"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better & happier"
~Mother Teresa
  • 32 years old
  • Born on October 17, 1963 in Loveland, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on August 28, 1996 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dear friend and loved one, Robert A. "Beau" Southall, who was born on October 17, 1963 and passed away on August 28, 1996. We love you and miss you, Beau!  Though you may be gone from this earth, you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Kathy Dixon on 30th November 2011
Best memories of Robert...The shrinky dink jewlery he made me in 7th grade(: Singing a duet with him in Singing Sailors, "Silly Love Songs" in 8th grade(: The amazing disco dance he did with Cindy Klumpker (?) for Stars of Tomorrow (9th gr?) Track all 4 yrs and what an amazing athlete he was. He did everything with gusto...top notch student, athlete, artist...friend(:
Posted by Sharon Chesler on 16th October 2011
Happy Birthday, dear friend! I'm so thankful God brought you into this world; and even more thankful He brought you into my life! You are a bright, shining light that will never grow dim. My life is better because YOU are part of if. I love and miss you, always!
Posted by Sharon Chesler on 30th September 2011
Today was a beautiful day in the Ozarks - bright blue sky, low humidity, temperatures in the low 70s....a perfect day for the AIDS Walk. I enjoyed our talk today; but it would been so much better if you would have been there too. Love & miss you so much, Beau.
Posted by Sharon Chesler on 27th August 2011
I'm so blessed because you were my friend. You helped me become a better person. Love and miss you, always.
Posted by Gino Panepinto on 17th August 2011
Robert was an amazing student. He sang so well in choir-SingingSailors-he truly deserved an award but for some reason I missed the chance to give him one. He also made our band better by playing alto clarinet. I will always remember him for being a class act and a STAR! - Mr. P.
Posted by Patty Tomlin on 1st August 2011
Ah Robert, always fast with his legs, with a smile on his face and a nice comment for race days that went poorly. I gentle sole that we all loved then and think of now. How we wish he had more time to share his wit, and talent with the world.
Posted by Sharon Backurz on 29th July 2011
I remember Robert as this vibrant, funny popular person that was so involved with everything! I hope + suspect as he opened up his life to align with his heart that he found some peace and happiness. ; )
Posted by Tom Wynn on 27th July 2011
Wish I would have had the opportunity to know this kind person better.
Posted by Fred Latimer on 27th July 2011
Robert, was one of those special people that was years ahead of his time. He always had a kind word to say and a thoughtful way of dealing with others. He was very intelligent, funny and talented in many areas of his life. He ran a mean 880 race and lived life with a big heart :)
Posted by Stacey O'Dell Ellibee on 25th July 2011
I remember watching Robert sail through the air and run like the wind in track. He made it look so dang easy. I also loved watching Robert in the drama productions. Mostly I remember him being so nice to everyone and that infectious smile...you couldn't help but smile back.
Posted by Susan Aust on 23rd July 2011
High school can be a time when many students choose a chameleon life--but not for Robert. I'll always remember him as one of the most authentic & genuine guys of my SSHS career.Smart, passionate, athletic and fun. He was kind & open to all. His spirit lives on, Sue Touchette Aust
Posted by Dori DeCamillis on 14th July 2011
"Robert was gorgeous, friendly, funny, good at everything...the perfect guy. I don't ever remember Robert being unkind to anyone, and his enthusiasm, good humor, and abilities inspired us all."
Posted by Steve Frampton on 13th July 2011
Ran track with Robert in Jr and High School. He was the inspiration for me to to excel. I remember running camp at Adam's State. Anyone remember the "Singing Sailors" ?
Posted by Kelly Zander on 11th July 2011
An amazing energetic, talented, loving, fun person who's joy of life and people is an example for us all!
Posted by Kelly Barker on 10th July 2011
I remember Robert in Singing Sailors! WOW, so long ago. But I do remember he was always smiling and happy. Someone you always wanted to be around because he was such a beaming light.
Posted by Lisa Lindström (Caffee) on 8th July 2011
Robert has always had a special place in my heart. He loved unconditionally and truly was a friend to all without judgement. I miss you and love you dearly.
Posted by Eric James on 7th July 2011
To some one you just don't forget
Posted by Allen Forbes on 7th July 2011
Robert and I raced against each other for class president in '81. The better man won. He actually had a plan for the (yet to be developed) grassy park behind the school! It was his touch that made it possible. God Bless Robert.
Posted by Michele Sprengle on 6th July 2011
The loss of a loved one is all to often something that we have to deal with. It is even more difficult when they are young. There have been many dear friends in our class that we have had to mourn, and Robert is one of these. I pray for continued healing and treasured memories. Blessings to all of y
Posted by Tom Wither on 30th June 2011
Robert was yearbook editor at SSHS while I was the advisor. He was a very hard worker and always made certain every page was completed to his satisfaction and perfectionism. Robert was involved in about every club and activity at Steamboat Springs High School.Still miss him!
Posted by Sherill Eyestone on 30th June 2011
I remember his SMILE !!! His smiles were little " GIFTS " that he gave to everybody. They came from his heart.
Posted by Leslie Martinez on 29th June 2011
Leslie Rogers Martinez I remember running with him, (I was always way behind him) in cross country runs with Beau up Strawberry Park. I also remember him in our Drama productions, and just walking through the hallways of the school with a big smile
Posted by Martee Rule on 29th June 2011
I'll always remember Jr Hi Football Sailors, vs Rifle, opening kickoff, Robert ran like a gazelle, past their whole team-T-Down! Also practice, met him in the hole head to head, what a headache from hit, think I still have brain damage.I was sooooo s
Posted by Sharon Chesler on 29th June 2011
In loving memory of a wonderful son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, and best friend - taken way too soon. We love you and miss you Beau. You are in our hearts, always.

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