His Life

Celebration of Life in Memory of Rishi Parbhakar

The family of Rishi Parbhakar would like to invite you to attend a celebration of life service in his honor. We invite you to brighten our lives in our time of grief by sharing your happiest memories of Rishi. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021 
11AM-3:00PM PT (7:00PM BST)
The Canyon House 
75 Esencia Drive 
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694
RSVP to Radhika at if you will be joining us in person.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to a charity of your choice in Rishi's honor. 

Rishi’s Thoughts on Education and Teaching

"I don't want to sound cliche but I am not a normal teacher. I teach the curriculum but my main goal is that they leave every day with more joy and optimism than they came in with. At that young age, you can strive to be anything you want and I am here to guide them in that direction. Modern teaching is broken and I want to fix it."  
                                                      -Rishi Parbhakar

Rishi Sports

Post by Rishi's Dad.

I felt sympathy for Rishi being a lifelong fan of Arizona sports teams. He suffered through the long drought of losing seasons and the thrill and relief of the Suns getting to the NBA finals and the Cardinals playing in the Super Bowl 2009, we were at the event and he had the biggest smile most of the game only for us to lose by inches at the very end. The Suns met a similar fate on a last minute shot by John Paxson of the Bulls in the 1993 finals.

Rishi enjoyed playing basketball and flag football in the junior leagues. He would get embarrassed by his exuberant mom cheering from the sideline. He firmly believed that a visit by his grandparents to the game would lead to certain loss. 

Rishi loved UFC and MMA. His excitement prior to  a big fight was infectious whether you were a fan or not.

Baby Rishi

Rishi was born on Wednesday 23rd of March 1988, at Good Samaritan Hospital Phoenix, Arizona.
After he was delivered he was not crying and the Doctor slapped his behind, baby Rishi gave out a 3 second cry. He was a chill baby, even at birth he didn't want to be loud.
He was the best baby, always content. Even his milestones were just a matter of fact, like crawling, walking, and him dictating when he was ready not to wear diapers anymore. 
He was definitely a Mama's boy. 

Rishi talking his Mom out of grounding him

Rishi Parbhakar age 11. Me: You are grounded... Rishi: Mom, you have never grounded any of your children. You don't even know the rules of grounding. That made sense and it was the last time I tried to execute the grounding tradition that American parents follow.

School Projects

Class projects K-HS Senior Contribution Mom: 60% Rishi Parbhakar : 40% Times we burned the midnight oil: Almost always, because I would find out said project is due in one or two days Grade: A or A+ Time spent together completing projects: Priceless.
Rishi was so smart, school work was a cake walk for him.