His Life

San Francisco Trip

December 1999 was the first time I had ever been to San Francisco.I flew from Denver to spend the week with Rick. At the time, he lived in a cute condo in Castro Valley. This was the first real trip that we had done together. He always flew to Denver to see me.
He took me to all his favorite places and it seemed we walked all the streets in downtown. He was a wonderful tour guide and through his eyes I fell in love with San Francisco.
Before flying out to San Fran, we made a bet about who the voice of Grinch was, and the person who was wrong had to cook the meal of choice for the person who was right. Needless to say Rick was wrong (hehehe), and he had to cook me Dijon Chicken, steamed asparagus, and honey poached pear for dessert. That home cooked meal had me falling in love with Rick! That man could cook! Although, instead of honey poached pear, Rick opened a can of Del Monte pears and put the can on the plate with a spoon. I had a good laugh at that, and they were pretty good pears