Gone too soon Robby; you will be alive in our hearts forever! We love you and miss you.

When leaving, he would often say "Peace".
  • 22 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1990 in Orlando, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on June 2, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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New website with Robby's story and essential info for parents and friends 
"Parents For Opioid-Free Children"
Empowering parents with quick and essential opioid addiction information with options, resources, tips, use of evidence-based treatments, detox, rehab facilities, & lessons learned.
If you have ideas for website pfofc.com improvements, changes or corrections, contact Robby's father George.  Email: George@pfofc.com 

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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Robby Andrew, who was born on December 30,1990 and died on June 2, 2013. We will never forget Robby. We will love and miss him forever.

The Services were held on June 8th, 2013 at: 
First United Methodist Church of Winter Park
125 N. Interlachen Ave.
Winter Park, FL  32789
       Thank you all for blessing us with your prayers, love, and kindness as we grieve over the sudden loss of our precious son, Robby. Please post any stories or memories you have of Robby. If Robby's life or death influenced your life, your story would be a great comfort to us and others that loved him.  Thanks for calling, writing or visiting us.   
     George, Theresa, & Sarah 

  407 425-4840 landline  GeoAndrew@aol.com  TracAndrew@aol.com 

Posted by Sarah Andrew on 31st December 2018
The Hour and What Is Dead Li-Young Lee, 1957 Does he remember his earth, his birthplace set to torches?/ His love for me feels like spilled water/ running back to its vessel.// At this hour, what is dead is restless and what is living is burning. —- After great pain, a formal feeling comes – (372) BY EMILY DICKINSON After great pain, a formal feeling comes – The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs – The stiff Heart questions ‘was it He, that bore,’ And ‘Yesterday, or Centuries before’? The Feet, mechanical, go round – A Wooden way Of Ground, or Air, or Ought – Regardless grown, A Quartz contentment, like a stone – This is the Hour of Lead – Remembered, if outlived, As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow – First – Chill – then Stupor – then the letting go –
Posted by Sarah Andrew on 31st December 2018
I carry you with me always. A poem I wrote shortly after after your death: Broken Bulb Night Lamp epilepsy Electrical ghost Of unchanged bulbs Reflects on the vinyl outside Your shadow waning & waxing My reflection in the window A crippled curl of lips Neither up nor down I recognize you The corner of my mouth An illusion’s tryst I’ve known better That you’d never be a ghost Hardly memory You are the absence of sun The afterglow of eternity
Posted by Jerry Webb on 30th December 2018
Robby, today I think of how you and your Dad built the fence around the back of your house together. What a joy it was "constructing" those memories with each other. In later years you even helped me repair the fence at our rental in Eustis, that was great one on one time. Now we need your help oversee a future fence project at Grandma Mary's. If you can spare a few hours, more like DAYS, please remain open to providing "heavenly over-sight" of your Dad, Uncle Steve and UJ in this event. I know you will laugh sharing with us in our futile efforts to convince one another the correct way to build it. No doubt we will seek your arbitration in the negotiations. Your heavenly counsel trumps our earthly decisions. We will look forward to spending moments like these again with you. Robby you remain forever with us. Aunt Sue sends her love and reading your letter is the next best thing to wrapping her arms around you and hugging you. See ya at the fence !....UJ and AS.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 30th December 2018
When Max’s nineteen-year-old friend Lowell died after surgery two weeks ago—on his birthday—my heart felt broken for Lowell, for his family and friends, and for all the young people who have died too soon. Robby, I had two dreams about you after Jen told me that Lowell died. My dreams about you always start the same way—I look up and you are there, smiling at me and reaching out to hug me. My surprised confusion melts into a surge of exhilaration when I realize that you aren’t dead, that it was all a terrible mistake. Then I feel a rush of overwhelming love for you, a happiness that you are alive, and a sense of soaring hope. But then a strong feeling of urgency overwhelms me, a feeling that I must immediately do whatever is necessary to keep you safe. You slowly turn and start walking away as the cognitive dissonance of my soaring hope collides with the piercing realization that you are, in fact, dead. Then I wake up. I know that Lowell’s family and friends must be having similar dreams right now. The other day, I had a vivid memory of our stopping to purchase notebooks, sketchbooks, and art supplies for you right before you entered your final rehab in Rhode Island. It is comforting to know that you actually did use all the notebooks and sketchbooks that I bought you over the years. I found one of your many notebooks recently, and it was really nice that it contained a copy of your note to Aunt Sue that you wrote to her when she turned 60. It was written the year before you died. I sent her a copy of it after she was diagnosed with leukemia this fall. Robby, your birthday note to Sue brings back a wonderful time of celebration in our family, a time of happiness, love, and hope. And it captures the essence of the loving, loyal person we all knew you to be. So instead of mourning today, the day that should have been your 28th birthday celebration, I will choose to remember the big celebration our family had when Sue turned 60. And I will think of the wonderful young man that wrote this loving note to his aunt. I miss you, Robby. Dear Aunt Sue, Happy 60th birthday! I will always remember when you gave me a place to stay in my time of need. That was very sweet of you to open your home to me, and I appreciate the love and hospitality you gave me. I enjoyed spending that time with you and Uncle Jerry and feel closer to y’all since then. Family is everything, and I love you very much, Aunt Sue. I wish you a happy birthday! By the way, you look and act at least 10 years younger than you are! Love, Robby
Posted by Susan Webb on 3rd June 2018
Your many "faces" and life will forever impact each of us in different ways. We will always miss you and look forward to the time we are reunited...Though in the meantime our lives are forever changing, our love is forever constant & helps us with our choices today to care deeply for our family, friends, and even strangers! Loving you Robby! Aunt Sue
Posted by Jerry Webb on 3rd June 2018
Robby, days come and go yet your physical absence is always painful. I know it is that way when a loved one has left us. Then I recognize how much we love you and how blessed we were to share our short time together as family. I wish you could be here with us.... your fun "clowning around" self. At the lake, I know you would be the WET, somewhat WILD and JOYFUL one. You would have us laughing and feeling good about the day. When I think of the fun moments vice the battles you fought I realize how you would want us to hold onto those happy times and go forward. Robby thanks for being with us in a realm that one day we will better understand. Till then we will laugh & share the memories of how you added so much to our life...... Love Ya !.... UJ
Posted by George Andrew on 2nd June 2018
What would Robby say to each of us today? Reflect for a while, you might hear his voice. A light-hearted quip, friendly encouragement or a reaffirming hug seeming to say "peace". I am working towards peace you spoke of. Your 22 years of life's experiences and relationships are remembered as I try to reflect and incorporate them into my daily life. Although we cannot change the past, the present and future can be in part determined by our reactions to challenges by how we channel these devastatingly painful losses such as Robby. His life and death highly motivated me to do something to slow down the national opioid epidemic. I recently created and launched an organization and website entitled “Parents for opioid-free children”. Its purpose is to empower parents with quick and essential opioid addiction information. It also recounts some of Robby’s story. If you know any parent or friend of a person that is newly addicted to opioids, they should check out the website. I hope it will be helpful with intent to save some young lives. www.pfofc.com or www.parentsforopioidfreechildren.com I also placed my new business card on the photo gallery for anyone that has a need for opioid substance-use disorder and addiction information. It is based what I have learned through research and experience. Robby's dad, George *To hear Robby's voice again, click the Gallery tab button at top-then click audio, then click on > . A 90 second Rap tribute he wrote and performed about a friend that overdosed in 2010. Also there are a few short videos of him.
Posted by Maureen Andrew on 2nd June 2018
Hard to believe it’s been 5 years little cousin.... not sure why this story has been playing in my mind recently, but keep thinking of this funny Christmas Eve at a new church of our grandmothers when the lights went down and actual live cirque du soliel dancers came from the sky dancing on ribbons..... we clearly couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. I imagine nothing would have changed now as adults if you were here... I know we would still be laughing hysterically.
Posted by Colleen Andrew on 2nd June 2018
Robby, your absence is felt at every family gathering that is, and in my mind and heart, at those (to honor you), which should have been. Your premature passing has impacted all who knew you. We will never be the same. You are loved. The deep love of your immediate family for you has been like a candle for us all, reminding that the darkness will not completely snuff out the light. They have shown us a path that we too can choose in times of unimaginable sorrow, the path of courage. May your sweet soul rest in peace. Aunt Colleen
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 1st June 2018
It has been five years. I often think about what your life would have been like if you had not died. I wonder about the career you might have chosen. You had talked about being a chef, maybe opening your own restaurant. I imagine that restaurant. I wonder about whether you would have gotten married, and the person you would have chosen—would she be a combination of the girls you once dated? Would I love her like a daughter? I think about your being a father. I think of how your kids would adore you and want to be like you. I think of how I would adore your children. I think about the wonderful life you could have had, the life you were meant to have. I miss you, Robby. Theresa Andrew
Posted by Laura Sherman on 31st December 2017
Thinking of your family, wishing them peace and happy memories
Posted by Jennifer Motley on 30th December 2017
It’s hard to believe that Robby would have been 27 today! I so wish I could meet the 27 year old Robby. I imagine him as quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, handsome, and so funny. That is the Robby I knew before he died and how I will always remember him.
Posted by Cindy Gulledge on 30th December 2017
Happy 27th Birthday. Wish you were here to celebrate with your family. I know they miss you every day. We were able to celebrate with you for many years now we can just remember who you were and how much fun you were to watch grow up. Your life forever touched ours and we miss you. Your parents are missing you every day but they are doing all they can to educate other parents so they don't experience a loss like they will never be over. May you be looking down and watching over your family. I pray for them constantly. Love you Always. Cindy
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 30th December 2017
Happy birthday, Robby. If you had lived to be 95 as Grandpa Leif did, you would still have 68 years of life left. Your loss is the one that counts, not mine. You lost your whole life. I still have half a life. I think of you every day, Robby. Dad and Sarah will probably watch videos of you today in celebration of your birthday. I'm not ready to see them yet. I love you and miss you. I always will.
Posted by Cindy Gulledge on 3rd June 2017
Yesterday was four years since you passed. We all still miss you. I know your family will never go through a day that you are not missed. I just spent time on a cruise with my brother nephews and nieces. It reminded me to cherish every minute we have each other because we never know when another will leave this life into eternity. I pray for your mom dad and sister always remembering them and living without you. Until we meet again.
Posted by Betty Dodt on 2nd June 2017
Four has always been my lucky number, but this, the fourth anniversary of your death breaks my heart. As I always told your mom and Aunt Jen that each of them held a special place in my heart, you will always hold the honor of being my firstborn grandchild, long anticipated, deeply loved, never to be forgotten.
Posted by George Andrew on 2nd June 2017
It has been four years since we had our last conversation. I try to continue to include you in my life by asking how you would respond; what would you say or think about this situation? I focus on the memorable moments with you that I now hold so dear. If given the power, I would wave a magic wand, and you would be here again in an instant, healed, happy with a sparkle in your eyes to share with all. But I can only think of you in small increments of time since the pain and sorrow still fills my heart.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 2nd June 2017
In an hour from now, it will have been four years since the paramedics attempted to revive your irretrievably dead body while those around you prayed and cried. I was 1300 miles away from you, peacefully driving to church—feeling such hope about your recovery and your future. But you were already gone. I miss you, Robby. As time passes, my memories of you fade, and the best of you is lost. I remember little things, such as your telling me about how crazy the Christian cell block at jail had been: “Mom, it was like Vacation Bible School gone horribly wrong,” or how you would tell me a tall tale and I would say, “Really?” and then you would laugh and say with a mischievous smile, “No, Mom, not really.” I miss your laughter, your love, and your sensitive spirit. Someday, when I am strong enough, I will read the journal I started on the day you were born and ended the week that you died. Most of my best memories of you are there. I am not strong enough to read it yet; I fear the pain it will trigger. Schopenhauer once said, “The deep pain that is felt at the death of every friendly soul arises from the feeling that there is in every individual something which is inexpressible, peculiar to him alone, and is, therefore, absolutely and irretrievably lost.”
Posted by Jerry Webb on 2nd June 2017
Robby, you are missed so very much. I sure could use your help here at the lake. So much fun we shared "working" together in Dothan. You would be very proud of Sarah and her traveling adventures. We hope to see her at the lake sometime on her "world tour". Oh how I would like to go boating and fishing with you, find me a good spot and I will be looking forward to seeing you again. Love ya buddy.... UJ
Posted by Cindy Gulledge on 1st January 2017
Robbie, I was thinking of you on December 30th. Happy Birthday. We miss you and I still remember seeing you on the day you were you were born and your Mom and Dad so happy and your dad making the comment that you made the best financial decision by coming into the world at the end of the year instead of waiting until January. Your family I know misses you so much and so do we. As I watch my son grow up I can't imagine life without him. I pray for your family constantly as I know losing you has forever changed their life. We love and miss you.
Posted by Steve Andrew on 30th December 2016
Robby, I was thinking of you a couple of times this past week. I was able to get your Dad to do a couple of spin classes with me which can be quite painful when you haven't done them in a couple of years. I thought of you almost every class when I used to spin several years back which I quit about the time you went north to rehab. Needless to say I was thinking of you again since your Dad was with me in these classes recently. I used to think my struggle was nothing compared to yours and somehow hoped if I worked harder in my workout, you would get stronger. Now I just miss you and wish you had been with us at Emily's wedding to see her get married and Dance with us all. Yes, even your parents and sister were able to shake it up a little. I can see the look on your face now! Miss you and will not stop thinking of you every time I spin ! Love, Uncle Steve
Posted by Laura Sherman on 30th December 2016
Remembering Robby's birthday and sending love
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 30th December 2016
Robby, you would have turned 26 today. Your whole family misses you dearly, especially when we gather together for the special milestone events of our lives. You have missed living through so many changes that have happened in the family this year. After living at home for almost two years, Sarah is once again Brooklyn bound. Grandma Mary turned 90 this year. Grandma Wiz and Sal once again enjoy spending weekends together and going on adventures. Aunt Sue and Uncle Jerry built a lake house—you would have loved to spend time fishing on the lake with Uncle Jerry and cooking what you both caught. Emily is married to Eric. Uncle Steve and Aunt Colleen love Eric like a son. Maureen is engaged to Seth. Eileen bravely moved out to Colorado at 18. Max is about to start college soon. Franny is driving. And Ceci has become so much like Aunt Jennifer, with her sharp, curious mind and her sweet, gentle spirit. Your father is excited about the new self-driving Tesla he is getting soon. I love working at the resale shop where I used to buy clothes for you. Today, instead of celebrating your 26th birthday with you, Sarah will write an elegiac remembrance of you, making us all weep. Grandma Wiz will have a mass said for you and faithfully attend it with Sal. Dad will visit your tree today and reflect on the son he loved dearly. Your other family members and friends will remember you in their own ways. And I will cry until there are no tears left in the hours before work, so that I can be the welcoming shop girl whose loyal customers have no idea the pain that hides behind my smile. Colby, who was like a brother to you, will not be coming by today to bring a birthday cake in your memory, as he did after you died. He is in Viet Nam now, buried with generations of his family. I miss you, Robby! I would give anything to have just one more day to be with you. How about today? We could celebrate your birthday together. Just. One. More. Day.
Posted by Sarah Andrew on 2nd June 2016
There is a film over my eyes that projects you throughout the day, every day, unexpectedly. I find you in the strangest places. It is usually not an image, but a feeling. This feeling stills me as it arrives. It is familiar and foreign. I often forget it is you saying hello, waking me up, keeping my soul intact. It is three years today. There will never be a more harrowing pain.
Posted by Betty Dodt on 2nd June 2016
Remembering my first grandchild on the 3rd anniversary of his death - I see his pictures every day on the moving photo frame given to me by George and Theresa. I'm so glad we had the family professionally photographed 3 years ago. Precious memories, bittersweet but so poignant. Rest in peace, dearest Robby.
Posted by George Andrew on 2nd June 2016
As I replay and listen to your voice on the rap song http://www.forevermissed.com/robby-george-andrew/#gallery%2Fsongs that you wrote the words to about missing a friend that overdosed, your 2010 song ironically became much about your own story. You comfort my sorrow with your dear voice that is so missed as well as your remaining pictures and videos. As we all watch your memorial tree planted in Dartmouth Park grow, so does our focus on our fond memories we can begin to more freely share with one another as a reflection and tribute to you. I can locate a smile by piercing through the unwelcomed fog that sometimes clouded the old Robby we all knew so well.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 2nd June 2016
Robby, I still miss you every day. It’s been three years since you died, but the world is not as you left it. Sarah, your baby sister, is now older than you. You would have had fun teasing Sarah about her beating you once again in the sibling rivalry game. You would be amazed that her hair color is brown—just like mine used to be. Mine is much lighter now, mostly gray. I know you would encourage me with, ‘Gray is the new blonde, Mom.’ I remember you bought Grandma Wiz a T-shirt with that declaration for her 70th birthday when we went to Alaska together. My favorite picture of you is from that trip. You would not believe that your father is close to retirement. I remember when you nicknamed him ‘Mr. Work’ and drew that wonderful picture of him working in his office. You would think it ironic that your best friend from Lake Silver now works there. You would feel so honored that there is a beautiful oak tree in Dartmouth Park—where you and Sarah and all your friends used to play—dedicated to you. You would be amazed to know that medical marijuana is legal in most states. I am sure you would argue with everyone that if marijuana had only been legalized sooner, you would not have moved on to opiates. No doubt you would have a medical marijuana script on file at CVS. As I think of the hundreds of changes that have occurred in our lives since you left us, I must face the truth that change is constant and inevitable. The one thing that will never, ever change, Robby, is how much I love and miss you. You will always be my beautiful boy. ‘To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.’ — Thomas Campbell
Posted by Jerry Webb on 2nd June 2016
TOO SOON you departed Robby. I miss you so much !! Love ya UJ
Posted by Maureen Andrew on 2nd June 2016
Thinking of you Robby
Posted by Susan Webb on 28th May 2016
I thought of you early this morning, Robby and put on my purple bracelet as a way to feel connected to you and your precious family! Time changes, as does our loss, and our grief, but one thing never changes and that's how much we loved you and miss you! Always your, Aunt Sue
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 28th May 2016
Robby, with each birthday and holiday, we miss you so much! You would have loved staying with us in the cabin on the the river in North Carolina last month. I can imagine your happiness in fishing there. You and your grandfather loved to fish. You would have teased me unmercifully about my hitting a deer. You had exceptional hand-eye coordination—you would have easily avoided the collision. You would have loved the Grove Park Inn, and you would have talked about wanting to be a chef there. Most importantly, you would have been with Sarah when she really needed you the most. She reminds us that we are old and will die soon, but she will miss you for a lifetime. And yet, every day without you is a lifetime to those of us who truly loved you. During this Memorial Day holiday, we will remember you as a soldier who bravely fought in a six-year battle against addiction. We will never forget how truly brave you were.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 23rd January 2016
Robby, we named you after my father to honor him and to give him hope. He was in a deep depression at the time you were born. He loved you, his precious namesake, beyond measure. I often wonder what different circumstances might have saved your life or saved my father's life. I have to remind myself--sometimes daily--how critically important genes are in determining destiny--that DNA trumps everything. Darwin's explanation from chapter one of The Origin of Species reminds me to stop searching for that magic environmental wand that could have saved you or saved my father: 'Seedlings from the same fruit, and the young of the same litter, sometimes differ considerably from each other, though both the young and the parents...have apparently been exposed to exactly the same conditions of life; and this shows how unimportant the direct effects of the conditions of life are in comparison with the laws of reproduction, and of growth, and of inheritance; for had the action of the conditions been direct, if any of the young had varied, all would probably have varied in the same manner.'
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 7th January 2016
We are so very grateful to Tyler Bedle for contacting the City of Orlando and organizing a gofundme campaign to have an oak tree planted at Dartmouth Park in memory of Robby. We were truly honored to have so many of Robby's friends gather to celebrate the planting of Robby's tree. Although Robby died before he had a chance to live a full life, his tree will live longer than all of us. Many thanks to Tyler and to all of Robby's loyal friends.
Posted by Cindy Gulledge on 30th December 2015
Happy Birthday Robbie. You are truly missed by all who had the opportunity to know. I continually lift your parents and sister in my prayers because I know how much they miss you.
Posted by Betty Dodt on 30th December 2015
Dearest Theresa and George, 25 years ago you gave me the gift of my first-born grandchild. I wear his memory band every day and I will cherish his memory in my heart forever.
Posted by Bob MacLeish, Jr. on 30th December 2015
Praying for you all today. As you said in an earlier post, I'm sure as parents, family and friends we never get over the loss of a child. However the good news is that you all are leaning on the promises of God our Father and your Faith in Him will free you to live and serve. Pray often and with confidence and know you will hold Robby again. God promises. God Bless you all.
Posted by Jennifer Motley on 30th December 2015
Hi Trac and George, I remember this awesome day 25 yrs ago when Robby was born and today I will be thinking about all the great Robster memories.
Posted by Jerry Webb on 30th December 2015
Happy Birthday Robby. 25yrs ago today I proudly stood at the hospital window looking at my nephew. I stand today for you with pride and thanksgiving for each day we shared. Always UJ.
Posted by Emily Andrew on 15th November 2015
Thinking of you Robbie. Remembering your kind, warm smile, and your genuine nature. You are so missed. Love always - emily
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 31st August 2015
Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. When Robby initially overdosed after five months in rehab—and survived, I never imagined he would overdose again. I believed that Robby would overcome his addiction to opiates. I did not understand the power of addiction. Now that I do, now that I am the parent of a son who died of an opiate overdose, I try to warn everyone in my path that pain pills are synthetic heroin, that opiate addiction is often deadly, and that anyone can become an addict. No one is immune. The reality of death—especially for parents who bury their children—is something that most people are not prepared to accept. As I learn to accept the reality of Robby’s death, I am better able to focus on the life he lived and the love I had for him. Although I have no true words that are comforting about death, I do think that death forces us to cherish and embrace life. Our time on earth with those we love is brief and precious. Tell your kids how much you love them. And tell everyone you know about Robby’s life, death, and the deadly nature of addiction.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 6th June 2015
Vladimir Nabokov puts it best in “Pale Fire”: I’ll turn down eternity unless The melancholy and the tenderness Of mortal life; the passion and the pain; The claret taillight of that dwindling plane Off Hesperus; your gesture of dismay On running out of cigarettes; the way You smile at dogs; the trail of silver slime Snails leave on flagstones; this good ink, this rhyme, This index card, this slender rubber band Which always forms, when dropped, an ampersand, Are found in Heaven by the newly dead …
Posted by Jennifer Motley on 2nd June 2015
It doesn't seem possible that it's been two years since Robby died or even possible that he is not still a little boy. We'll always miss his quiet, sweet, funny soul and we'll do our best to keep his spirit alive forever.
Posted by Betty Dodt on 2nd June 2015
How fleeting is life, so precious and gone too soon. I am sad, as I near the end of my life, that my first-born grandchild never had the chance to experience all of the joys that life can bring. How proud he would have been to see his beautiful little sister as she graduated from college two weeks ago. All the firsts he will miss: marriage, the birth of a child, that child's first step. We who mourn him grieve his loss and cherish his memory. R.I.P. dearest Robby.
Posted by George Andrew on 2nd June 2015
Two years ago I learned the dreadful news that my only and precious son, Robby, would never again be able to have a conversation, spend some time, or share what’s on his mind with me or anyone else. In my pain and wrenching sorrow, I have tried to think on the good times we spent together and have shared a memory or two with those of you who also loved him dearly and knew him as a loyal friend or caring family member. The hole in my heart now ever present, I am told will slowly heal with time. His quiet smile and gentle approach is now noticeably absent at family gatherings, special occasions, and even in my day to day routines. On a recent occasion, I think he might have said, “Way to go, Sarah” on her recent NYU graduation. I appreciate your calls, emails, visits and thoughts posted on his memorial site. I thank all of you who shared some of your love and time with my Robby. *To hear Robby's voice again, click the Gallery tab button at top-then click audio, then click on > . A 90 second Rap tribute he wrote and performed about a friend that overdosed in 2010. Also there are a few short videos of him.
Posted by Theresa Andrew on 2nd June 2015
“Words of Discomfort” (a poem by Robby's mom, Theresa) I’m sorry for your loss I really feel your pain Your faith is being tested but you’ll see your son again. It is not ours to reason and we dare not ask God why He did not spare his only Son who also had to die. God needed another angel It’s part of a bigger plan It’s not your place to question God Some day you’ll understand. God really healed your dear one If you could only see God stopped his life on earth so he could live eternally. You wouldn’t want him back, would you? He dwells in perfect peace Just trust in God and read His Word Your troubles soon will cease. What do you mean you wonder if you’ll see your son again? If this is all there is—well what’s the point of living then? This life itself is just too short to be the only one You must believe there is more time to see your precious son. I’ve got to go because our son’s in town to visit us I’ll keep you in my prayers and I am sorry for your loss.
Posted by Jerry Webb on 2nd June 2015
Remembering our nephew "Robby, Robster, Rob".......... Dear George, Theresa and Sarah Nothing takes away the LOVE we share for Robby for he too gave us LOVE. We still miss him greatly and hold close so many wonderful memories of his laughter, mischevious fun going humor and his special visit with us. Most of all we LOVE you and though we still grieve we celebrate the BLESSINGS of Robby's life. In Faith Hope and LOVE..........we never walk alone.......Jerry n Susan.
Posted by Laura Sherman on 31st December 2014
may every gentle breeze that blows send happiness your way. happy birthday and new year Robby.
Posted by Eileen Andrew on 30th December 2014
All day today I've been contemplating how or what I can to do express happy birthday to my cousin and still at 8:30 with the night almost ended, i can't fingure out the proper way to honor his 24th birthday. And that is simply because there is never a "proper way" to address a birthday of a loved one that is passed. It's simply sad. But in the same token, it gives me peace to think that it is his birthday in which he is most likely having a ball up there in heaven. And since we are stuck here on earth with the sadness of missing him, excepting and embracing that peace is all we can do. It's quite obvious that i miss him, for Pete sake I'm posting my emotions on a website haha, but I think it's what we make of it that matters not that we confess how much we miss him. But anyway, I miss you and love you just as any day Robby happy 24th birthday.
Posted by Susan Peterman on 30th December 2014
Happy Birthday Robby. Thoughts and prayers for peace and healing for your family.
Posted by Jennifer Motley on 30th December 2014
Happy Birthday Robby. We miss you.

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