Shared by Becky Blackmore on February 5, 2011

If you knew Dad then you knew he was a bit of pervert.... I remember the first time he asked me " Are you naked?" and my reply with no hesitation was " Yep, under my clothes"  He was speechless at first and then laughed at me.  It became a bit of a joke between the two of us.  And he would ask me that everytime he called the house and he always got the same reply.  Well dad I am still naked under my clothes!!

Love you and Miss you



Shared by Jenn And Jamie Blackmore on February 2, 2011

i remember when my oldest first met pa.... he was convinced he was santa... my boys always loved to go over and visit ma and pa just because they were fun as zack would say.  Theres so many memories with pa in them specially baseball.... COAST.... no one was turned away and he always said rather see kids on the field then kids on the streets. Im also going to miss going over to the house and hearing you better behave or im going to lick your lips and paste you to the wall. You will be missed a great deal by many people that your smile has touched... Thank you pa for everything....

Love ya pa

my first ride

Shared by Rick N Amanda Blackmore J... on February 1, 2011

my first ride was on a motor bike. My dad just got his small motor bike and he promised he would let me drive it my self. And i thought i could do it my self boy was i wrong  lol he was right beside me and he sayed to let the clutch out slowly but i didn't and i gave it lots of gas and i was gone i all most hit the car parked on the side of the road and he wouldn't let me drive one till i bout my own and learned my self he sayed he wouldn't teach me how because i scared him the first time so i learned my self and he sayed than god u finally figured out how to drive a bike and then he laugh lol.

R.i.P. dad i love and miss you

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