Let the memory and laughters with Richard, be with us forever
  • 84 years old
  • Born on August 2, 1930 in Rochester, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on September 11, 2014 in Lake Worth, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our Father/Husband, Richard Gersley, 84, born on August 2, 1930 and passed away on September 11, 2014. We will remember him forever. Please share with our family any special messages or stories of our father!

Posted by Kathi Williams on 13th September 2016
Dad, it has been 2 years since you left us and I miss you more than ever!!! I love you!!!
Posted by Michael Gersley on 2nd August 2015
Phone call to dad. Ring Ring, Dad anaswered, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday dad. love you.
Posted by Elizabeth Gersley on 15th September 2014
Hey Dad, me again... It has been a few days now and I wanted to let you know that it is getting easier every day, because I do have you all around me! I find peace having a picture of you on my sun visor in the car and having conversations with you! I have things of yours around me! Having you in my heart, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and also for my girls, I can't thank you enough. Mom is doing great, you would be really proud of her, she makes me laugh! xoxoxo, the baby (as you said, not long ago) P.S. I know the hawk is from you, wink wink!
Posted by Sherry Caryl on 14th September 2014
A very special man with a big heart. This gentle giant will surely be missed. Your kindness will always be remembered. Our families have had some very special memories. Love you, Sherry
Posted by Nicole Gersley on 14th September 2014
hey grandpa i love you i will even love you when the sky's are gray you were a handsome man and supportive ever since i was born we miss you every day and every second of are lives i know your looking down at us now but that dose not change the way you were loved in this family i wish you were you, i hope some day i will visit you (i hope your looking down at us) love you bye grandpa. love, Nicole Gersley
Posted by Mark Horne on 14th September 2014
When I lost my parents, I felt like an orphan... Richard knew it, and would often pop in to my office, just to sit and chat, and sometimes to simply remind me that I was also one of his sons... sometimes we would laugh, and sometimes cry... not sure which one of us needed it more at times. He knew he could vent, or share some thought, or just sit and ask a ton of questions about everything from football to insurance, and anything in between. I saved his Birthday song on my cell voicemail last year, and often play it back, just to hear his voice. Boy, are we ALL going to miss his birthday wishes in song. Thank you, Richard, for being my friend, a second dad, and my football Buddy. Who will I now take on the Dolphins tailgates??? One in a million, indeed.
Posted by Lise Landry Alives on 14th September 2014
Richard always made me smile. He spoke with me as if it was just yesterday that we saw each other, and his hugs always were warm and genuinely welcoming. He will be deeply missed by everyone, and my sincerest condolences go out to the entire family. Loss is never easy, no matter how prepared (or not) we think we are. My heart is mourning with you. Hugs to all of you.
Posted by Michael Gersley on 14th September 2014
Today I took Moms car to the car wash, Frist time in many years Dad was not present. He always wanted to go with me on weekends to get out and about. I enjoyed his company. Car wash, Movies, Lunch or just a trip to Publix's. He would give detail by detail directions, and point out best parking space. Every time we drove passed my house he would say, Michael not home. From the day I was born Dad pointed me in the right direction. I will miss the copilot, There is a empty part of me that I plan to fill in with my family. Love And Peace.
Posted by John Oconnell on 14th September 2014
R.I.P. Richard...To a great person..one of a kind...
Posted by Jean Koji on 13th September 2014
I had the honor and pleasure to know Richard through the JFK Volunteer Department. I was the coordinator and he was a volunteer at the information desk. He was an outstanding volunteer always going the extra mile to help visitors, patients and staff. A great smile, quick wit and a caring kind way was Richard's character. I will treasure the many memories of a great guy.
Posted by Dori Anderson on 13th September 2014
My favorite memory of Richard goes back to 1953 when our family visited the Gersley family in North Miami. Richard was home between stints in the Air Force and working in the area. He managed to get my brothers and me into the pool of a large, luxury hotel!! The highlight of our trip. A good and kind man--all so much like my own dad!!!
Posted by Kathi Williams on 13th September 2014
He was the best father that I could have ever dreamed of having. He loved us and we never, ever doubted it. His family was his life and he told us that regularly. I will miss him forever! The idea of having holidays and special occasions without him is almost too painful to think about. Dad, I love you and I will miss you always! Thank you for being there for all of us! Keep watching over our family!
Posted by Daniel Gersley on 13th September 2014
he loved his family , near and far . loved his peers , no matter how out of touch . never had a bad word to say about anyone ..... always positive . ( a GERSLEY trait ) be thankful if you ever met this man !!
Posted by Elizabeth Gersley on 13th September 2014
Not a day will go by, that I will not be forever grateful to you, dad! You were truly a wonderful, loving, supportive, giving, family orientated man! You will be missed every day.... I love ya, handsome!

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