This tribute was added by Kaija Slaughter on May 25, 2020
Can't and don't wanna believe my cousin is really gone. We always talked and laughed and I remember laughing one time you told me that just because I'm grown don't think I can't ask for help or ever call you just to talk or just to say hey and that we are family and that'll never change. I miss talking to you and laughing and you telling me you were proud of me and that I had your love and support and I was still your little cuz even being grown.
I'm a miss talking to you and laughing and just catching up and you and Mark talking junk to each other till y'all laughed lol Making plans to get together and you always saying if we needed anything let you know you would try your best even when me and your aunt said it's ok and you still said we family and that's what family do.
I'm trying so hard not to cry but it's hard and I wish we could talk one more time and laugh. We gone miss you and we love you and forever family. I'm still your little cuz even though I'm grown. Rest In Heaven cousin,we love and miss you.
This tribute was added by Shirley Baldwin on May 22, 2020
May your hearts continue to hold those wonderful memories of your loved one.
This tribute was added by Gloria Reid on May 21, 2020
I met you 10+ years ago, through one of my bestfriends and through association of another family. You were goofy, caring, good spirits and loved life. I can't believe you are gone. May you rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Tywanda Mooty on May 20, 2020
Our friendship was short.but felt ill miss you Ricky .
This tribute was added by Remeeka Render on May 19, 2020
This tribute was added by Deja Henry on May 19, 2020
Cuzin, I'mma Miss U So So So Much. I Love U. I Miss Ur Voice and That Smile. I remember when I chased the ice cream truck. I Miss U Everyday. Love Bambiii
This tribute was added by Todd Lovelace on May 19, 2020
Rest in peace nephew, sorry that we didn't get to know each other a little better but you in my thoughts till we meet again
This tribute was added by Coleman Smith on May 19, 2020
Rest up my nigga you will be missed the laughs the talks even the be on yo shit bruh ONE LOVE
This tribute was added by Julie Render on May 19, 2020
To our nephew we miss you remember you will be in our hearts and will be never missed.God will take care of you. You are in the heavens and flying free and looking at us. Love always Uncle Chucky & Aunite Julie and the family.
This tribute was added by Kenya Afreh on May 19, 2020
This is so hard for me right now, I was not expecting for this to happen. I just want to say I appreciate all you’ve done for me and my kids throughout our blessed relationship/friendship this hit me to the core and I’m working very hard to keep it together. I will cherish the memories we had together always until my last breath. Ricky you are terribly loved by my son Ton Ton look down on all of us and keep doing for us like how you’ve always done for us... keeping me laughing yes we might fight but that’s life and I thank you just for the positive energy you bring around me now. I know you are in a better place right now I wished I could of seen you one last time but hearing your voice is sometimes enough for me right now . My mind is so foggy right now everything is racing with memory of you. Thank you so much Ricky Moore I love you this is not Goodbye but until we meet again I’m sure of it. This is soooo hard for me I wished we could of shared one last laugh together, one last EVERYTHING!!!! You and your family have been such a blessing to me. That I will cherish I got you till the very end. RICKYS WORLD WE LOVE YOU TICKY

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