Shared by Jessica Smith on November 19, 2011

cuz ..... i remember u bringin me the baseball shirts the cardinals to ash bday party when i ws preg wit troy u bought this big shirt that was so big i could slp in i told u now u kno i aint that big wat u tryin to tell me ricky im fat now lol... u said no baby girl u not but u will be in a few weeks sure enough u was rite i blew up real quick... i wont forgot the phone calls u did just to check on me and makin sure c.j ws treatin me rite if not he would have to deal wit u.. sure enough i knew u wont kidding cause u were so protected over us .. and to make  sure ma was 0k.. always sayin how much u miss us and that u love us... i wish u were here now .. and i just will never understand y u had to go... but i no u are here in my heart and even tho i wont see u u will always look out for me....

Shared by Courtney Hunt on November 16, 2011

Brother I will surely miss you.. I remember the last time I talked with you on the phone your last words were bye sis I love you take care of them babies.. You always told me that everytime before you hung up the phone... I love you and miss you dearly watch over me and the babies I will see you again when I get to the other side! love your lil sis

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