posted by Judi Olson on 28th January 2012
Thinking of and missing you terribly especially today. Such a void in our lives without you. I think of you whenever I hear the song "I Can Only Imagine" knowing that you are now in our Heavenly Father's arms.
Posted by Karen Kovalik on 28th January 2012
Daily, we think and speak of you with great humor and love here at CCC Science. My best to your friends and family on this day of remembrance.
Posted by Jurgen Perner on 3rd January 2012
Ritch, I am missing you again! Its getting close to THE anniversary that broke my heart a short while ago. I continue to miss our talks and hugs, I want to share my journey with you. You helped me so much and I miss you! I am sad for me, your sons and all your close friends as well as all the people who were not touched by you!! I love you and I am really missing you-HANS
Posted by Naomi Sether on 26th September 2011
It's the first day of fall term, and very lonely and just not the same here at CCC without you to make me laugh....miss you with all my heart......
Posted by Terry Rouse on 14th June 2011
I think about you daily my friend. We went threw alot together in a short time. I know you are at peace now. Miss you Rico
Posted by Emily Vlaew on 13th June 2011
I graduated from the nursing program at Clackamas on Fri night and couldn't help but think of you. I know I am far from the only one that credits your AMAZING ability as a teacher and mentor to their success. I was really looking forward to coming to
Posted by Norma Cruz on 12th April 2011
Tio- Been blessed to be able to travel. I arrived in Venice, Italy, on your birthday and wished I would be able to share the stories of our travels with you, just like you use to share your traveling stories with me. I miss you terribly and always
Posted by Jess Espino on 11th April 2011
Your sons and I would of loved to share your 60th with you. We are still struggling almost daily and I'm praying that I'm raising these boys as well as you would have. Hope you are at peace!
Posted by Jamie Davis on 11th April 2011
Ritch it's nice to dream that you are some place peaceful, with some family, some old friends, having a few laughs, and that there's a band playing some latin music. Miss you Bro.
Posted by Judi Olson on 11th April 2011
Thinking of you today--wishing I could call and tell you Happy Birthday my friend. I miss you
Posted by Kerry Haddock on 11th April 2011
Thinking of you today and everyday. Miss you with all our hearts. Love to you forever.... kerry and tedd
Posted by Jeanette Drews Sprague on 11th April 2011
Richard, I can't wait to get to Heaven and Sing happy birthday in person to you and then do some singing together. You and your music are much missed down here on earth, but I know you are singing gloriously with all the angels, with Our Lord Jesus
Posted by Hans Detter on 11th February 2011
Ritch, i cannot believe it has been a year since you left us. I am in nursing school now and on my way to the goal you helped me reach! Your teachings and mentoring has influenced me forever and I will never forget you. Your are my buddy, teacher, mentor, and father-there will forever be hole in my chest,left by your sudden passing. I love you my friend-HANS
Posted by Tom & Janice Getten on 30th January 2011
We miss you madly! While it seems like you've been gone for so long, it also seems like just yesterday we were getting big hugs from you and discussing life's ups and downs. Watch for us, for we'll see you again someday! Love Tommy and Janice
Posted by Kerry Haddock on 25th January 2011
Lighting a candle....for our forever friend...oh how we miss you...love Kerry and Tedd Haddock

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