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Shared by Jack Spear on May 1, 2022
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my friend Rick. His passing reminds me, and reinforces the need to tell the people you love how much you love them. Those you love can be taken from this life in a moment... you CANNOT look back in regret. saying '... i should have told them more often how much they are loved'.. do it now.
Reflecting on Rick today I am remembering that although we lived far apart we would spend time together 2 or 3 times a year, making great memories. He even faked being a Raider football fan one day at a local Raider pub. I miss his knack for 'busting my chops' on just about anything I did.... which he did only in a loving manner. I would bust his right back. His calm, cool, even tempered personality was/is something that inspires me daily. I miss the long conversations we had, whether it be football, politics, or just stuff, it is missed.
I take solace in knowing that he (and my late wife Jane) are somewhere in heaven looking down on us. Encouraging and supporting as they always did.
I miss you my FRIEND !!!!

Happy Birthday my friend

Shared by Jack Spear on February 12, 2022
Today would have been my friend Rick's 70th birthday. Although he was only 3 months my senior he always reminded me to respect my elders. It has been nearly a year since he left us, but it seems like only yesterday he was busting my chops about something stupid.

I will always remember our good times and cherish the great adventures 

Rest in peace my brother
Shared by Chuck Campbell on October 12, 2021
People enter & exit our lives most are forgotten. Others like Rick are lost but never forgotten!  Rick & I went to high school together in Anderson, IN and became best friends after graduation. Rick introduced me to my first wife & was in our wedding. My work took me away from Indiana & my friend for years & when I returned Rick was gone, to Denver I heard. 
Over the last 45 years I’ve thought of our times together, like sitting together in the jump seat of another friends sports car when the left front wheel came off! We lifted the car & put the wheel back on. 
Today Rick popped into my memory as it does from time to time & I took a shot at Googling hisname & our old hometown. I’m saddened to learn of his passing, but thrilled to learn of a life filled with love!I read the other tributes of others who Rick touched. I’m sorry for our loss, but as you’ve all stated, he will never be forgotten! RIP my friend.

My first friend

Shared by Ed Cates on May 4, 2021
I met Rick on my first bicycle ride in Harmeson Heights. I was riding down the street and he came tearing across the yard on his bike to intercept me. We ended up in his garage eating bologna sandwiches and drinking grape cool ade. I was nine and he was seven. We became fast friends and shared many adventures and misadventures over the years in the neighborhood. Big Rick, RIP my old friend and thanks for all the great times we shared as kids. 

Rick fulfilling a promise (his way

Shared by Ashley Berkebile on May 4, 2021
Over the years Rick and I have lived in many places. We always decided to make the move to a new place into a road trip. When we talked ourselves into moving to Kansas City from Seattle (not the best choice), we decided to visit the 2 big national parks (Yellowstone and Glacier). 
I wanted to see a moose so bad, and Rick being Rick, promised me that he would make sure I saw one. I thought, "Rick must have some kind of moose whispering skills". We made it to each park and never saw a moose, which was a bummer, but it happens.
As we continued on to Kansas City, I forgot all about the moose. About 20 miles outside Kansas City, Rick pulls into Cabela's. When I asked why we were stopping, he said "you'll see". Totally confused, I followed him into the store having no idea what was happening. And what does Rick do? He walks over to a stuffed moose, looks at me and says "here's your moose, want a picture with it?" 
I just stood there and looked at Rick with a look of WTF! He smiled and said, "I promised you a moose, you can't say I didn't deliver". I could't argue with that.

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