his Life

Ricky Allen Flowers Life

Ricky was born in Montgomery hospital March 5, 1954 . He was back and forth from California.Penn and Ohio for 37 years of his life. He found his mom in 1991. Then he meet me Brenda Pack we was together for 26 years. He loved to work with his hands .he made bows, arrows, arrow heads from different materiel . leather work. He loved fishing . about 9 years if not longer. He had got his ankle hurt. It would not heel. Than in May 22.  2016 He had to get both legs cut off above the knee. Than Jan 2018 he started dialysis at the center. In July they made it to were he could have a tube in his stomach so we could do home dialysis. We started doing manual dialysis in July . 4 to to 5 times a day. In August. I would set Libby up that is the name of the machine. Then in the morning unhook it. In the last few months he wouldn't get up just to go to bathroom. It was hard on him to see me in back pain . I told him if I needed to I would crawl to do something or to hook up machine . I loved him with every fiber of my body. I told him 2 days before he passed that God was first in my life .he said it was the same for him. On New Years Eve at 12:00 we kissed. And we both said that we loved each other. Then at 4:00 he woke me with the buzzer .he said I really need to go to the bathroom . I unhooked him. He went and sat on toilet for about ten minutes. I ask him was he ok. He nodded his head yes. I went about 5 minute later. He tried to get up on electric wheelchair. There was no way I could lift him .I ask  him to dig down deep . he started to breath hard. I told him to sit back at that time his eyes was rolling back in his head. His head slid over to the wall . he was dead .doctor said he went fast didn't have any pain . my Daughter and Shawn was there with me .with a massive heart attack. You go in a second.