Posted by Evelen Fruwah on April 24, 2021
It grieves me to know you are gone. I remember that whenever you visited us in Ntasen, you wore your traditional outfit, with your traditional bag hanged across your shoulder; you always brought excitement. You do not hold on to offence and quickly let go off resentment. To visit us, you rode on your bike, and no matter how much dust covered you, you ignored it because you valued us. You are very humble, and you do not complain when you are served with plain yam; you eat it happily. You do not look for special treatment. At times you come to the kitchen, roast your corn and interact with us. I love you pa, and i miss you. In all this, I thank God that he gave you the stregnth and the wisdom to raise all the children he brought through you into this world. You are a very wonderful uncle, and the memory of my interaction with you will never fade away.
Posted by Monique Chumbow on April 19, 2021
Pa Richard Koffi, a man of Integrity, a father who was social with everybody that was beside him. A father who believes on pragmatic aspects of life and has always work on his objectives which today, we his children must live with this example so as to keep his legacy. (Koffi Richard Bah).
Posted by Monique Chumbow on April 19, 2021

My dear father in law pa Koffi; the word of God tells us that, to be absent in the flesh, is to be present with the Lord. Indeed, you are resting in the bosom of the lord God Almighty. Where there is no more pain like the one you sustained in the hospital a few weeks back. We will all miss you. Yes, we will miss you. Most particularly, the entire Chumbow family will miss you. From the day you came Knocking at their door, saying in Pidgin English (I Quote) ‘I Deh here, na for seka say, I don see some fine better planty for wuna backside and I no want thief this planty, na why that way I come through the front door for come beg this planty, take kam, go plant for my yard and I no mind if wuna want make I pay plenty money before I take kam’. Seeing how responsible and loving you were, the Chumbow family had no other choice than to allow you harvest that beautiful plantain and you indeed planted it in your yard on behalf of your Son Koffi my dear husband. Now that the plantain is ripe and ready, bearing fruits for you to harvest and eat, death has stolen you away and has robbed your grand children of the opportunity of physically meeting with their grandfather!
Your grand Children, Kenzie, Briellynn and Sammy will miss that sweet voice of yours. When I told Kenzie that you passed away, he asked me that why did you even go to the hospital. That you went there because you were supposed to get bether and come back home. And yes he was right but God had a better plan for you. Even though death has robbed them of this golden opportunity of meeting you physically, But thanks be to God who gave us the victiory over death, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Adieu Pa Koffi, Adieu papa Disco.
From your daughter in law, Monique Chumbow, Epse Koffi.

Posted by Atam Neh Emmanuela on April 13, 2021
Weh Pa. Richard! I was shocked when I heard of your death. You were a very sweet Uncle. Ni, you had such a beautiful and warmth heart. We will truly miss you! May our good Lord grant you eternal rest. Greet your in-law, Pa. John for me.
Posted by Florence Nalowa on April 13, 2021
Words can't bring u back, tears can't say how we feel in our hearts. U were such an amazing grandfather, u saw me through the storms, stood by me when no one was there, u Risk every moment of Ur day on the high way to see me through n thought me how to be a strong woman that I am today, grandfather words can't express how much u love Ur family n I have never seen a peace maker like u, keep resting till we meet again, grand daughter Florence Ngwe.

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