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I’ll See You In the Flowers

Shared by Pearl Yamaguchi on May 5, 2021
Today, before the memorial service, I walked through a quiet arboretum full of beautiful trees and flowers. I was thinking so much about Rita, who I first met 12 years ago in Hawai’i when I worked with her sister Tasha. I felt so sad and tearful and yet I couldn’t help but admire the colorful flowers around me. It was mentioned at the service that although we’re naturally feeling the loss of Rita’s wonderful spirit, we can still feel connected to her as we go about our days in this physical world. I did feel her presence today as I walked through the garden, and I look forward to meeting her again and again when I’m surrounded by nature’s beauty.


Shared by Pablo Orozco-Castro on May 5, 2021
One of the things that I will really miss about Rita was her sense of quirky humor. She would often call me a FAKEatarian, as I was in transition from eating meat to eating a more plant based diet in college. On occasion I would eat meat from time to time as part of my transition. And when Rita and I used to eat together at the Dining Halls, her face would light up with a smirk and a joyful laugh and call out FAKEatarian. It was a priceless reaction.

Funny to hear the story that her grandma shared when she was 4 years old she went to McDonalds and told her grandma that she was vegetarian and then ordered chicken McNuggets. She made so many connections with others and will always have a long-loving lasting impact on the world.

I will always miss singing, dancing and being quirky with you , but I know that you are always with us <3 <3 <3

2 Beautiful Sisters

Shared by Gita Singhal on May 4, 2021
Rita and Tasha -  I always remember you both as two sweet beautiful sisters - forever young.  You both were the highlight at the wedding.

Rita you are now dancing with the angels and shining bright with the stars!  You will be missed but never forgotten.  
God Bless you Rita 

Shared by Jennifer Schmidt on May 4, 2021
I met Rita when we both worked with kids. She had an infectious smile and was always so enthusiastic. She saw the best in people and was willing to share her open heart and wonder of the world. I was so grateful that we kept in touch as we transitioned to different workplaces and was always happy to catch up with her. She was a caring, genuine, and true friend and I will miss her so much.

Rita's 21st Birthday - UC Santa Cruz (2011)

Shared by Chris Vu on May 4, 2021
Stigma Slimers happened to host an open mic night on 11/16/2011, Rita's birthday. Friends planned a surprise birthday party for her (with cupcakes!).
Shared by Nathaleen Palomino on May 3, 2021
Rita taught me that self-care and self love meant having boundaries. She did it in a way that was empowering and loving. I always felt safe around her and with a sense of purpose every time we met for our Stigma Slimers meetings at UCSC.

Even after college, she made sure to reach out and check-in. She was the kind of friend we all wish we could be. Rita had an amazing aura that exuded vibrancy and love. She always left you feeling better about yourself and the world around us. I am forever grateful to have met her.

2008 - Greece

Shared by Tasha Kamegai-Karadi on May 1, 2021
On our trip to Greece, they were doing folk dancing at dinner. Grandpa and Rita got up and showed off for the whole room!

New Mexico - Neon Wolf

Shared by Tasha Kamegai-Karadi on May 1, 2021
Rita was so excited to see this museum in New Mexico. She loved more modern art, and this was one of the coolest places I've seen. 

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