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Shared by Gonzalo Perez on February 13, 2021
I will post stories of my Dad which really helped guide me in my journey through life.  Through these stories I hope to share what made my Dad such a great person.  I will first share a story about the strength of dealing with grief.
When I was 24 years old, my mother, who was only 45 years old, became very ill and had to be transported to the Hospital by ambulance.  After she underwent surgery, we were eventually told that she was not going to recover.  My dad, my two brothers and I were together at the hospital as we waited for my mother to pass away.  While we waited for her final breath, my brothers and I were told that my grandfather Jose had passed away in Mexico.  This was my Dad’s father.  We were given this information because they were leaving it up to us (my brothers and I) to make the decision about telling my Dad.  My brothers and I knew we had to tell him.       
My brothers and I were losing my mother and grandfather and we were devastated.  My Dad was losing his wife and his father on this day.  The exact details leading up to us telling him seems like a blur.  I remember we asked my dad to walk outside the hospital with us.  Once outside we told him that we had more bad news for him.  He asked how it could be worse.  We told him that his father had just passed away.  I expected him to curse this day, to feel sorry for himself, to ask why this was all happening to him, because this was actually how I felt.  My dad cried some more after we told him and he said maybe it was best that all bad things happen to him on the same day.  I did not believe the strength my dad had at that moment.  It made me stronger to hear him say that.  
Dad, I look back on that day and I use it to give me the strength to deal with your death now.  I am not going to feel sorry for myself, I will not curse the day, I will not ask why.  I will make myself a better person and I will always have you in my mind and heart.  I will live to enjoy life and to make it better for the people that I can.  I thank God he made me your son and for the time we had together. 
Always, you loving son.  

Shared by Linda Lopez on February 12, 2021
Mi tío una excelente persona siempre alegre y con un respeto grandísimo hacia los demás y con un gran corazón. Jamas  seme a olvidado de mis tíos Rito y mi tía gloria que cuando iban a mexico a vicitar  mis abuelitos y nosotras íbamos a mirarlos ellos siempre eran muy cariñosos con nosotros y nos llevaban un regalito y la pasábamos muy bien con mis primos.

Despues cuando mi mamá se fue mi tío siempre estuvo  al pendiente de nosotros siempre nos llamaba para saber cómo estábamos ,un día fuimos a su casa con mi tía Elvira y mi tía felixrecuerdo que estaban cosiendo nopalitos de su huerto pero,como todavía no estaban fue y nos trajo pizza siempre muy amable mi tío siempre recordaré su hermosa sonrisa lo vamos  a extrañar muchísimo pero siempre estará en mi corazón y le doy gracias a mi tía Elvira por cuidar siempre de él y a mis primos les digo que los quiero mucho mi tío fue un padre exemplar ❤️
Shared by Ivan Rios on February 11, 2021
Like my brother Horacio said you were a big part of our early childhood all the way up until now. I remember the days of going to Bob's burgers after church having a family meal feeling like a real family and the times you would take me to my little league games and practice. You didn't have to take us in but you did and for that you will always have a special place in my heart. To me you were never a step dad you were our dad too. Even when i was having problems with my biological dad or just problems in general you always were there to hear me out and give advice. I loved hearing your stories about your cars and seeing your art was always inspired me to draw again. You were a great man an honorable man and i will miss you. 

Tío Rito

Shared by Makayla Perez on February 11, 2021
Hello my name is Makayla Perez, and I am the niece of my tía Elvira. I wanted to share a memory I had with my tío Rito that I will forever cherish. When I was a little girl I would stay at my grandmas house, and my tía and tío would always come to visit. As I would play in the front yard I remember seeing them turn the corner in the red jeep, and I would be excited to see him. Mainly because I knew he would play with me. Every time that Rito would come over he would open the front gate of the fence and I would run straight towards him. He would lift me up high off the ground and spin me as fast as he could. There was never a time when my tío came over and would not spin me.  I remember that even after he’d spin me, I would always sit wherever he sat in my little red chair and play games with him. I will miss you dearly tío. 
Love, “mi kelita”
My deepest condolences to my tío’s family.
Shared by Horacio Rios on February 10, 2021
Its very difficult where to start and to find the right words to say. So maybe it's best to start from the beginning. I remember when my mom first brought you over to introduce us to you. I would be lying if I were to say things started well but we were extremely young and coming to terms with my parents divorce. The idea of a new person in my moms life scared me. Things started off a little rocky as you tried and we resisted. I remember you would give us rides to school in your 80s Pontiac firebird and I thought the car was really cool. We gradually warmed up to you and realized what a truly great person you were. I feel they broke the mold after you. You didnt have to give a damn about us but you did. I remember when i was 10 and you gave in to taking me to kb toys back in 2000 so I could participate in the pokemon league. You could have had multiple reasons to say no but you said yes. Probably because my mom would have also said no. I'll never forget the time where we when my brother and I showed you how to cook hotdogs over the stove top with a fork like they do in camping. We bonded alot. Like the times we went to Bob's burgers to buy my mom a steak sandwich for her lunch or when we would take the leaves to earn a video game rental from blockbuster. Those are all memories that I will forever treasure. Not having you here anymore leaves a void in my life. I'm going to miss seeing you, talking about cars, listening to your stories. Words alone cannot express the amount of love and respect we have for you. You never treated us any different. You never held my dads problems with my mom over us. You loved us despite our flaws. You never treated us like stepchildren. To you, we were your children too. We were never strangers in your home. To us you were not just a stepfather. You were our father. And I am proud to call you dad.

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