This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Zimmerman. We will remember him forever!

Posted by Ward Zimmerman on May 29, 2020
It has been just over 6 years and the pain of loss remains. My dearly loved uncle and father will forever be in my thoughts and memories. Such a great man and wonderful conversationalist.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on July 25, 2019
Happy Birthday..........
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 7, 2019
Five years! Memories.....
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on December 25, 2018
Always together! Merry Christmas!
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on July 25, 2018
Happy Birthday...Miss you!
Posted by Fernando Calzzani on May 9, 2018
Not easily forgotten. Not that easy Bob, not that easy.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 7, 2018
4 years......R I P.....
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on December 26, 2017
In the mind silence
the infinite door opens
for dreams to came true
Posted by Melissa Jarrell on July 24, 2017
Happy Birthday Bob!! Always missed...Never forgotten!!
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on July 24, 2017
Happy Birthday...........I miss you
Posted by Vanessa Gaioso on May 31, 2017
I had the best opportunity in my life to meet and spent the best time with this man. I will never forget the adventures we had! I will never forget his smile and joy. Bob was an admirable and lovely person!
Posted by Melissa Jarrell on May 7, 2017
No farewells were spoken. No time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it and only God knows why!
Goodbye is not the end! Watch over each of us until we meet again!
I think of you often with sorrow in my heart. I find peace that one day you will never have to part. Your memory will never fade, we hold you close until it is our special reunioun day!!
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 6, 2017
Go rosebud go now
perfume his hands in my dream
blooming with my love
Posted by Melissa Jarrell on July 24, 2016
Happy Birthday to a truly wonderful man who is dearly missed with each passing day!
~Melissa Jarrell
Posted by Hazel Zimmerman on May 7, 2016
My beloved brother died two years ago, but my memories of him never fade. His spirit is part of me and the life that we shared for 83 years. Where he has gone, I will go.
Posted by Melissa Jarrell on May 6, 2016
Another year has passed and the memories of Bob still make me smile. However, time has not healed the pain and tears in my heart. I am forever grateful for Bob, and his Dearest Adelaide.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 6, 2016
Always in my heart. Saudade Infinita!
Posted by Jucara Freimark on May 4, 2016
Just missing you Bob! I often come to your site so I can see your pictures again and remember the wonderful human being you always were and to send your love ones my prayers to heal their hearts as we all miss you tremendously.
Posted by Marcia Stubblebine on April 30, 2016
I miss Bob Zimmerman each and every day, my first husband when I studied Biology at UFSCAR from 1974 , 1975.1976 and 1977.
He was a visionary, a man of tremendous Inteligence and more than anyone else worked on my young mind to encourage a future career as a scientist.  After I left my country of origin we kept in touch through the decades and we would visit each other every 3, 4 years.
Bob made all of us younger students believe in our talent and potential.

He called me his Italiana!!! We would laugh about all those old times.
Forever grateful for such positive influence and specially grateful for such a marvelous wife, Adelaide. 
People should live longer and Bob promised me that he would live up to 100 years. Seriously believed he so sad he is gone.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 6, 2015
Haikus 4 Bob

You loved music and...
you ended like a tragic opera,
that I didn’t rehearse

Deep and bright blue eyes
open windows to the world,
now with closed curtains

Tell me where are you
I am looking all around
tears blur my vision
Posted by Melissa Jarrell on May 6, 2015
May 6, 2015
It is hard to believe that it has been one year since we lost such a dear man. Bob's exuberant smile, and unmatched charisma will never fade from my mind in the least.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on December 25, 2014
Those bright blue eyes

Those bright blue eyes…
so happy looking at me
transmitting love, peace,
energy and knowledge

Those bright blue eyes…
were young and alive
eager for new adventures
and make them materialize

Those bright blue eyes…
continuously registering images
translated as funny stories
for my heart advantages

Those bright blue eyes…
always dancing with nature
analyzing its behaviors
of unknown conjectures

Those bright blue eyes…
in which I dove so deep
to find a shining soul
too humble for someone to keep

Those bright blue eyes…
for not suppressing emotions
sometimes dropped tears
derived of their ocean

Those bright blue eyes…
vanished unexpectedly
leaving my dark ones
only with their memories
Posted by Yvonne Mascarenhas on July 19, 2014
Dear Bob was an important friend for many participants of the Physics Institute of São Carlos. He and Bernard Gross joined Sergio Mascarenhas and both did an excellent contribution toward the establishment of research in solid state physics advising many students.
Posted by John Baglin on July 18, 2014
For many years, I was privileged to know Bob, both as a wise and brilliant professional colleague, and dedicated scientist, and also as a thoughtful, patient, generous and always-cheerful friend. He was always more than ready to offer help in a task. And he was an inspiring person with whom to share insights and opinions about the larger issues of the world. His philosophical perspectives and friendly company will indeed be sorely missed. But his legacy of optimism and generosity will long survive among all of his associates and colleagues.
Posted by Edith Carrigy on July 14, 2014
Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your husband. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

I did not know Dr. Zimmerman as a physicist, a teacher, a mentor or a pilot. During the time I worked at CIM, I got to know him as a man of great kindness and warmth and the positive affect he had on his students and colleagues. He will be remembered as a wonderful man.

Edith Carrigy
Posted by Heitor Vicente Rosa on July 13, 2014
Bob was a great friend, fed my dreams during the years I was away from home. I remember the trips we made his plane, always having fun with the scariest weather situations. I'll always remember this simple smile when you're in the air (flying). Memories of my family.

Heitor Vicente Rosa
Goiatuba, Goiás, Brazil
Posted by Izadora Dourado on July 13, 2014
Bob , Você foi e sempre será uma pessoal especial em minha vida , suas qualidades e visão de vida , sempre objetiva e sem medo de viver .Sempre admirei você .
Estará sempre em minha lembrança .

Izadora Dourado
Posted by Caroline Santamaria on July 12, 2014
Huntsville, Alabama, Summer 2001.
Our training at the CIM was just started that you and Dr Holland were already taking us, the French students, on board of your Mooney and Cesna. Before we knew we were flying to Cape Canaveral for the launch of a space shuttle. I was 21 and coming to the US was already a big step. These journeys with you Robert, as well as these discussions during the cheese&wine parties with the CIM’s crew were a trip in the trip. I could endlessly listen to your adventurous stories in Brazil told humorously. You were chasing rainbows in the sky and I learnt from you that seen from the air, they were complete circles. Dear Robert, thank you for who you were and for having fed in me this passion to discover the world and its fabulous people.

All my deepest thoughts go to your relatives.
Yours sincerely, Caroline.
Posted by Steve Dickinson on July 8, 2014
ROBERT LEE ZIMMERMAN      July 24, 1929 – May 6, 2014

   Robert lee Zimmerman, also known to me and so many others as “Uncle Bob”, was so many things. I would fail if I attempted to describe them all.
   Bob was born to Nettie and Ward Zimmerman (the original) July 24th 1929 in South Dakota. He was born fourth of five children, having one older sister Donna Gene, two older brothers, Jim and Ward, and one younger sister Hazel. (who is with us today)
   Bob has two children, David and Jane; and five grandchildren. He married his wife, my Aunt Adelaide on Feb 25th 1993, whom he loved, as she rivaled him in character.
   Bob graduated high school at the young age of 14, and went on to graduate from M.I.T. with a doctorate at only age 22. He taught for 36 years at the University of Sao Paolo, and also was a physics professor at AAMU in Huntsville, Alabama. Home was where his heart was; and his heart was in Brazil.
   Yes, Bob was an educated man, an intelligent, accomplished man. One known by many for his accomplishments. But, That is not what truly makes a man who he is…it is just what he does. WHAT MAKES A MAN IS HIS CHARACTER AND THE TRAITS HE BESTOWS.
   If you know Bob only for his accomplishments, then I am sorry, you did not know who Bob really was.
   Bob was a patient man: Showing attentiveness and always being willing to take time to LISTEN to the things that were important to others, even if that person was a small child whose life’s concerns revolved around butterflies and hot chocolate. Despite the intelligence he was blessed with, it was obvious the simple things in life were more important.
   Through his gentleness, Bob showed personal care and concern in meeting the needs of others before his own were met; often forgoing his own desires to make sure others were put first.
   In this way Bob showed love and selflessness, giving to others basic needs without having any motive for personal reward.
   Bob was not a respecter of persons. Meaning: Neither a person’s level of intelligence, financial status, or outward appearance in life, affected how he treated them. In this way he showed tolerance, not prejudice. He showed acceptance of others as unique expressions of specific character qualities in varying degrees of maturity.
   Bob was always eager to show benevolence and hospitality. Through his generosity, Bob allowed others to experience things that they otherwise would have missed. These experiences were far from limited, and inspired those who received such “gifts” to go farther, think deeper, and have more confidence in themselves. During his years in Brazil, he started a tennis school for students that helped kids win scholarships to universities around the world!
   Bob was very humble. I never remember him promoting himself or his accomplishments. He never bragged about his successes, but rather laughed at his failures! Instead he encouraged others to overcome their self determined limitations and make something of themselves, to leave a “foot print in the sand” per say, in whatever field that inspired them.
   Bob encouraged creativity. He took the time to listen to the ideas of others, especially those that had little or no “higher education”. He appreciated the uninhibited “fresh” approach from minds that had not been trained to think in only one direction, or from a “learned” perspective. Bob Said once, “…I find that people with free minds… are able to solve complicated issues, problems, or tasks by thinking outside the box…If they don’t know that it is impossible…if they don’t know that they can’t…they usually are more able to accomplish what they set out to do, or to solve.” Bob always had a way of making a person feel smarter than they were.
   Bob loved a challenge of any kind. In fact, he learned to do most anything he set his mind to. From playing classical guitar, learning to fly and receive his private pilot’s license and owning his own plane, to designing and flying his own hang glider. He loved to ski. I spent many times “chasing Bob down the slopes of Mt. Hood (one of his favorite playgrounds) His eyes bright with enthusiasm and his beard full of snow and icicles! “Let’s do that again!” he’d say. “ I want to see if I can “shred” that run again! (which was a term he learned from my teenage daughter.) At one time, he and one of my younger daughters were the oldest and youngest skiers on the mountain; with Bob in his 80’s, and my daughter barely 2 years old. And they skied together. He would wait with me to take the snowcat up to the highest skiable part of Mt Hood and then he ski all the way down with “Style”!
   Bob loved adventure. He never limited his experiences. If there was ever anything that was beyond his physical capabilities, he would encourage others to do it while he cheered them on.
   Bob never made you meet him at his level. He met you at yours.
   Bob’s legacy will continue NOT by what he accomplished, but rather by what he has encouraged others to accomplish. Who Bob was, is not gone. It can be found as inspiration in hundreds, if not thousands of people his life touched. Bob has forever changed the world in this way because so many were inspired and encouraged by him, his character will carry on and continue to inspire others in the future. I know it has changed me.
   I can truly say Bob was great. After all he was my GREAT UNCLE BOB.

 Written from the heart with love, by his great nephew, Steve Dickinson Jr.
Posted by Daryush ILA on July 4, 2014
From Oswaldo Baffa
   I first met Bob Zimmerman as my professor and mentor at the undergraduate Physics in Sao Carlos, later in 1984 he was hired as a full professor at the Physics Department of University of Sao Paulo-Ribeirão Preto, Brazil and became our leader. His first action was to create a Master´s graduate program in Physics Applied to Medicine and Biology that evolved to a PhD and finally to an undergraduate program in Medical Physics. This was a key step to consolidate a research group in this area that now has national and international recognition.
   Bob played also an important role as a mentor of our department, always willing to discuss an experimental result that could not be understood, by reading and analyzing the writing of a scientific paper and even editing the English text. He always had an original approach to solve problems, whatever they were. Once he was so involved with the research of chaotic system that he wanted to tile a wall of his house in a pseudo random way following a Feigenbaum (who is a leading researcher in chaos research) series and produces fantastic images.
   He loved adventure sports. Running, skiing, climbing mountains, flying a hang glider and flew his own plane until this last trip… When he ran, he used to tell us that the oxygenation and increased body temperature would activate his brain and he could solve many difficult problems. However, when his body went to the resting state he would forget the solution!
   Bob had a shy personality and in recent years our department tried several times to do a tribute to him, but he always managed to escape. It was a shame that we could not tell him everything we would like say when he was still alive. At the age of 84 he had a youthful vitality and still so much to teach us. All who had any contact with him will deeply feel his loss. My sympathy to his family.
Posted by Claudio Carvalho on July 4, 2014
To Bob
I had the pleasure to meet him around 1980's and after that, I have learned to see the world with different eyes because Bob taught me a lot of about physics and life. He was an amazing person, good tennis player and friend. I would like to write much more about him, but I will just say, "We will remember you forever and ever" Thanks Bob.
Claudio Carvalho
Posted by Osvaldo Novais on July 3, 2014
Bob was a dear lecturer during my undergrad in Sao Carlos. My colleagues and I admired the way he dealt with students, his skills in the lab, the way he approached life.
My recollections of his warmth toward the students, which continued in our encounters after he left Sao Carlos, will be always in my mind. Bob taught us by example. The lessons of how a scientist may be humble and generous will never be forgotten.

Osvaldo Novais (Chu)
Former student of Bob, now professor at São Carlos Institute of Physics
Posted by Dee Smith on June 15, 2014
I met "Gramps" through my cousin Gena Scott McGill. I would always hear her talk about this man and after awhile was wondering who this person was that was so good to my cousin and wasn't a relative. I finally got to meet him and was impressed that he was a very special person with a genuine heart to help and influence young people and that he did. My cousin would tell me of her trips to Brazil to vacation with "Gramps" family.

Eventually I met his wife and found her to be a lovely person as well. My heart goes out to the family during difficult journey. I understand "Gramps" lived his life to the fullest and was there to help others and what a void life will be without his presence. I agree with my cousin, Gena, I will take the good and enjoy this journey while serving others.

My sincere heartfelt sympathy to all of his family members in this loss of your loved one Robert Lee Zimmerman.

Donna Smith
Posted by Gena Mcgill on June 13, 2014
I wish to extend my condolences to the family of the late Dr. Robert E. Zimmerman, whom I affectionately called “Gramps”.
I was very fortunate to have met him, as a student, back in 1992 at Alabama A&M University in undergraduate school. Over a period of time and with observation I realized he reminded me of my mother’s father, who was also of German decent, which is why I gave him the name “Gramps”. Over the years we developed a very close and loving grandfather-granddaughter relationship. I was very blessed to be his guest in Brazil on two separate occasions and he took me up in his airplane to show me various islands from an aerial view. When we first met, as a student, we would go to Pizza Hut frequently to eat. Then later in time I would meet him, along with others, at various restaurants. We also shared attending concerts at the Von Braun Civic Center. We had fun meeting at Books-A-Million, along with other friends. He enjoyed the meals I prepared for him, when he was in the states alone, and I included his wife and the Holland’s when they were in Alabama, as well. They also had the pleasure of being guest in my mother’s home and enjoyed her culinary skills, as well.
I was so impressed with how he lived his life with such an unassuming posture with no need to talk about his academic accomplishments, his material gains, his having his own private airplane, having his own Tennis Camp in Brazil and on and on. He was the most unassuming person I have known to have acquired so much, yet did not display outwardly his successes. He had such an impact on me that I chose to emulate him for the fine qualities I saw in him. I observed how he always managed and negotiated life with firm but nice assertion skills. The legacy he left me is maintaining a “free spirit”. He will be forever missed by me and my parents. I am grateful he was able to meet my husband, Ronnie McGill when he visited our home last year. 
Gramps would asked me this question, “Am I a faded memory?” when time and distance had kept us apart. My response then and now is “No Gramps, your memory will live on forever”.  Affectionately, Your Granddaughter, Gena McGill
Posted by Bonita Spencer on June 13, 2014
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the wife and family members of the late Dr. Robert E. Zimmerman.

We had the pleasure of meeting him and coming to know him as “Gramps” through my daughter, Gena Scott- McGill. He meant so much to her and he gave so much to her that was intangible and will always be a part of her. He was such a positive influence in her life. We enjoyed entertaining him in our home on many occasions. Some of those times included Dr. Ila, The Holland’s and a young man from Brazil, who Gramps brought along and he played the guitar in my home. We had a grand time that evening. Then some years later, Gramps blessed us with his presence at our wedding on November 21, 2008. 
His life ended tragically, but we must remember…his end came doing it “his way” and that we must respect. He will be forever remembered by so many for so many reasons too numerous to mention. May you find comfort with time and rest in having known such a giant of a man. Sincerely, Richard & Bonnie Spencer, Millsboro, Delaware.
Posted by Iouri Borissevitch on June 7, 2014
This is from Galina and Iouri Borissevitch, russian friends of Robert Lee Zimmerman.
We know Bob for 15 years and during all this time we couldn´t stop admiring him, his life philosophy, his great heart. He has always been a “teenager” in the best sense of this word.
We would like to present one episode which characterizes Bob very well. Once we were flying in his monomotor and suddenly he decided to wash the plane and entered a storm-cloud. We were very impressed by the situation and slightly frightened. But when the plane left the cloud we were recompensed for our fright as we saw a complete round rainbow down the plane! Bobby was happy and very proud as if he himself has made it!
We were even closer due to our love for animals. We remember various examples of his interaction with the creatures. Once in our house he felt tired and lay down on a sofa. One of our dogs, the size of a Labrador, immediately lay down nearby. Bobby was clapping slightly its nose and the both seemed completely happy.
It is impossible to believe that he is not with us. He has always been interested in everything new, he has always been a boy in spite of his venerable age.
We´ll miss Bobby forever.
Posted by Lia Fletcher on June 5, 2014
Rest in peace, “Robert-Robert!” The world lost a rare gem! An unpretentious genius… who got a PhD from MIT at 21… ran 10 miles a day at 72… and flew airplanes all the way to 84. I will always remember the many nights we spent drinking Beaujolais, eating your homemade bread, or pumpkin pie with butter pecan ice cream. Thanks to you, my transcripts will forever display A+ in physics with calculus… as only an innate professor could transform a Bachelor of Arts candidate into a physics wiz! I will never forget your amazing stories from your youth in Massachusetts all the way to your love escapades in Brazil. I am sad to see you go, but you could not have had a more fitting end… and for that I am happy for you. It was a pleasure knowing you! Until we meet again! Yours truly, “Lia-Lia”
Posted by James Johnson on June 4, 2014
Let there be no doubt, a bright and wonderful light has gone from this world. Dr. Zimmerman embodied those qualities that those of all status, learned or unlearned felt complete ease. His personality was one that gave no hint of the depth of knowledge and ability that he possessed. I met him and the "gang" of the CIM in 2001 and although the time was much too brief, he will live on in the great memories that he hs left.

Posted by Floyd Del McDaniel on June 3, 2014
I was so saddened to hear about Bob and his brother. Bob was a dear friend who always made a point to come over and say hi and to talk. He was one of the friendliest and kindest people, who never said an unkind word about anyone. Unfortunately, I mostly saw Bob at physics conferences, most recently the SMMIB in Kusadasi, Turkey in September 2013. I always found Bob's breath of knowledge of so many different scientific topics and other personal adventure topics to be fascinating. I know of no other who has lived life as fully as Bob has. Bob had a jest for life, not just his science, but his hikes, his skiing, and his flying. Bob will be missed by his family and friends and the many students he mentored.
Posted by Mary Strong on June 2, 2014
I remember Dr. Zimmerman as a very kind person. He always greeted me with a smile and a kind word whenever he came to Alabama A&M Physics Department. He seemed very humble and sincere. I would often run into Dr. Zimmerman and others from CIM in Captain D's which seemed to be one of their favorite lunch spots. I am saddened to know that I will not get to see him again. It is at these times that we often think about what we could have or would have said if we knew that we would not see the person again. RIP Dr. Zimmerman
Posted by Anup Sharma on June 2, 2014
I have long admired Dr. Robert Zimmerman both for his insight into physics as well as for his gutsy approach to life. Was deeply saddened by this news.

Anup Sharma
Alabama A&M University
Posted by Manfred Gossrau on June 2, 2014
Normally you have a certain number of friends but only with a few of them contact rests from the beginning a life long. Bob was one of them and one of the most remarkable persons I met in life.
We saw us at the beginning of the eightees when he constructed an unconventional house in Sao Carlos (Brasil) and in the following years we did a lot of things together, playing tennis, climbing mountains in Bolivia, flying with his plane etc.etc.
Our last meeting was in Sao Paulo at christmas last year when he was on his way to USA and we talked about the different beaches in Ubatuba (Brasil) where we had been together. Naturally he preferred those with high and strong waves, the calm ones he found "boaring!" His life ended how it was, always looking for adventures and new challenges.
Manfred (75), Christine (wife, 73), children Gerhard and his wife Rotraud(47), Lorenz (43), Marianne (42) and grandchildren Emma (15)
and Eva (12).
We all miss him.
Posted by Daryush ILA on June 1, 2014
Naoki Kishimoto,
National Institute for Materials Science
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-00047, Japan
Condolences to Professor Robert Lee Zimmerman's family and Friends
Dear Adelainde,
c.c. Darysh,

    We are so sorry to hear the sudden death of your husband. I hoped my first understanding of Daryush's e-mail was wrong.
   While I have nothing to say to make you feel better, we would like you to know how much we appreciated him as a decent professor and how much we respected him as my lifelong teacher.
   He has been always gentle and kind to us. When I was uneasy as a stranger in US or Brazil, I was always relieved by him and you. He has made a lot of brilliant pioneer work, needless to say.
   My long-lasting dream to go skiing with him and you became impossible.
Please accept my sympathy from the bottom of its heart.
With our best regards,
Naoki and Mika Kishimoto
Posted by Kay Campbell on June 1, 2014
Here is a link to the tribute article that is the front-page story of today's Huntsville Times (6/1/14). I had to leave out a LOT! Thanks to all who helped. I love the pictures of the young Zimmerman brothers in front of Mt. Rushmore that's in the photo gallery -- a truly monumental family!
Posted by Nickolai Kukhtarev on June 1, 2014
Robert Zimmerman was wonderful unique person being great scientist and great human being. I and my wife were blessed to meet Robert and Adelaide, share joint scientific publications, playing tennis...Memory of Robert will live in or hearts forever
Nickolaii and Tatiana Kukhtarev
Alabama A&M University
Posted by Dorothy Huston on June 1, 2014
I do not remember when I first met Dr. Robert Zimmerman because it was many years ago. However, I do remember that he was an extraordinary professional, scientist and professor. Thanks for the many years God shared Dr. Zimmerman with us. He was a loving, kind gentleman who loved family, friends and everyone he met. He was respected for both his humanistic and intellectual gifts. He loved life and people, especially mentoring students and young professionals. What a way to say goodbye, Bob - spending time with a beloved brother during something you really enjoyed - flying! RIP in peace, buddy. Blessings to your beautiful wife and entire family. Our fond memories of you will serve to comfort us for many years to come.
Posted by Fernando Calzzani on May 30, 2014
Bob was one of the greatest scientists I've got a chance to personally meet, and furthermore, he was by far the humblest person I've ever met; an unique human being. He will be deeply missed for all of those who had the privilege to know him personally. 

Fernando and Andrea Calzzani
Posted by Kay Campbell on May 29, 2014
Several people have contacted me from my request here -- thank you! And a special thanks to Dr. Ila, Hazel and Dr. Holland for helping me with photographs. The story will be "live" at at noon, Central Time, on Sunday, 6/1/14. It should be easily found with any browser search for "Robert Zimmerman Life Story." It has inspired me to learn more about these amazing brothers. What a gift they were to the world -- and how wonderful to be able to say they died, at 84 and 86, still too young! My good wishes to all their family and friends. People like these leave an unfillable gap.
Posted by Antenor Barbeiro on May 29, 2014
I had the honor of being a student of Bob Zimmerman, in 1989, at USP - Ribeirão Preto. We all remember him with great affection, even more than the scientist, the great person he was. A small tribute to my Bob Zimmerman:
Posted by Deborah Holmes on May 29, 2014
Although I don't remember you, reading all the stories great aunt Hazel post about you and uncle Ward makes me feel great pride knowing you are my great uncles. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you in my adult life. Please give my grandparents hugs from all of us. RIP great uncle Bob & Ward xoxoxo
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Posted by Ward Zimmerman on May 29, 2020
It has been just over 6 years and the pain of loss remains. My dearly loved uncle and father will forever be in my thoughts and memories. Such a great man and wonderful conversationalist.
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on July 25, 2019
Happy Birthday..........
Posted by Adelaide De Almeida Z on May 7, 2019
Five years! Memories.....
Recent stories

As I Knew Him (By Dr. Gladies Herron)

Shared by Leslie Evelyn on August 15, 2014

From Dr. Gladies Herron, Former Associate Director AAMURI:



NOW what I WANT TO TALK ABOUT with the few minutes I have left are THINGS  OF DR. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN THAT I believe WILL  LAST AN  ETERNITY.

As I Knew Him, he was always encouraging to me with pleasant smiles and exuded positive energy in whatever challenges we faced in developing the Research Institute over a 10 year period.

           As Maya Angelou said in one of her famous quotes:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget How you made them Feel.”  END OF QUOTE


I believe our Creator and Heavenly Father placed an enlightened person like Dr. Zimmerman among

us as He saw Fit so we may learn to live an Abundant Life as Dr Zimmerman did.

None of us get to meet a truly enlightened person every day yet

Dr. Zimmerman was one of those. 


Charles Francis has defined an enlightened person this way:

       “The enlightened person has a cheerful disposition most of the time and is willing to share that joy with others.

 He sees that the human condition reaches beyond this physical existence and has no fear of the unknown.

He is free of worry because he understands that freedom from suffering comes from within, and not from material possessions. 

The enlightened person genuinely cares about other people regardless of whether they

care about him and is not self-centered but sees the inter- connected nature of existence.” 

Another person put it this way in describing an enlightened person and I tend to agree:

QUOTE:  “You can tell an enlightened person first by humility.

             They draw others to them just by being.

They have  great peace

An enlightened one can be known by his or her realization that

each and every man born has the potential and talents to make this world a better place off through TRUE concern for others.

They know that each man and woman is valuable and has no use for greed, selfishness or hatred of any kind”     END QUOTE

As I knew Him, the Honorable Dr. Robert “Bob” Zimmerman,

he was loving, kind, compassionate, peaceful, emotionally intelligent, stable, patient, understanding and just plain humble.

 I would like to conclude by sharing three stanzas of a poem





I remain here beside you

Just in a different form

Look for me in your heart

And there you will find me

in our love which forever lives on


In those moments when you feel alone

Look for me in your thoughts

And there you will find me

in sweet memories that burn so strong


Every time a tear
Forms in your beautiful eyes

Look up to the heavens

And there you will see me

Smiling down from God’s glorious skies


To his loving wife, (Adelaide) whom Dr. Zimmerman adored and always had the biggest smiles when talking to me about her and her many achievements,

and to all his close friends who must carry on now without his physical presence, it is okay and natural to grieve for a while

but come out of it EMBRACING what the Heavenly Father allowed us to be a part of and that is the life of the Honorable Dr. Robert Zimmerman 

and what he  left behind for us all---an example of a life well lived, an Enlightened soul that I believe will live forever.


Scientific Legacy in Brazil

Shared by Sergio Celaschi on August 6, 2014

Prof. Zimmerman arrived in Brazil as a young man in the early 60s, after completing his PhD in nuclear physics from MIT in 1952. Already in the early years, he became an important figure in the scientific development of our country. He initially worked for the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (IPEN) in the city of São Paulo. It’s important to mention that the first research efforts in nuclear physics and in other areas of experimental physics in the country occurred at this time and in this Institute.

Also during the early 1960s, he served as a university professor at the Aeronautics Technological Institute (ITA), one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Brazil. Later in the 60’s, Zimmerman joined the faculty of the Physics Institute of the University of Sao Paulo, located in the city of São Carlos. São Carlos at that time was a small, cozy and progressive city where a new department of theoretical and experimental physics was being created. Today this Institute of Physics (IFCM) is among the top 3 institutions in Brazil in the area of physical sciences.

Since his arrival in São Carlos, he showed great talent in teaching and research, especially in the areas of solid state physics, instrumentation, superconductivity, laser radiation, photonics, fiber optics, non-linear dynamics and chaos, biophysics and polymer physics. In 1975, partly as an outgrowth of Bob’s significant contributions, Master’s and PhD programs in the areas of Basic and Applied Physics were formally registered at USP/S.Carlos.

I met Professor Zimmerman in 1971, as an undergraduate physics student in São Carlos, where he taught theoretical and experimental physics. Since our first contacts in the classroom and in labs, I identified with his simple, practical and motivating approach to technical and scientific inquiry. I also gained great admiration for him outside school, where I witnessed his exceptional creativity, natural leadership, witty personality, curiosity about the secrets of nature, and his love of people, sports and the arts, especially music. His natural way of raising his students’ and colleagues’ self-esteem was always contagious.

When I moved out of San Carlos in 1978, after completing the master's degree under Bob Zimmermn’s strong guidance, I had already acquired a taste for science and Bob was my favorite master. In 1983 I finished my PhD graduated studies in physics at Stanford University. Returning to the country in 1984, Bob and I restarted R&D in new areas. At this time I had engaged in the R&D center of TELEBRAS (Brazilian Telecommunication Research Center) located at the city of Campinas, to manage, for the next 15 years, the development program of optical communication technology in Brazil. At the same period, I assumed a part-time position as professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at University of S. Paulo in the city of S. Carlos. In this period, for more than a decade, Bob has helped my research on optical fiber and optical devices (lasers, detectors, amplifiers, ..) to communications technology, and studies on nonlinear dynamic phenomena (chaotic systems) among others related scientific themes that emerged.

In 1986 Bob was transferred to the Department of Physics FFCLRP-USP, Ribeirão Preto, located about 100 km north of San Carlos, to act as full professor at that institution. In FFCLRP he worked until the end of the 90s (1997), when he retired. In this Department, he was responsible for the creation of the graduate program in Applied Physics to Medicine and Biology and this was a key step to consolidate another research group in this area that now has national and international recognition and, years later, became the undergraduate program in medical physics, also a pioneer in USP and Latin America. At the mid 1980’s Bob joint AAMU as a volunteer gest researcher where CIM start to be built. He stayed involved at CIM until 2007.

In short, Robert Lee Zimmerman, multidisciplinary scientist, and educator came to Brazil, where he left many important contributions to our scientific development.  Bob will always be remembered for his exceptional creativity and for his personality and enthusiastic, not only for science, but also for all his passions. As my lovely friend, for more than 40 years, he has exemplified for me not only the art of science, but also the fullness of his love of life. Thank you, dear Bob.

Some of his areas of teaching and researching with more than  200 publications are: Nuclear Physics, Materials Science, Irradiation of Materials – Nanotechnology, Solid State Physics, Piezoelectricity, Superconductivity, Laser technology and optical fibers, Non-linear dynamics – Chaos, Medical Sciences, Biophysics – polymers and Bioelectrets, and Radiological dosimetry.

Sergio Celaschi
July,  2014

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Shared by Val Schulz on July 24, 2014

I met Robert through my work at the bank in Philip, SD.  He would come in or call and tell me he was flying or had just flown in from Brazil.  It always was amazing to me that he could just hop in his little plane and fly to Brazil or to the United States!  Well now that I read about some of his adventures, I see this was just one of his 'little adventures'. 

It has been great knowing him and also finally meeting Adelaida, you have both been wonderful people to help and I look forward to our future correspondence.

Robert accomplished a lot in his time here on earth and is now flying with the angels.