My angel

Shared by chiara glover on August 16, 2011

Jordan  was in life an angel and i know continues to be as she looks down on all of us.

My memories of Jordan are close to my heart as I miss my daily hug from her - she was my hero as she took me under her wing at school, being younger than her.  She was everything I admired...a friend, someone who know matter what always put a smile on my face, I thought of Jordan as my 'big sister' and every day i left school with my daily hug.

My mum always says she smiled as she saw Jordan's face light up when her dad came to collect her and how they walked off hand in hand together, Jordan smiling looking up and her dad glowing with pride.

She was my angel then and she is my angel now, still there for me when i need someone to share my thoughts with...i only wish i could feel that hug one more time.

Love you Jordan, always in my heart.


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