This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rab Dickson, 71 years old, born on July 22, 1947, and passed away on February 22, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on February 22, 2022
Well Rab it's now your 3rd Anniversary since you left us my friend.
But we will always remember you.
R.I.P. my friend will talk to you again on your Birthday.
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on July 23, 2021
Happy Birthday Rab. Sorry  it is a day late my friend.
I was busy at the hospital with my Son.
Still my friend better late than never.
As Promised you may be Gone my friend But we will Never forget you.
I hope that you were partying with the Angels.
Posted by Janey Kirk on July 22, 2021
We all miss you and I love you and miss you more each day. Until we meet again...❤
Posted by Mary Donnelly on March 14, 2021
So sorry for your loss Janey, your husband was a well loved man and he brought so much love, joy, happiness that touched many many people who were in his life. You were a fantastic couple and im sure he is with you always ❤️❤️
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on February 22, 2021
Your 2nd Anniversary Rab Still hard to believe you are gone.
As promised you may be gone my friend but I will never forget you.
I hope that you are having a ball up there in heaven.
I know that you are looking down on Jane and keeping her safe.
Rest in Peace My Friend.
Posted by Janey Kirk on February 22, 2021
Another year has passed and my heart belongs to only you. . I live for the day we meet again.. love you always
Jane. Xx
Posted by Cheryl Scott on September 7, 2020
One of the very best teachers ever. I remember him with respect n love 28 years later. Thanks for your help, on my art degree n ur support always. GBNF...Cheryl xxx
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on July 22, 2020
Another Birthday Gone my friend Rab.I hope that you have had a great time with all the Angels. We all still miss you but will never forget you my friend.
Posted by Janey Kirk on February 24, 2020
Yesterday was the first anniversary of your passing. Oh how time passes fast. I am still in love with you now as I have always been. They say till death do us part..then that must mean my death too...till we meet again... Jane..
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on February 22, 2020
1 Year already Rab.
You may be gone my friend but you will always be in our Hearts.
Gone But Not Forgotten.
Posted by Huck the Funs on February 21, 2020
Mr Dickson was my teacher at school, I'll never forget his kindness when I was getting bullied one lunch break, he stopped the boys bullying me, took them to the headmaster then spent about an hour with me talking about my life and how I was coping, I then chose art as a short course after that, mr Dickson I'll never forget you ❤
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on July 23, 2019
Happy birthday My Friend You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.
I hope that you are having a ball up there.
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on March 18, 2019
One of Fife's Greatest.
Husband and loving father.
Who will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege to have met him.
I was one of the lucky ones to have had this privilege when Rab and Jane came to our club in Dunfermline on a few occasions.
Such a lovely loving couple and fantastic singers who always brought the house down.
Rab you will be Sadly missed but I can assure you you will never be forgotten.
Rest in Peace my Friend.
Posted by Ian Grant on March 18, 2019
Sadly I never got the chance to meet you Rab but through your lovely wife I learned of the great struggle you have had over the past few years. Your bravery and will to get better touched me. In far away Australia there was someone willing you to win and get better Rab. Janey and you both deserved to win the fight but it was not to be. If I end up in the same place as you after I depart this life I will look up Rab Dickson and shake your hand and say I admired the fight you put up. Rest In Peace brave soul.
Posted by Louise Thomson on March 18, 2019
You were a very kind man Rab. Like Micha - I used to regularly miss the bus at the Forman Church. You always stopped to give me a lift in to school! Thanks to you I didn't have the terrible record that I should have had - and got into Art School. RIP X Louise
Posted by Maria Henderson on March 17, 2019
Rab , I had the sad misfortune never to have met you . Yet , through the words of your cherished loved ones and those who have known you , you have touched my heart.
It takes a man of true greatness , honesty ,stature and love to reach so many and be rewarded with their love and admiration in the way you are ,Rab.
From what I have learned you were a wonderful beacon that shone bright in so many lives , adored by those you taught , those you worked with and all whose path you crossed.
You were the greatest dad to Carla and Adam and they will have endless memories of you ....of times of happiness and laughter .And , you were ,and always will be , the one and only true love in the life of Janey . She adored you as did you her . Some folk never find such wonderful love and devotion . What you both had was something truly rare and priceless .
Thank you ,Rab Dickson , for being so great . I wish I had known you.
My heart is with Jane , your beautiful wife , and with Carla ,Adam and your loved ones . Words are so inadequate at times like this but I hope they know that my heart is with them at this time.
R.I.P. Rab Dickson ...a real man and a true legend . Sleep tight
Posted by Claire Ness on March 16, 2019
Age is like art it never changes. It grows on you over the years. I never had you as an Art teacher but Buckhaven High respected you so much. You had a smile and a patience for anyone. You tried to teach me the guitar told me I should stick to the triangle R.I.P Mr Dickson xxx
Posted by Michael Lynch on March 16, 2019
Rest in peace Rab you have earned your rewards in heaven
Posted by Micha Weir on March 16, 2019
I was a pupil of Rab’s in the 70’s and I later worked with him, both at Buckhaven High School. Lovely man. He always got me off classes to work on the annual school magazine which I was overjoyed with. I frequently missed the school bus at Scoonie Church, Leven, as Rab used to drive past in a really funky, bright orange, kit car. To get in , the whole roof elevated! He used to give me a lift which as a great way to get noticed and start the day! ❤️
Posted by Moira Reid on March 16, 2019
Rab and I were born at the same time as our mothers shared a room at Clement Park nursing home, Dundee and I believe his Mum actually breast fed me when my Mum was struggling. I didn’t know this until Rab told me. I next met Rab at school, Harris Academy, when I was 15 and we went out together for about two years.  It was obvious even then just how talented an artist he was. Always the individualist, he set many girlish hearts aflutter. He was very special to me and has always had a place in my heart. Thanks to Janey we met up again 40 years later and it was good to see the man he had become and how happy he was. RIP, Rab. Never forgotten. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Margaret Paterson on March 16, 2019
I met Rab through Janey as she was my agent and my friend , Rab was a lovely man and , He always was a very pleasant and his love for Janey Shawn through so strong he will be sadly missed xx
Posted by Heather Macdougall on March 16, 2019
I knew Rab for a few years when I went gigs with Janey and Stevie Day known as The Bond Rab was a good decent guy and it was a pleasure to have known him
Fly high Rab you are at peace now
Posted by Gill Murray on March 16, 2019
Your soul lives on in your art work rab, you were
a very talented soul xxx
Posted by Cath Grant on March 16, 2019
I am at a loss for words for this exceptional man. Rab was fun, funny, loved his family. Proud of Janey (walking into Rejects with her first art creation). I have so many memories of this gentle man. You will never be alone.x
Posted by Donald McIntyre on March 15, 2019
My fondest memories of Rab, (apart from his materials bill at art school) are:- him coming on stage at a pre 'Revels' concert with his head on fire and his see through Perspex (a new revolutionary material of the day), radio! Amazing. He was an all round good guy and friend. Sadly missed. Mac
Posted by Colin Geddes on March 15, 2019
I will always remember Rab. I met him at Art College in Dundee way back in 1965. He was one of the “boys” and one of a minority who actually came from Dundee. My abiding memory of Rab, amongst many, will be his enthusiasm and drive for his subject. This is best demonstrated by the fact that he held the record for highest bill for art materials accumulated at the College shop.
I hope Rab has now found peace and serenity and his higher power is looking after Janey and the family he has left behind.
Posted by Adam Burt on March 15, 2019
Was a great step dad to me and my sister, everyone fought hard for you rab! You are a soldier and the shiniest star in the sky! We all love you so much we had great memories with you and thanks for being there for me when others couldnt. I love you with all my heart! Until we meet
Again bud. Love you from your son
Adam xxx
Posted by Janey Kirk on March 15, 2019
I will love and miss you all my life. You are my biggest inspiration. Life without you will never be the same. I was complete when I had you.
May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Until we meet again. I will love you, and only you, forever. Your loving wife, Jane Dickson,  Xxxx

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on February 22, 2022
Well Rab it's now your 3rd Anniversary since you left us my friend.
But we will always remember you.
R.I.P. my friend will talk to you again on your Birthday.
Posted by Peter O'Sullivan on July 23, 2021
Happy Birthday Rab. Sorry  it is a day late my friend.
I was busy at the hospital with my Son.
Still my friend better late than never.
As Promised you may be Gone my friend But we will Never forget you.
I hope that you were partying with the Angels.
Posted by Janey Kirk on July 22, 2021
We all miss you and I love you and miss you more each day. Until we meet again...❤
his Life

Rabs Eulogy


Robert Alexander Dickson was born into this world in Dundee on the 22nd day of July 1947, Rab was one of four children born to Cecil and Margaret Dickson, having one older brother, Cecil and two younger sisters Margaret and Hillary. It was from there, in the discovery city of Dundee he was raised and schooled. He had a deep love for his home city, he was passionate and delighted in sharing the history of the city with anyone who had an interest therein. 
He received early years education at Downfield, then Kirkton Primary School and carried on in the fullness of time to Harris Academy, Rab was a good student, he took to learning like a duck to water and carried on then to Dundee College of Art where he did a further five years of a degree. 
But for all that, Rab was the academic and studious type, he was unbelievably hands-on and practical as well, his dad was a local butcher, who broke his leg and was out of commission for some 12 -15 weeks, Rab walked into the family business and just got on with all that needed done and amazed everybody with his practical capabilities, considering how specialised the trade is. He was a mental, physical and practical grafter and nothing fazed him. 
It was also during those early college years that he also became president of the student council and he was the main driving force and instrumental in a lot of change there at that time, including getting the Art department allocated shower blocks, which were much needed in the department. He built up the finest stocks of much-needed tools, stationery and equipment for the department, so much his enthusiasm and drive for his subject, this is best demonstrated by the fact that he held the record for highest bill for art materials accumulated at the College shop , and as important as any of these, he was instrumental in the college of art, being accepted into and affiliated with the student union. 
The truth is he was a fantastic president, it was never just a title, he pushed for advancement and changes all the way, he was renowned for being the most popular student and rumours have it that he had no problem in pulling the chicks back then too. 
Rab often recalled a memory he had while at college when he and his best friends Gerry Nixon and Pete Maddy went to Jack McPherson's house. Jacks mum was out at the time so he invited the boys into the house. They were mucking around with a pop gun and Pete accidentally aimed at the budgie and to their horror he shot it! DEAD .. Jack knew how much the budgie meant to his mum so the boys quickly made their way to the local pet shop and purchased the closest bird they could find to somehow replace it. However, it had no spots, and Rab was assigned to paint the spots on it copying them from the dead bird. The next day Rab and Pete knocked on Jacks door only to be met by Mrs McPherson who lunged straight for Pete's ear and dragged him into the house, right up to the budgies cage saying " This is NO ma joey!!" Rab giggled silently as he got away with no blame as Mrs Mcpherson always viewed him as a nice like boy! 
When his big brother Cecil and his wife Jean got their first house, he did an amazing mural, some four feet square of the all new and freshly opened Forth Road Bridge, a talking point for all who came in and out of Cecil and Jean’s home. 
As an ongoing part of his university training, he went on to do a silver smith’s course and was commissioned to produce this amazing silver finished item for one of the churches in Glasgow, a piece of altar ware which is still used as part of regular worship in that church to this day and Rab always regarded it as his best work ever made. But of course equally went on to produce all sorts of rings, broaches and necklaces thereafter. In fact, he made a ring or necklace for every girlfriend he ever had. 
Rab took on his first teaching position at Buckhaven High School and taught art and design there from 1971 to 1989, going on from there to Glenrothes High School to take on the role of principal head of art where he continued to work until retiring early at 59 years of age in 2006. 
Rab often shared stories he fondly remembered from Buckhaven High School. 
One was when he hadn't long been teaching and a young Chinese pupil entered his class. As she couldn't talk a word of English, Rab sent for Jimmy Chung to act as an interpreter. Rab asked Jimmy to ask her if she was on a cultural visit or if she was here for the term. Jimmy went right into full Chinese mode and after what seemed a lifetime of listening to the intricate Chinese lingo, Jimmy turned around to Rab and said " she says she Disney ken " 
in the 70s Rab owned and drove a bright orange Bond Bug. One day when school finished Rab left to jump in his Bond Bug to go home to find it was missing from the school car park, after looking around somewhat bewildered, out pops some pupils who had pranked him after lifting his car into the nearing playing fields, Rab saw the funny side of course after sternly warning it wasn't to ever happen again. 
He remembers, again at Buckhaven School, one dinner time he was in his room when out of breath in runs a pupil known as Sonny Ray who was a well-known punk at that time sporting a pink Mohican, bovver boots chains and all Rab asked why he was in his room and who was he running away from? Sonny tried frantically to catch Rab's attention so as to stay a little bit longer and asked Rab "would you like to see ma wee punk mouse (moose,) Sir?, out of sheer curiosity, Rab agreed and said go on then! To his surprise, Sonny went into his pocket and produced this bright dyed pink moose with a Mohican, and earing the same as Sonny!. Rab had a good laugh and sent Sonny on his way to face his adversaries. 
When Rab was a new teacher at Buckhaven High, he soon became good friends with Robbie Watkins a fellow teacher, and Robbie gave him some tips on how to handle these Buckhaven and Methil kids, they walked into the dining hall one day and Robbie said to him, look, this is how you do it. Robbie locked eyes and stared with one of the kids and straight-faced he never flinched, never gave an inch until that bairn blurted out, " it wiznie me sir, it wiznie me " he looked at Rab laughing and said, “And that’s when you know you can do it”. 

But for all that I have to tell you, Rab had a great way with the children in his teaching care, he listened, he cared, he met the children individually where they were at, and he built so much respect at both Buckhaven High and Glenrothes High, his passion shone through and his students knew he genuinely cared and even up until the end was still receiving letters of gratitude on Facebook from pupils as far back as the early 70s . 
Outwith School, he shared moments of fun experienced while out with Jane at her many gigs. One stuck in his mind when Rab invited his friend and colleague Derek Allan to one of janes gigs, While the pair were having a pint at the bar, Jane, somewhat changed the lyrics to her song she was singing to " I'm shaving off my muff for you" Both Derek and Rab had a good chuckle while the listeners unknowingly sang along to the proper lyrics . 
In the midst of all that, he was also a keen and proficient cyclist from a young age, going on to become a member of the Strathmore Cycling Club and thought absolutely nothing of heading off out and cycling 30 to 40 plus miles at a time, He was also an Audax cyclist engaging in many competitions gaining more trophies and strength along the way. The simple truth is it didn’t matter what this man did in life, he strove to do it 100%, for example he took up darts in the mid 70s and proved to be a mighty fine darts player, designing and producing his own darts to compete with, like I said, no half measures. 
When Rab was in his 40s he took up learning to play the guitar and was somewhat bemused that particular hobby didn’t come as easy as every other challenge he rose to, but he taught himself enough chords to play and became good enough to become a member of a few bands like the Sticky fingers Ceiligh band and the Glenrothes school band with fellow colleagues . He also at one point took to the stage with Jane strumming along for a year or two in a duo he named Abilene, But Rab being a modest man, found being inthe spotlight wasn't really for him and left that for Jane to get on with. However, Right to the end of his life he still liked to pick up his beloved guitars and have a wee pick and strum for his own pastime. 

However, Jane spoke him into trying his hand at being a DJ on a Friday night as the extra money coming in would be handy. Rab agreed and set out collecting the best music collection ever and new equipment needed, DJ rigging, the lot! Rab soon had his first job as a DJ in the Royal Hotel in Dysart. What was supposed to be a one-off booking ended up him having the full residency every weekend for the year! The then owners said Rab was by far the very best DJ they ever had and all other predecessors simply played music and left to go for a smoke half the time where Rab stayed with the audience the whole time chatting away and playing their many requests. He also ended up hosting a weekly quiz at the Hotel and in true fashion had the questions and answer sheets all professionally printed out. 
In the 1980s he also found himself being drawn into motorbike racing, he loved this hobby with a passion. He and his friend Gorge Spence started stripping down their motorbikes and boring out their bikes, increasing the capacity and chamber pressure and were soon turning out bikes capable of 150 plus miles per hour, what this man couldn’t turn on a lathe wasn’t worth talking about. Both George and Rab produced some of the fastest bikes on the Knockhill and Silverstone Racing Circuit at that time. 
As a matter of fact, it was one very hot day he was at Knockhill and not having a lot of hair as protection against the sun, and with his bushy beard he sported at that time, he put a towel around his head to absorb the intense heat and he was nicknamed “The Sheik”,

Rab went on to secure Scottish Champion! in his category for three years, racing his vintage Ariel and Honda 900 to name but a few. 

No matter where Rab went, whether it be out shopping or holidays abroad, he was sure to be recognised by many ex-pupils from both schools who were all so elated to see him again and many took pride in explaining if it wasn't for him and his style of teaching they would never have secured their present positions in life some as art lecturers, architects, make up artists, teachers and more. 
Now while Rab’s first marriage did not stand the test of time, he and Janey Kirk finally did what they were destined to do and that was to be together, so in 2001 Jane and Rab got together officially, Jane came to their union with a ready-made family from her previous marriage, her two children, Carla who was 7 at that time and Adam who was 3. 
He had been surrounded with children on a daily basis, and now all of a sudden he had children in a whole new capacity, and like everything, Rab did, he rose to the challenge and became a first-class father and he and Jane raised their children with values, morals and standards. He and Adam enjoyed heading off fishing and days out as a pillion on Rab's cycles and motorbikes, Rab was always pro-active in their homework taking his time and taught them as much as they were willing to learn and when Carla came home with her artwork, he would sit and patiently teach her so much in the fine details she regularly got top marks in the whole class on submitting her work. 
Now with Janey being a singer and performing artiste, as with anything Rab tackled in life, he soon designed and produced for her this one off folding stage for taking to her performances, Jane at one point was known as the wee singer with the big stage! He studied sound and projection and became a first-class sound engineer and every detail had to be absolutely spot on, he was quite the perfectionist. He also bought the proper equipment on producing quality live performance videos. 
When Jane had her own booking agency where many singers and bands were booked throughout the country, Rab took pride in designing and printing the posters and was also very much a key player in its running and organisation 
Then as Carla grew into the music and singing career, he was right there behind her, to the point of almost leaving Janey to fend for herself at times, He took her to many of her gigs, he was her roadie, her sound engineer and indeed her bouncer, if anyone looked at his girl the wrong way when she was on stage or pushed their luck with her he would be there to the rescue.. Carla recalls, Once she was singing in a bar and Rab was sitting quietly looking on as usual, when she was approached on stage by a young guy who was trying to take her mic away and ruin her performance! Carla recalls she had never seen Rab move so fast, as he jumped and leapt over chairs and tables to go to the rescue! and of course, peace was restored. 
So yes, Rab was an artist first and foremost, but I would say he has been more involved in the music industry this last twenty years, yet he never lost that skill with an artist pallet, His last work produced was an oil portrait of Sir Jimmy Shand for his father-in-law, Bob Kirk which has hung pride in place in the home ever since, 
He was the top end of a first class Roadie as he liked to call himself," Rab the roadie" and was at his happiest running operations down to a fine art in the background, he didn’t need to, nor want to be in the limelight. 
His first holiday abroad was with Jane off to Sidari in Corfu and had an absolutely fabulous time, there were many great family Turkey, Salou, Greece, Spain, and many others and then for Janes 50th Birthday, they at last married on the 20th of June 2014 and then just the four of them, Rab, Janey, Carla and Adam jet-set off for the honeymoon, they were very much a family. 
Life in the Wemyss,? well Rab settled in very well there, he loved being part of the community and became a well known face along at the Central Hotel which was his and Janey’s local, he was soon endorsed into the local Dominoes team and in true Rab style, all or nothing, it wasn’t long before he was treasurer and doing his bit to help make the organisation, he looked forward to his Tuesday evenings for the game and the banter. 
He and Janey enjoyed their space and time as well, heading out for a nice meal on a Friday night, but inevitably finishing up back at the Central to finish their night there. And really, he got on with life for all it was worth right through ‘til this neurological condition hindered him. 
They enjoyed family holidays where he hired motorbikes and collected in turn his three, Janey, Carla and Adam and they had a wonderful time on the back of his bike visiting nearing villages and the famous Sunset Beach, so much fun was had making the most wonderful memories together. 
He enjoyed a wee whiskey at the close of a day and indeed the opportunity to sit down and enjoy playing a game of Solitaire before going off to bed, they enjoyed word games, where Rab would inevitably reach for the dictionary and win by several hundred points, you see he was always learning, right throughout life, right to the end of his life, and apart from art and silver, the rest was all self-taught. 
An incredibly practical man, building garages, walls and extensions to the home, his friend and teacher colleague, George acquired this Iroko teak wood from high school and Rab made an intricate quality staircase in his old house that runs from the living room up into the second floor of his then cottage. While at art college he made a perspex wireless which was a rare and new material at that time which became quite famous with the students. , there truly was nothing this man could not turn his hand to and do a first-class job. 
And yet such a humble man as well, Rab won many prizes, cups trophies and awards along the way, but they all lived in boxes in storage in the shed, He was never one for bragging or having that look at mindset, in Rab’s world, we are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns 
In 2016 the medical fraternity diagnosed Rab with what they said was Lewy Body Dementia, on discovering this , Janey immediately sprung into research mode and very soon had a Just Giving page up and running and to their amazement, funds immediately flooded in from former students, former teaching colleagues, friends and complete strangers, and it wasn’t long ‘til Rab and Janey were on their way to San Diego on the Pacific Coast of California for groundbreaking treatment. 
This, in spite of the fact that NHS did all they could to prevent Rab going down this road, Rab received this stem-cell treatment on the 20th of August 2016 and within 45 or so minutes, showed great improvement,
After waiting the Six months after stem cell treatment which had improved his life greatly, Rab was still showing signs of being mixed up and often confused, so sought private testing through four different laboratories and the results all came back as showing Rab was suffering with, mercury, lead and heavy metal toxins. 
And as a result of this, the last three years have been an ongoing battle with the NHS, 
Through many challenging times and Rab being denied specific tests on his swallowing issue and much more, Jane will continue to fight for him against the NHS, who played a big role in his demise 
An there is but a glimpse into this man’s life and world, his body could take no more when cancer was found in his throat despite efforts asking this to be looked into over a year ago! .. and his journey drew to a close on the 22nd of February 2019, leaving his family broken hearted, but grateful for the part he has played in moulding each one of his own into the people. 
We must draw comfort knowing that one day we will meet again and be reunited forever, never to be parted 
Recent stories

From Moira Reid

Shared by Janey Kirk on February 22, 2021
This is from an old friend of Rabs accidentally placed on the wrong page.. Thanks Moira x

I first knew Rab at school, Harris Academy in Dundee. We went out together until were 17. He was very special to me and I always had a little corner of my heart for him. Thanks to Janey we met up again 40 years later. I’ll never forget him. RIP ❤️❤️❤️
Shared by Cameron Watt on March 24, 2019

In 1965 (approx) Rab and I shared a room in Union St Dundee. We were both at Art College and shared the flat with 4 other people. Jim Beggs (architecture, do not know where he went) Jack McPherson (hairdresser, now lives abroad I heard) Gerry Nixon (town planner, sadly no longer with us) Pete ?  (town planner).

We once went to an Aunt of mine at Logierait in Pefthshire. I was on the back of Rab's motorbike, he had no road tax or insurance, and i used a shotgun, which I had no licence for and we shot a pheasant which was out of season.

If we had been caught we would have got a few years, but we didn't and the pheasant dinner was firsgt class.

The best

Shared by Margaret Fraser on March 24, 2019

Mr Dickson was the best..I hated school but can honestly say that I really enjoyed going to art..I couldn't draw for peanuts but you were never put under any pressure whatsoever and were always made to feel relaxed..he had a way that I wish all teachers had..I have very fond memories of Mr Dickson..a true gentleman. Xx