Let us all celebrate Richard's spirit in our lives every day
  • 65 years old
  • Born on October 13, 1946 in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on April 1, 2012 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in loving memory of Richard Adelman. He will be dearly missed and forever held in our hearts.

A memorial service was held at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA on April 17 at 3:30 p.m. We are very grateful to all who attended and shared in the celebration of Rich's life. It was a wonderful, music-filled memorial to a man we all loved and miss greatly.  

The family has requested that any donations in Rich's honor be directed to The Rhythmic Arts Project (www.traponline.org), an educational organization focused on empowering and enriching the lives of disabled individuals through percussion-based music.

Please leave a note, add a picture, video, or a song.  Our family is comforted by your warmth and stories of Rich.

Posted by Janice Adelman on November 28, 2019
THANKSGIVING? Hmm! Missing what Was OUR Favorite Rich. Missing YOU; So different, Tis what it is! xo
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 13, 2019
Happy Birthday Babe! I Loved you yesterday, I Love You Today. Forever Loved, forever missed #my truecompanion #missingyou #beautifulman ❤️
Posted by Janice Adelman on September 23, 2019
OhMy missing You Babe Wishing We had More Time
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 16, 2019
MISSING YOU SWEET MAN! TRUE LOVE; TRUE COMPANION Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary Day Babe
Posted by Barry Michaud on April 3, 2019
Always remember that smile,Great band mate,and true friend.
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 1, 2019
Dang 7yrs ago your human being left this earth you are greatly missed Rich but I realize you’re with me Always thank you my love always in peace Your True Companion
Posted by Janice Adelman on February 14, 2019
Another Valentines Day without My Life’s Love Hoping he’s with his Father now✌
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 28, 2018
THE REDSOX WON THE WORLD SERIES RICH! Your Team did it Again YAY so Exciting Babe⚾️❤️
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 13, 2018
Happy Birthday Love! Your RedSox are doin' well Rich
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 1, 2018
You left this planet, my life, 6 1/2 years ago, I wish I could say It's a Better World for Our Children, their Children! Damn I miss YOU....its like the '60 again here and now Rich! You Would Be Very Angry in Today's World My Love. Rest, In PEACE. xo janice
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 16, 2018
Happy Anniversary Rich. Forever Love ❤️
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 1, 2018
Wishing I could Just Talk With You. To Hear Your Voice and Feel Your Presence Here&Now Would Be Oh So Wonderful! Missing My Man 6 Years WoW Babe KIT
Posted by Janice Adelman on March 15, 2018
So Missing You, Here Back On Cape
Posted by Janice Adelman on November 1, 2017
Missing You Babe.. Thinking Of You With Love. Wishing You were Here now Rich, My True Companion
Posted by Bryan Cumming on October 13, 2017
I think of and appreciate Richard often. Just a few days ago, I was talking with another musician here in Nashville who remembered him and lived near us in "the valley." I'm so grateful to have had him as a "big brother," and best friend, a literal "best man" as well.
His life lives on through the love he planted in his beautiful wife Janice, and on through many other family and friends. I'd love to have him to talk to now, but I'm looking forward to our reunion later.
I love you, Richard! I know you knew it, but just in case I didn't say it...
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 13, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! Thanks for always being with me.
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 1, 2017
Missing YOU My True Companion. So Grateful for Your Love..5yrs since you left this Earth Whew PEACE MY LOVE
Posted by Bryan Cumming on October 13, 2016
Richard taught me a lot. He never made it feel like "I'm teaching you now." He was always gentle, always exactly who he was, pure in heart. The lesson was always deeper than the teaching. All he had to do was be himself. That was a beautiful lesson. I loved him, and he loved me, and I join everyone who knows how beautiful his life here was because of the love that came through him.
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 16, 2016
Happy Anniversay My Love! In my thoughts today Rich, in my Heart forever...seeing your gentle smile here&now. You My Love are greatly missed
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 16, 2015
Happy Anniversary Richard Lee! Yep 50 years ago today, You married Me...What an amazing trip we shared! I am forever grateful for your love, for You my oh so GentleMan! Feeling your presence thank you :-)
Posted by Gary Peters on April 1, 2015
"I still drive to Brookline every day for work. The musical memories we made together show up often. Our friendship is one of the most precious gifts in my life. I miss you...........
Posted by Janice Adelman on February 22, 2015
I miss you babe
Posted by Lynne Mirando on January 7, 2015
Happy birthday rich! You are still in many folks hearts and minds! Luv...lynne
Posted by Lynne Mirando on January 7, 2015
Just realizing richs bday was in oct but I wish him happy thoughts anyways...janice and kids so sorry ! The music is very soothing!! Happy New Year to you all.lynne
Posted by Janice Adelman on January 6, 2015
Hey My GentleMan New Year it is...I miss you! ..Am grateful Everyday for the Love we shared, for our wonderful sons we raised, for what WE were & how we Did make a change Babe...We Rocked Shtix  My Angel
Posted by Janice Adelman on November 1, 2014
Hey Beautiful Man, Again I visit you to say HEY! I So Loved You..We were very, very special!  I miss you Babe and am Still very sad!
Being Strong and Moving On baby... Am Trying...With Love In Peace 
Your Forever Ol Lady..and liking it...
Posted by Janice Adelman on June 15, 2014
HAPPY FATHERS DAY RICH! Thank You for helping raise two wonderful sons! They are Great Dads Babe, you should be very very proud of our boyz to men! Missing You Today!
Posted by Jack Bone on April 22, 2014
Richard was the master of tempo. Never rushing or dragging.
Posted by Lynne Mirando on April 5, 2014
Hey there Janice and kids...sure can't believe it's been two years already for Rich ! I know it will always be hard for you all but he IS that spirit in the sky!! And that soul will always be with you!! love, lynne xxoo
Posted by Lori McGlynn on April 2, 2014
Janice, Erik, Zac and your ever growing family....It is hard to comprehend that Richard has been gone for 2 years....What a wonderful Guy and a plus to our family!!! We were blessed to have gotten to know and love such a beautiful & wonderful loving & talented man!!!! Richard you are so very missed xoxo
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 1, 2014
I Will plant flowers For You Babe! Miss YOU Rich- my Heart aches; Spirit is Full...HEY YOU!
Posted by Janice Adelman on February 24, 2014
May I Call You In Heaven???
Posted by Janice Adelman on February 15, 2014
VALENTINE"S DAY without You Rich WAS NOT GOOD. Missing You
Posted by Janice Adelman on January 2, 2014
HAPPY 2014.....Missing my TRUE COMPANION. Has been 21 months since Richard passed. An Adelman was born 11 days ago...Winter Solstice 2013 brought us Sophia Bliss Adelman @8AM CST...LET THERE BE LIGHT..xo Sweet Sophia
Posted by Janice Adelman on November 16, 2013
Hey Rich; Have connected with many friends from our "early" years. tis good but also takes me back to When We Shared with each of them. Wow I miss you, I miss Us I miss what we had together..Wishing for FOREVER with You...MISSING You Rich xo j
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 31, 2013
THEY WON! YOUR SOX DID IT RICH!! At Home, Beautiful Indeed Babe!
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 30, 2013
Your SOX could win IT ALL tonight @ home...Yep World Series Fenway Pahk...Not since 1918 a Series win at home Right! Let's Go Red Sox I Want This FOR YOU Richard Lee..Loving You from Earth Babe xo
Posted by Lynne Mirando on October 15, 2013
Hey janice and kids! It is so wonderful you have kept this fantastic site up in richards memory. .He still lives on in so many lives. Most of whom do not even know each other! What a special guy! ! Love you all and keep the faith! Luv, lynne
Posted by Janice Adelman on October 13, 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH...SORRY THE SOX didn't win the first game for you!! HEY tonight.. the 13th your 67th they will play! We Got This Right .  Picturing You drumming..AND loving that..I miss you Richard ...Happy 67th Birthday My Love. xo.from me
Posted by Richard Baker on October 13, 2013
"Rich was a friend that everybody wanted. His gentle personality and caring was always there. He was a great musician, but more he was the glue is any band. I knew him at Castle Music and I will always cherish his friendship in those days with Jon Edwards, and Rick Lilljequist and Stuart, and all the boys in the Shanty. God Bless his memory and a warm hello to Janice... RB
Posted by Janice Adelman on September 4, 2013
Missing YOU Babe! Eric's Birthday; B&E's SILVER Anniversary how SWEET!
Happy Rosh Hashanah My Life's Love....SHALOM
Posted by Janice Adelman on June 17, 2013
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BABE! Dad to Our Two Amazing Sons..Thank You! Am with Eric and Beautiful Family; Missing You So Much..xo Rest My Love j
Posted by Janice Adelman on June 14, 2013
Wishing you were physically present Babe. Our Family's celebrating Beautiful Times...MISSING you so much..wishing You could be present for OUR children&grandchildren; Talked with "The Rabbi" tonight; WoW he didn't know you left our Earth That's tough stuff! xo Ya know
Posted by Janice Adelman on May 25, 2013
Posted by Janice Adelman on April 16, 2013
Our 48th Anniversary is today! Remembering our simple wedding ceremony The Chinese Justice of the Peace, few family members present 1965 and Richard's family being Jewish, mine Catholic was then unacceptable!
We Knew we Were "True Companions" and What an Amazing Journey followed eh Rich? I MISS YOU with ALL My Heart, Thank You Love for Being an Amazing husband!
Posted by Michael Adelman on April 7, 2013
Rich my soul brother, possessed a sensitivity and tolerance for people which reflected in his music. whether it was Van Morrison, Bill Evans, Jose Feliciano, or Nina Simone Rich's diverse love of music transcended into his love of life.
Posted by David Conrad on April 1, 2013
Playing with Richard at the beginning of my life as a working musician taught me essential things about music; his friendship at the beginning of my adulthood taught me essential things about how to live. He was an older brother to me, and he and Janice welcomed me into their family at a time when I very much needed that. He lives in me, as I know he does in others.
Posted by Richard Sherman on April 1, 2013
It is great that you are keeping Richard's memory alive. I have always thought of him as being a really kind person and I loved playing with him.
Posted by Sal Guglielmi on April 1, 2013
Rich was a good man in many ways. His death is such a great loss and just as great a loss is what dies inside us living with the void.
I think Rich would think that while you keep focused on the closed door of his life you may not notice the ones that open.
Rest in Peace Rich.

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