his Life

To My Uncle Rick

My uncle Rick was one of the favorits in my life I grew up loving you and the memories that you left me with will be charrished with all my heart. One of the best memories that i have is the time you and Aunt Verla took me and Holly to Niagra Falls for the weekend and me and you where the only ones that would go on the trally that went acrossed the whirl pool I remember that you told me to hold on to you tight and we went over and back together. Thats not the only memories i have of you I reamember all the hugs and kisses and all the talks that you gave me when I lived with you and Aunt Verla before moving on our own Holly and I then we intrduced Becky. I loved living with you and everything you did for me. I will always Love you and remember the times and memories i have of you.


                                                                                        Love your niece Tracey