This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one and friend, Rick Threadgill.

Rick was brilliant, with a fierce wit and kind heart.  He was a scientist by trade,  yet had so much passion for music.  He brought that same passion to everything he did.  He was loved and adored by his friends, parents, and grandmother his entire life.  We will remember him forever.

In the Life section, you can read about the different chapters of Rick's life. In the Gallery section, you can find many of his musical compositions under Audio, plus videos and photos of him.  You can share your own memories of Rick in the Stories section. To share stories, pictures, or audio/video of Rick yourself, just register the email that got invited to with a password.  There's a registration link on this page.

Rick Threadgill Memorial Scholarship
A scholarship is being set up in Rick's name.  Please help us Honor Rick’s Memory by making a donation to the Rick Threadgill Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The fund will help support a deserving Johns Hopkins University student who shares Rick’s love of Neuroscience and Music.

We are doing a special coordinated giving day for his birthday, this coming Sunday, October 25th.

To make a gift online, please visit here.
Posted by Raymond Jarzyna on October 25, 2020
God Bless Rick....we will always remember his Birthday.
Posted by Megan Jarzyna on October 25, 2020
Rick - Thank you for always making me laugh, no matter what. Thank you for telling me the best jokes I've ever heard and, because they are so disturbing, won't ever be able to forget.
Posted by Coleen Smith on October 25, 2020
Wishing you, my precious nephew, a very Happy, Heavenly 44th Birthday!! I think of you & miss you everyday!  Hope you are up there celebrating & playing your music! Love you forever!
Posted by Alex Kalejs on October 20, 2020
Hey brother... you were always that to me, a brother. I miss you, and I wish we would/could have shared some of the pain you felt. I love you Rick!
Posted by Raymond Jarzyna on October 13, 2020
I'm sure Rick and Jonathan will see each other again in Heaven. I'm a proud friend of Rick and I remember fishing and golfing with him and he was always
polite and great to be with.

God Bless Him and remember his music and his personality forever.
Posted by Hassan Tirmzi on October 12, 2020
Sending everyone love and prayers. Many shenanigans ensued in our years at Kent, remember that picture with Mo specifically from somewhere. We shall miss you, and hope you are in a better place my brother, and thanks for the DIY eye bro piercing senior year, not the smartest, but we pushed through, excuse the Pun. Love ya man, and hope we do not lose anymore brothers and sisters from Kent
Posted by Jackson Lau on October 11, 2020
Miss you Rick. I’ll always remember your kindness. RIP.
Posted by Helen Ding on October 11, 2020
Listening to your music right now, I'm going to always remember and miss you.
Posted by Monica Leigh on October 11, 2020
Choosing a daisy. Seems fitting somehow. Miss you, Rick!
Posted by Cathy Threadgill on October 2, 2020
We will miss you and we will love you forever. ❤️
Posted by Megan Jarzyna on September 29, 2020
Lighting a candle for Rick, even though he would probably make fun of me for it.

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Posted by Raymond Jarzyna on October 25, 2020
God Bless Rick....we will always remember his Birthday.
Posted by Megan Jarzyna on October 25, 2020
Rick - Thank you for always making me laugh, no matter what. Thank you for telling me the best jokes I've ever heard and, because they are so disturbing, won't ever be able to forget.
Posted by Coleen Smith on October 25, 2020
Wishing you, my precious nephew, a very Happy, Heavenly 44th Birthday!! I think of you & miss you everyday!  Hope you are up there celebrating & playing your music! Love you forever!
his Life

Chapter 1 - Rick's Early Years

Richard Alan Threadgill, Jr. (Rick) was born on October 25, 1976 in Memphis, TN to his parents Richard and Cathy Threadgill.

At age 2, Rick and family moved to Tulsa, OK. He attended Catholic grade school, and was recognized with rewards for his paintings and short books. He was a cub scout, basketball player,  baseball player, and  team swimmer. He was loved by all, and several grade school friends remained friends his entire life. He named his first dog, a fawn boxer, Sparky. He enjoyed skiing with Mom and Dad during several trips to Colorado.

The family moved to New Orleans where Rick attended junior High. He continued playing baseball and basketball. He was captain of his baseball team and he was elected to the baseball all stars  team for his pitching ability. He participated in debate, and math competitions. In the eighth grade he was selected to participate in the Governor's Program in Louisiana for his academic and artwork. He also started teaching himself how to play the guitar, the beginning of his lifetime passion for music. He loved Mardi Gras and New Orleans cuisine.

Chapter 2 - Kent High School

He wanted a better education than available locally. His dad took him to New England where he interviewed and was accepted by several boarding schools.
After much persuasion. Mom allowed him to enroll in Kent School in Connecticut . Again, he played baseball, basketball, and for the first time, football. He excelled in academics and was elected by the student body to be Student Representative to the faculty. He developed friendships from all over the world  that lasted a lifetime. Rick was awarded the Literary Award by the faculty for his poems and short stories. During his sophomore year, he picked up a  bass guitar and began teaching himself to play the instrument that he focused on throughout the rest of his life. He was selected as the bassist for the Kent Dixieland Jazz Band, which gave recitals at numerous schools and other venues in New England. Rick's love for sports also included attending dozens of major league baseball teams, Saints football, and college sports at Notre Dame. His interests in arts and drama included attending jazz, comedy, drama and opera performances in New York and Chicago. During summers and school breaks, Rick loved to fish with his dad. especially fly-fishing. Mom and dad took him on vacations ranging from the  East Coast to the Rockies. He loved to cook with his mother and enjoyed watching and critiquing movies with her from a young age.  

Chapter 3 - The Baltimore Years

Rick attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, starting as a Freshman in 1995.  He majored in Neuroscience.  Freshman year he was a founding member of the Crackhouse. A force for justice across the freshman quad.  Second semester Freshman year he became a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.  In the fraternity sports league, he won a 3v3 basketball championship and quarterbacked the football team to an important victory over their mortal enemy: the SAE fraternity.  Junior year he moved off-campus and took up playing bass again.  Rick also began his neuroscience research at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He graduated in 1999.

In 1997, he began playing bass and singing in the band, Tube.  It was Rick's junior year, and he and Tim were hanging out in Rick's room at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house.  They started jamming, and Tim saw something in Rick right away that could not be taught... soul!  Tim invited Rick to try out for Tube, and soon after, he formally joined the band.  Rick worked incredibly hard on developing his bass playing, and his composition skills, and became an integral member of the band.  

Tube released three albums, "Fall", "Winter" and "The Spring Pig" and Rick's compositions are highlighted on all three.  The band stayed together for years, well after graduating.  From 1998-2000, they had regular weekly gigs at PJs, Paloma's and the 13th Floor, in Baltimore.  Tube began informally touring in 2001 and played shows from Burlington on down to Tennessee.  A few memorable stars even made appearances at Tube shows, notably Joaquin Phoenix (from the movie "The Joker") and Terry O'Quinn (John Locke from "Lost").

Rick's composition "Going Before This", the first track on "The Spring Pig" won not one, but two awards from the MBSTIA Undiscovered Artists Awards in 2003.  The song won "Best Instrumental Songwriter" and "Best Musician".  This track is featured in the background music of this memorial.

Rick continued to play and tour with the band until 2004.  The guys all remained close and continued to play music together over the years, and reunited for a pair of Homecoming Reunion concerts in 2018.
Recent stories


Shared by Neil Delaney on October 25, 2020
Everything was always more fun if Rick was there.  He was as genuine, positive, and funny as anybody I've ever known.   This isn't much of a story but circa 1998 Rick often wore a forest green colored t-shirt with the logo of the Yardapes, who appeared to be a landscaping service.  I thought it was hilarious but never asked him about it.  If Rick himself was a member, I bet he was just as popular and loved by his fellow Yardapes and the Yardapes' customers, as he has been by everyone else lucky enough to know him.  I'll miss you brother.  Keep the good vibes going forever. 

Ricky never met a stranger

Shared by Richard Threadgill on October 24, 2020
Our son, Ricky, would have celebrated his 44th birthday tomorrow. We've heard so many stories about Ricky's talent to connect with others.  Here's one more story.
Years ago we met Ricky in NYC for a short vacation. Cyrus Chestnut was performing at a jazz venue and we managed to get a table close to the stage. At intermission, Ricky walked up to the stage and introduced himself to the bass player. They talked until Cyrus returned to the piano.The bass player introduced Ricky to Cyrus and the three of them talked until it was time to begin the next set.  At the end of the performance, Cyrus and his bass player walked down to our table and shook Ricky's hand. Just like they were new friends.

Ricky, my precious nephew

Shared by Coleen Smith on October 11, 2020
My name is Coleen & I had the privilege of being Ricky's (as we called him) aunt.  First I would like to thank Tim, Megan & Colin for creating this amazing memorial website to honor Ricky.  It has been so heartwarming for our family to see all the photo's & hear stories of Ricky with his friends, co-workers, classmates & bandmates.

Ricky was the 1st grandchild on our side of the family, so that made him extra special!  He dubbed us with our nicknames, which we all continue to go by...mine is Coco.  I was a teenager when he was born, so I was a designated babysitter, which I loved!  We would make capes out of material so he could be Superman or Spiderman, he loved to be read to & he loved horseplay or as he called it "to westle".  As he got a little older he had me watch all the Star Wars movies with him, which he loved & never grew out of!  Every time I watch one I will think of him.  I was always so proud to be his aunt.  He was exceptionally smart, talented, artistic, athletic & had a genuinely sweet spirit.  When I had my daughter, who called him Rick-Rick & absolutely adored him, I so hoped she would have those same traits. 
The last time I saw Ricky was last Thanksgiving & we had an awesome visit talking about his first love which was music, movies & our favorite SNL skits.  We had a lot of laughs..he was so quick witted!  I gave him a huge bear hug, told him how much I loved him & planted big kisses all over his handsome face (which I'm sure he cringed through!), but I'm so glad I did that every time I saw him!  I believe with all my heart & soul I will see my precious nephew again, but until then he will live in my heart & I will forever hear that sweet toddler voice saying... 
"wet's westle Coco!".