Slick rick

Shared by Alan Scott on May 2, 2020
One of my uncles that I pattern myself after! From having fish tanks with the piranhas from have the big screen tv that we watched countless fights on from being the only black man that I know went to vegas way back then. Unc should have been a millionaire as you know he was one of the first black man that I know had his own hair supply store. RIP UNCLE 
Shared by Lenn Rich on May 1, 2020
This is Lenn Richardson, my fondest memory of Ricky was his style in clothes, the way he danced, and how he enjoyed life to the fullest, and he always worked hard to be able to get the finer things in life. I have modeled my life after him in so many ways, the way I dress, the way I work, the way I like the finest things in life, knowing that if you want it you gotta work to get it, he will surely be missed. By his lil brother Lenn.

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