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Richard John Artley
  • 49 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 28, 1963
  • Place of birth:
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Date of passing: Aug 15, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Zurich, Switzerland
Let the memory of Richard be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Richard Artley, 49, born on August 28, 1963 and passed away on August 15, 2013. We will remember him forever.

On this site you are invited to share your thoughts of Richard as a memorial or in the stories area you can recount in greater depth specific events when Richard may have touched your life. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Anthony van Engelen on 29th August 2017

"Dear Richard,
Happy Birthday,would like to show you how large the kids are now.
And especially how well Valentina is doing, thank you for inspiring me during those endless periods of hospital tours with her.
Truly,mind over matter,mind says most.
We miss you"

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 29th August 2017

"Happy Birthday dear Richard.
Thinking of you this week in California and sharing your insight and creativity. You remain an inspiration. Wish you were here to enjoy the sunny beaches and wonderful summer."

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 19th August 2016

"Miss you off course. Our on going dialogues. You are such an inspiration, so many great memories. Thank you"

This tribute was added by Ros Brown on 28th August 2015

"Dearest Richard, you would have been 52 today and I would have been calling you to catch up on your latest adventures and wish you a very happy birthday. I can't believe that it is 2 years since you left us. I have looked through all the photos here again and it has raised a smile and a tear. I miss you, and my thoughts are with you, especially today."

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 28th August 2015

"Dear Richard,
Same birthday as Goethe and this day Le Corbusier died. Great minds who set new standards and had influence on many ideas and people. You keep inspiring me. I have never met anyone like you. Your 360 degree IQ and look at the world was just amazing. You combined this mind with a big HEART.
Miss you especially today,

This tribute was added by Keith Simons on 5th July 2015

"I was just reviewing my facebook friends, and saw that Richard's page was now "remembering". I worked with Richard at Avantium in Amsterdam. Workwise it was all a very turbulent time - but Richard would always bring a much needed sense of fun. Being the eccentric Brit abroad was of course his speciality. We last met up in Zurich a few years back. He will be sadly missed by those that knew him"

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 28th August 2014

"Happy Birthday dear Richard, you are missed"

This tribute was added by Philip Meyers on 20th August 2014

""I am touched by two magical Murder Mystery evenings that Richard orchestrated at his wonderful Herengracht apartment in the late 1990s. The combination of eclectic international guests (in costume), wonderful food, amazing old vintage wines and the intrigue of finding the 'murderer' has left an indelible memory of Richard's sense of fun and generous spirit as a consummate host.'"

This tribute was added by Susanna Foels on 9th December 2013

"I met Richard during this week in 2011, in Vienna.  We worked together on a geothermal project and enjoyed a wonderful camaraderie even though we worked together for a relatively short amount of time.  I  admired and appreciated his brilliant mind and the precision and grace with which he navigated relationships as a consultant embedded in a large Austrian company.   He communicated with a truthfulness and authenticity which was disarming and clear.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know him; and, I wish to express my sincere condolences to his family."

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 21st November 2013

"A big thank you !

You inspire me to think out of the box, every day.

So much inspiration from our dialogues, ranging from sustainability, architecture, building communities, to breakthrough technology, opera, painting, asian art, Japan, English economy, a mix of it all and you name it.

Amazing insight and warm friendship - Your thoughts and ideas I hold dear. Thank you."

This tribute was added by bernard uttley on 12th November 2013

"I knew Richard for many years and apart from the BRA and Cambridge Assoc meetings my most charming memory was at an antiques auction in Erlenbach, Lake of Zurich. An amazing coincidence! His knowledge was tremendously detailed about history and value of objects. We quickly agreed not to compete on bidding. We will always remember his charm and wit and laugh."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Greenway on 20th October 2013

"I knew Richard over eleven years in Switzerland through the BRA, though I live in Luzern. We would on occasion share a glass of wine, or meal, the last in the Baur de Lac hotel. Richard was a very kind & generous man, helping with patent questions for my Sister. With a great privilege that I helped him with a heavy item of Greek art, traverse the Zurich streets to his home. God bless him."

This tribute was added by Antony Hurden on 9th October 2013

"When Richard worked in Cambridge, at Scientific Generics, it was a company of eccentrics, extroverts, and extremely bright people. Yet Richard stood head and shoulders above most of them - many of the characteristics that others have reported at Discworld conferences were present to colleagues every day and his warm, generous heart was a fascinating counter-point. Much missed."

This tribute was added by Joanna Koch on 22nd September 2013

"Richard was a dedicated member of the British Residents Association of Switzerland, giving us many memorable talks and guided tours,  on the art world and its frauds, history, Tutanchamon, Dürer and much more . His depth of knowledge was fantastic.  Yet he was equally at home  as MC for social lunches or organising successful raffles. We  miss  you Richard, you live  on in our memories."

This tribute was added by Daniel Kidger on 17th September 2013

"I am one of Richard's cousins. I came to the memorial service at St. Clements yesterday, sitting next to my mother (who was married there many years ago). . It was very moving and emotional Particularly poignant were the words or remembrance spoken by Malcom and Ros and of course the personal message from Terry P.
He will be very much missed."

This tribute was added by Ros Brown on 16th September 2013

"Today was the memorial for Richard at St Clement's church in Chorlton. The family would like to thank all those who were able to attend and who sent very kind messages of condolence. Richard was well remembered today and we hope this website continues to receive your thoughts and memories of him in the future."

This tribute was added by Alison Weathers on 14th September 2013

"On behalf of long-serving Discworld and Pratchett ezine 'WOSSNAME', newshound Alison and editor Annie Mac would like to add their condolences. It is plain from the tributes and photographs that Richard added great spirit and enthusiasm to the Discworld events and will be missed and never forgotten"

This tribute was added by Anna Marie Hew on 7th September 2013

"Dear Mr. Fraser
Today I tried to call Richard, I am living at Zinnengasse, very near to his home. I am very sad about the News. If I can bei of any help to his parents etc., send an E-Mail. I miss him. Thank you. Anna Marie"

This tribute was added by Gloria Miller on 4th September 2013

"I worked with Richard for a short while in Switzerland. (I am American.)  Richard was so funny and fun to work with that I was always happy to see him.  He also knew so many different and esoteric things; it made him a very, very interesting person to be around. I am very sad about his passing away. He has a warm place in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Sue Kenworthy on 4th September 2013

"Richard was instrumental in the success of our Australian Discworld Convention 2011 Auction.  He shared his knowledge and experience of running such events completely unselfishly.  I really appreciated his practical advice and I know that the success we enjoyed was due to his mentoring. He will be missed, and not just for his auctioneering skills but also his amazing personal presence."

This tribute was added by Gerhard Plasonig on 3rd September 2013

"22 years of working together is a long long time to get to know someone. And yet, Richard managed to surprise me time and time again. With his knowledge, his way of looking at business, technology and innovation, but also with his big heart and always open mind. 22 years, my friend, and now you moved on. Alone. Best of luck, Richard."

This tribute was added by Emily Whitten on 3rd September 2013

"I knew Richard via the Discworld cons of 2008 -2013. Richard was always good company and a good conversationalist, and I enjoyed several chats with him, including at NADWCon 2013. He will be missed.
Emily Whitten
Vice Chair, NADWCon 2009; Chair, NADWCon 2011"

This tribute was added by Helen Nicholls on 3rd September 2013

"It's years since I last saw Richard but I remember him as being very jolly. One Wincanton event when I was dressed as the opera ghost I was unable to tie my bow-tie and was frantically asking if anyone knew how to do it. I was directed to Richard, who obliged. I recall him commenting that at least I didn't have one of the "ghastly" clip on ones. I am very sorry to hear that he has died."

This tribute was added by MEG . on 1st September 2013

"Richard, or Sir Joshua Lavish as we knew him at Discworld Conventions, was the driving force behind the charity auctions at the events. His humour, intellect, charm, anecdotes and costumes were always guaranteed and his passing will leave a void which cannot be filled. Bless you, Richard. We'll meet again over a glass of good wine. MEG. Chairman, Discworld Convention 2006."

This tribute was added by Marti Sterin on 31st August 2013

"I first saw Richard at the 2009 NADWCON banquet. No one could wear robes the way he did.  And that voice!  Had he given me an order I would have obeyed.  Since then I have seen him several times in a suit or formal dress.  To me, that appeared to be his natural wardrobe.  We Americans don't know very much about royalty but when I saw dressed like that I felt that I was in its presence. RIP"

This tribute was added by Vicky Sugarbean on 31st August 2013

"i met Richard at discworld events over the last few years he was a wonderful man and a true gentleman too my condolences to his family he will be missed by all of us that had met him"

This tribute was added by Christopher Boote on 31st August 2013

"Richard was a man of great character, great generosity, great love - he lived a great life
He will be missed by all who knew him"

This tribute was added by Neddy Kho on 31st August 2013

"I met Richard twice during Discworld Conventions, and bought him a drink. Such a lovely man, with a magnificent presence. I will miss him. My sincerest condolences to his family. Please know that he is very much in the hearts of many, many people."

This tribute was added by Nick Caulfield on 31st August 2013

"Like many people here I knew Richard from Discworld conventions. Lovely chap and the world is a little sadder for his absence"

This tribute was added by Pam Harrison on 31st August 2013

"I knew Richard from his involvement with Discworld.  He was a lovely person, forever smiling and cheerful whether dealing with the auction or introducing us to his father in the bar at the Hilton. He will be missed by so many of us. Bless you Richard."

This tribute was added by Mark Syddall on 31st August 2013

"I met Richard when he lived in Cambridge, and we were in a few amateur stage shows together before collaborating to put on two stage adaptations of Discworld books in 1995/1996. Richard is definitely missed."

This tribute was added by Peter Holiday on 29th August 2013

"A true Gentleman.

Always a positive force, even in challenging circumstances. A great example for all of us to emulate.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten."

This tribute was added by John Hicks on 29th August 2013

"I had the pleasure of working with Richard on the charity auction at NADWCon in in July where his dedication and experience made things run very smoothly. He was also a great story-teller and he held groups of people spellbound as he told them of his life and work. The Discworld community has lost a true gentleman, we will not forget him. John Hicks, Chairman, Discworld Convention 2014"

This tribute was added by Allan Matthews on 28th August 2013

"I worked with Richard on several technology market studies. He had great insight and perception and inspired the study team with his enthusiasm and boundless energy. Never a negative word from Richard; always a force for good. The world is poorer for your loss Richard.
Allan Matthews, University of Sheffield, UK"

This tribute was added by Ulisa Fletcher on 28th August 2013

"I met Richard at a Discworld Convention years ago - he had a terrific costume, he turned out to be a lovely, lively, man that weekend. I helped him a bit at the last Auction. I looked for him at the Tribal gatherings at Wincanton as well. Always smiling, always happy to be there. I will look again this 'Hogswatch' and I will miss his company."

This tribute was added by Malcolm Brown on 28th August 2013

"Although I have not seen you very much, I still feel the loss when I speak to Ros and Arron. My thoughts are with you all at this very sad will always live on in the memory of all your loved ones. Happy birthday Richard."

This tribute was added by Marie-Jeanne van Engelen on 28th August 2013

"Richard was a dear friend and I met him during his years in Amsterdam. He also became friends with my entire family and they all send their deepest condolences to the entire Artley family.
Richard has a special place in all our hearts."

This tribute was added by Pernilla Plasonig on 28th August 2013

"Dear Richard - today would have been your 50th birthday. We would have wished to be able to celebrate this with you. We, your work colleagues in Zurich, would have sung "Happy Birthday" - in "key L" - as you used to point out with a big smile at our birthday celebrations in the office.......We miss you. Take care where ever you are, and until later....."

This tribute was added by Ricarda Krenn on 28th August 2013

"I met Richard a few years ago at the DWCon in Birmingham and was shocked to hear he had passed away. He was a funny, intelligent and brilliant man and will be missed. RIP Sir Joshua Lavish!"

This tribute was added by Beth warner on 28th August 2013

"Richard was such a larger than life presence at the Discworld cons. He did hard and meticulous work with the auctions and there will be a real sense of loss without him on so many levels. His costumes were always wonderfully memorable as was his humour. He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Jan Uzzell on 28th August 2013

"Like many people, I knew Richard from Discworld - the many wonderful costumes he had and the intricate characters he portrayed. I only spoke with him a few times & each time he was fascinating to listen to. I was looking forward to seeing Sir Joshua Lavish again, but will raise a glass instead to a real gentleman - RIP Richard"

This tribute was added by Jason Anthony on 28th August 2013

"I didn't know Richard well but had meet him briefly at various Discworld events and remember him for his flamboyant costumes and cheery disposition.  Richard was responsible for the wonderful organisation of the Charity events at the Discworld Cons and we and the many charities he helped own Richard a debt of gratitude."

This tribute was added by Brian Nisbet on 28th August 2013

"Richard was such a huge part of the Discworld Conventions, they simply shall not be the same without him. He did so much for the con and so much for charity. We will remember him and miss him at cons, at gatherings and especially during the auctions.
Brian Nisbet
Chairman, Discworld Convention 2010 & 2012"

This tribute was added by Arron Brown on 28th August 2013

"Happy 50th birthday today Richard - you are missed."

This tribute was added by Ros Brown on 26th August 2013

"I am Richard's sister and would like to thank all those people from around the world that have sent such kind words to the family at this difficult time.  It is obvious that Richard has touched many lives and will be greatly missed by all who knew him."

This tribute was added by Malcolm Artley on 26th August 2013

"I'm Richard's younger brother. I have been contacted by friends and colleagues from many countries who have all offered condolences and tributes to Richard. This has been of great comfort to me and my family. I hope that sharing thoughts on this site will help everybody with coming to terms with this sad event."

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