Let the memory of Daddy-Richard be with us forever
  • 82 years old
  • Born on February 12, 1909 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 1991 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our father , Richard E. Worrell (Daddy Richard) who was born on February 12, 1909 and passed away in March  1991. We will remember and love him forever.

Posted by Tara Thompson on 12th February 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven Granddaddy Richard. I still miss you so much. You were always fun to be with and I enjoyed the many moments we had together. Thanks for the little ways you spoiled me ams showed me love. I'm proud to follow in your footsteps and strive to have the excellence in character you did and carry on the legacy you and Muh started. ❤❤❤
Posted by Venetia Boyd Cid Cis on 13th February 2017
Reverend Worrell...we'll never ever forget him. He was part of our growing up and those Sunday services, along with your mom, the pianist , singer, and choir leader. It's like they are a part of our history. We always thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Preached Word from Rev. Worrell.
Posted by Carroll Worrell-Barnes on 13th February 2017
Thank you to all of my beautiful family and friends who left tributes to my wonderful father! It's great that you chose to share your memories of him. Always knew he touched a lot of people other than his children, grandchildren, and others who had the pleasure of knowing and loving him during his life! We will be forever grateful to you for your kind words! Love you all.
Posted by Dee Sadler on 12th February 2017
I remember being at your house one time. Daddy Richard walked in, sat at the piano, started playing and singing. I was in awe. I also remember one time during the summer that we were working at school. We needed rain and he said we need to pray. I agreed with him, he then asked if God would recognize my voice. LOL. We both laughed and he tapped me on the shoulder. He raised a wonderful family of which I'm glad to call my friends. Happy Birthday with Jesus, Rev. Worrell.
Posted by Elizabeth Linton on 12th February 2017
Granddaddy Richard, my fondest memories of you were of your elustrous smile, your warm hugs & kisses, your melodious voice and powerful preaching. Even though my time with you seemed so brief. I cherish the times God allowed us to be in your presence. You always left us with some word (s) of wisdom. Love and miss you dearly! Happy Heavenly Birthday Granddaddy Richard! Sincerely, Elizabeth "DeeDee "Worrells Linton
Posted by Nell Cannon on 12th February 2017
Granddaddy, I was so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for anointing me with my ministry! Forever I will love and cherish our times together. Love Always, Nell
Posted by Carroll Worrell-Barnes on 6th March 2016
Missing my Daddy Richard. Will always be my inspiration. You and Mo continue to bless my life. Trying to live this life so I can one day live again in glory with you!
Posted by Kareen Windley on 5th March 2016
Happy 107th Birthday, Daddy Richard. I still remember so much about you and miss you so much. I was with Jean on your birthday this year. She sends love also. You and Muh please look out for her and all of us from your holy place. God Bless. Love always, Reen & Leon
Posted by Alexander Dawson on 13th February 2014
The good in a man is not defined by his words but his deeds. There aren't many men I have known that labored his entire life with the goal of doing good. He knew the good life and he lived it. I carry parts of him with me everyday of my life.
Posted by Richard Howard on 12th February 2014
It's such an honor to come from such a rich heritage, and to also be given the privilege to carry his name. A true proverbs 22:1 man
Posted by Rachea Holliway on 12th February 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDADDY!!!!! I still replay the beloved memory in my head of how all of us kids would gather at your feet as you would bring out the STEVE ERKEL ACCORDIAN and play song after song! and as you would play I remember that your eyes would glisten and your teeth would shine because you were getting a kick out of WATCHING US be so enthused! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! THANKS FOR IMPARTING BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES IN MY LIFE AND I WILL NEVER FORGET!
Posted by Kareen Windley on 12th February 2013
Yes, Yes, Yes! Happy 104th Birthday to a man who gave me so much! I will forever love and remember him. He went above and beyond for me. I know that heaven has certainly gained an angel. He proved his love for Mother by loving ME. Continue your rest in peace Daddy Richard. Love, Reen
Posted by Kareen Windley on 12th February 2013
Thank you, Daddy Richard, for mentoring me, for helping me to be the man I am today. I will always show my love for you by loving your daughter, Reen. Love you, Leon Windley (Son-in Law)
Posted by Angel Worrell on 12th February 2013
Daddy Richard I Thank God for Your Love, Wisdom,and Support you gave me while you were here. I can still experience YOU through my sisters and brothers you gave to me.Thank you for being Who You Were and Who we still are... Happy Birthday Daddy Richard... I Love You.. Angel
Posted by Jewell Windley on 12th February 2013
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandfather I will always cherish all the fun the love and the jokes that he shared with me. The strength and the love can still be felt today I know God is real do to all the blessings that come my way through the prayers of a loving Grandfather Jew Baby
Posted by Carroll Worrell-Barnes on 12th February 2013
Happy 104th birthday. You are still a very present force in my life. Still loving you. Heaven's got to be beautiful---because you, Muh and Jesus are keeping it that way!
Posted by Alexander Dawson on 12th February 2013
To the wonderful man who taught me the meaning of quiet gentle power, Who taught me that laughing out loud makes you happy, who taught me how to work without complaining and who taught me that you do "I love you", not just say "I love you". HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Posted by Carroll Worrell-Barnes on 13th February 2012
My Daddy Richard! Happy Birthday!

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