Happy Birthday!

My Beloved Bob

Today is your birthday and as I reflect on past birthdays, I'm so glad I got to spend so many of them with you. You never wanted a big deal made over you except for your 45th when all you wanted was the "big sandwich" That was a great day. The world has lost a truly great soul. Your spirit will live in my heart forever

The Story of Us

The Story of “Us”


I met Bob one night as he drove past me in a white VW Baja Bug with a “For Sale” sign written in shoe polish on the front and rear windows. There was no phone # or price on the car, but I noticed it pulled into the Circle “k” store.

 I was driving a friend’s car and needed one of my own, so I turned around and pulled into the store & walked inside.

I said “How much are you asking for the car”, knowing I probably couldn’t afford it, but he was cute too.

He told me the price of the car and of course it was out of my price range, but he also said he could get me a car that was within my price range . So he proceeded to give me his phone number (which was on the back of a probation officer’s card…. First clue), but was intrigued..

We ran into each other a couple of times since the initial meeting at the same store and he said “you still have my number right”. I said “sure, and I would be calling soon for a car”.

Well sooner came than I thought and I needed a friend with a truck to help me move. He said “You need help today?”

I said “yes”

He said “Meet me at 3:30 & I’ll help you, but this means you have to go out with me now”



I said ok and assumed that was the end of it because he was incredibly good looking and charming.

 Well that wasn’t the end of it, we went out the following Saturday and the rest as they say is “history”


You are and will always be the “Love of my life”

You are and have always been my “soul mate” even if we didn’t realize it then. Our life and love has always been and always will be “super special” you and I!