Let the memory of RICK be with us forever ...Rest well now we all love you!
  • 53 years old
  • Born on December 16, 1957 in Alaska, United States.
  • Passed away on December 8, 2011 in SALEM, Oregon, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, RICK LACY, 53, born on December 16, 1957 and passed away on December 8, 2011. We will remember him forever. He enjoyed listening to HAYSTAK playing BASKETBALL and HAD A PASSION FOR LAUGHING AND JOKING AND GIVING HIS LOVED ONES A HARD TIME LOL. 

Posted by Rose Guerrero on 9th December 2013
Hey Ricky, yesterday was the two years since you left us all behind. Pam, Billy Ray and I sat and talked about all the good times that we shared with you while you were here. God we miss you a lot. You left such awesome memories here and we all miss you so much. You will never be forgotten believe that! You would always say that, (believe that) I hope that you are doing ok and are fine. I lite a candle for you so that you could see that I was here to visit you. Much love Ricky
Posted by Rebecca Albert on 8th December 2013
Wow, its been two years... i wondered why you keep popping in & out of my thoughts. i know we butted heads a few times but we always had an understanding. I need some help down here, my son Nathan needs a lift off the ground (but only so he can stand on his own two feet) so maybe you and Niki's Pappa Mike could do a little intervention (It would be nothing short of a MIRACLE) so that he does not get lifted to high...you and Mike know what I mean, and there are others as well that are strugeling every damn day but the grip on them is so tight that all they can do is feed the grip and its a never ending spiral going down every single day. I have faith that with you, Pappa Mike , Lady Jeri (Nikis Grandma)and Nathans Grandma Bobbi (My Mom) could be unstoppable, a formidable force that could and will kick "the Grips" ass! AMEN :)
Posted by De Ann Holland on 31st July 2012
love n miss ya Rick!!!...i know your lookin out for us up there still and thankyou for that my friend...things are pretty boring without you.
Posted by De Ann Holland on 18th July 2012
lovin and missin u as always rick wish you were here...miss your laugh and smile and sarcasm jethro misses u alot give him peace and watch over him TRY to keep him outta trouble matts writin a song aboutcha help him out with it xoxoxxx
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 6th June 2012
I feel the same way Dee does Ricky. No peace over how you left us all. God i miss you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about something you said or did. You are missed so much.Life just isn't the same out here without you. In just 2 more days you will be gone for 6 months now. It seems like so long ago to me. I will always wonder what really happened that day after I seen you. L/U
Posted by De Ann Holland on 3rd June 2012
missin ya my friend sometimes the reality that your gone just seems so surreal i wonder if the foggy feeling i get when i remember the night u passed, is maybe cuz me rose pam and a cpl others who love n care for ya, still dont have closure really cuz how and why we lost u is still a puzzle to us and things dont make sense it leaves us confused w/out understanding it I wont ever b at peace
Posted by De Ann Holland on 25th May 2012
hi rick man the tears are flowin so much today for some reason u are in my thoughts way more lately and it hurts almost as bad as it did a couple months ago...i try to tell myself maybe i should be happy insteada sad maybe the reason is cuz u are present more for sum reason lately idk all i know is there is a hole in my heart and it hurts our hearts arent whole without u ricky we all miss
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 2nd May 2012
I think about you so often Ricky and miss your funny self . Just one more day with you to hear you laugh or even just to sit in silence. I feel so blessed to have known you for so many years and will always remember you Ricky. Really am missing you today crazy man. I listen to that CD that you burn't often and wonder axactly what you were thinking when you were burning it. Luv U
Posted by Angie Kelly on 30th March 2012
Im sorry I din not get to come say good buy.. but im sure you know why. YOU are the besy kind of man and friend. you are so missed and loved.
Posted by De Ann Holland on 29th March 2012
hey homie i miss you so much i am gonnaask you a huge favor the biggest one ever...i woke up to a horriable nightmare about matt this morning i would die if anything ever happened to my kids so do ya think you and my cousin mike and my grandma could talk to God and team up on sum angel overtime protectin my kids keep em safe please my friend thx i love u :(
Posted by Kelli Rodriguez on 7th March 2012
Hi Rick Im going to miss you!!! You were there for me when I Could not have misy anymore you took Her in and made a home for her. You belived In me when know body else did. Luv ya
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 1st March 2012
I woke up this morning thinking about u Ricky. Yesterday my mama has been gone 8 years. You will find her cause she loves to talk and laugh. It snowed yesterday and when I woke up this morning it was still on the ground, your smiling right now cause its even prettier from there huh. i am looling forward to coming there myself. It won't be much longer. I lluv u Ricky
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 9th February 2012
thinking about u today Ricky and just wanted u to know. Miss u sooo much and will never forget about you homeboy. Luv u so much.
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 8th February 2012
Ricky nobody could ever take your place out here and know that you are thought about every single day... I miss you so much sweet and funny man. U are loved by sooo many and I sure do miss rubbing your back, it would mellow u out faster then chocolate. I feel so blessed to have spent every single minute we spent together and lots of good times. You were the best and I miss you so much! ILU
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 8th February 2012
It's hard to believe that you have been gone 2 months today. My heart is so sad and I miss you more than words can say. Oh Ricky, my life is not the same out here without you!!! Sometimes I don't even want to keep going. What I wouldn't give to have just one more minute with you. There is so much I would say to you. I luv u so much Ricky and miss you more everyday. Not one day goes by
Posted by De Ann Holland on 8th January 2012
alot of us are still missing u alot rick...love u
Posted by De Ann Holland on 2nd January 2012
(part 2) i try to comfort her the best i can but nobody can take your place...give my love to my cousin and grandma and know that i love you my friend always and forever xoxoxox
Posted by De Ann Holland on 2nd January 2012
hello again my friend man we all sure miss you so much i think it is so cool you put it on rose's heart to give your sister sharron and family a gift o encouragement and comfort on your behalf! and you picked the right person to do it thru cuz she got it done!! but you knew she would (wink!) love you ricky shes so lost without you give her comfort buddy (see page 2)
Posted by Rose Guerrero on 23rd December 2011
Today was one of the most heart felt days that I will remember. I miss u so much Ricky... I still feel numb and heart sick and feel that this feeling will never go away. I think about you when i go to bed at night and the bedtime stories that you use to tell me. I cry in the mornings before I even have time to open my eyes. A piece of my heart is so full of pain right now. I luv U
Posted by De Ann Holland on 15th December 2011

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